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AND41- New Organization of Energy

2006-09-22-New Organization of Energy
Andover #41


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: New Organization of Energy
o 1.2 Group: Andover TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: WAVE, Tomas, Monjoronson, Nebadonia, Michael
o 2.2 TR: Gerdean
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: New Organization of Energy
Group: Andover TeaM
Teacher: WAVE, Tomas, Monjoronson, Nebadonia, Michael
TR: Gerdean


We met again after taking about a two month break. We began with stillness, then toning our chakras to the musical scale (“shining the pearls”). Together we created the group Merkaba and linked to the light anchor.

[[TR note: As the singing bowl was rung, we perceived the sound waves as ripples moving outward around the group. The TR realized that it was a call to invite all celestials to join us; they gathered in concentric circles around us. The energy was quite high. It seemed we could more clearly than ever perceive the celestial presences, even who was “sitting” where in the circles.]]

Prayer: Father we recognize Your presence here among us. It is good to be back together again, experiencing stillness, experiencing the spirit presences amongst us. Open our hearts and minds to messages we are about to hear from our teachers so that we may learn and draw closer to You and aid Michael in this Correcting Time.

WAVE: It is my great privilege to be among you this evening. It is I, your new friend WAVE. Yes, as you may perceive I have grown up a little bit. I have matured in a short time. I am ready to be with you periodically, on somewhat of a regular basis, to experience what your group experiences, but also to lead you, to show you a few of the ropes, as you might say. So I am looking forward to a great partnership and a new step in the journey for myself as well as for your group, and for those with whom you share these transcripts of your meetings.


WAVE:  You may perceive a difference in your surroundings this night. You may perceive after your period of rest from your TeaM meetings that there is a renewed energy, that there is in fact a new organization of energy between you and around you. I will not attempt at this time to explain why or what the difference is; it is preferable that you perceive it for a time for yourself.

You may correctly perceive that there is greater import, greater interest in your proceeding. The bleachers have been set up, so to speak, for many to watch and participate. Those standing by lend their energies and their love to each of you. They applaud your efforts and are indeed delighted that you are “back”. We know you didn’t really leave, you just took a break.

That is a good thing, for now you have returned with rejuvenated energy with some tasks taken care of that might have diverted your attention. Now you can turn your attention, your devotion, more fully to these gatherings. We share in and perceive your joy at being in this gathering once again. You are indeed ready to go again. So, we congratulate you for your wisdom in taking a break and in your rejoicing at beginning again.

I, too, have at times taken breaks. But it’s hard to tell when I’m taking a break, because I’m always having a good time. Indeed, I have had a lot of fun getting to know this planet and its people. Touring around and seeing the sights has been a wonderful part of my education. I wish I could have taken many of you with me to see and experience the many things that I have in such a short time. It is indeed a privilege to be adjoined with this vibrant, diverse and immensely interesting planet and all of your many cultures. Now I believe that Tomas would like to speak, so I will step aside.

Tomas: It is I, Tomas, and I welcome you back. It is good to be back, to be more directly in your presence once again, and to have your attention and your hearing. The energy is different, this energy between you and the collective energy of those gathered. The celestials are indeed riveted in their attention, happy to join in your gathering.

So tonight let us concentrate on the exchange. Let us pay some attention to the presence of the celestials. They are not mere spectators as you are when you watch your television sets. They are in an exchange with you, an exchange of energy as you may think of it, an exchange of love or caring. They share what they may of themselves with you in your group without overstepping the bounds of the Father’s will. Take a few moments now to perceive what you can of this energy exchange, and to aid the exchange.

Do your best with your hearts open from the toning you did before you began this lesson. Allow your hearts to open to these presences, completely without fear or condition or expectation. Allow yourself to be present with one another.

Recall now that this exchange is two-way, that your heart being open means that you are open to receive as well as to give at the same time. If your heart is stopped, unable to give, then it is also unable to receive, like a valve that opens not just one side at a time, but both sides of the energy exchange. You may think of it as breathing the celestials’ love in and breathing love back out on the out breath to them.

Know you that your brother Michael is one of the personalities sitting in the crowd. [Pause] Know you also that Mother Nebadonia encompasses you all.  And now feel the support of the Planetary Supreme and the presence of the Paradise Father.  Congratulations. You have just created a super-Merkaba.

And now, perhaps, you understand why the bleachers were set up in concentric circles tonight. Figuratively speaking, of course. Now you are thinking, Tomas where do we go from here? Now what do we do – this is pretty grand. How do we follow this up? Well perhaps we could put our collective minds together to unite our wills with that of the Father to use this Merkaba energy in a way that benefits humankind. Are there suggestions?


Richard: I would like to put energy into the awakening of humanity to God and to spirit, because that’s what I think I see happening.

TOMAS: Indeed that is an excellent suggestion. So we will now concentrate on this thought of the upliftment and enlightenment of all of humankind on this planet. Collect this thought energy. Allow it to gain in energy pressure. On my command, we send this energy outward in all directions for the higher good of all as the Father wills and directs it. On my mark, now.

As we remain in this thought energy configuration, you may perceive the energies are yet dispersing and spreading. Even when you leave this place and your thought energies return to your daily living, know that the energies continue to be dispersed, received and used to enlighten.

There are many energy manipulators and amplifiers and boosters at work to use this tremendous spiritual energy that the multitude of celestials have created to continue doing its good work in the hearts, spirits and lives of all those who are able to receive it. This pretty much covers any other detail you may think of for using this energy; nothing else is required. So we will remain in silence yet, while the energy is still sending.

MONJORONSON:  My children, this is Monjoronson. I am most privileged and pleased to be part of your energy exercise tonight. This has been indeed a most auspicious gathering. Indeed, it was quite an experience and lesson for your new friend WAVE. I can tell you he is enjoying it most immensely, as are all of us.

We have difficulty in portraying in words to you what a difference this type of process makes for the planet and the Correcting Time. It is just such participation, active, sincere, devoted, loving action that is needed, that is indeed required to bring about Light and Life to dispel the darkness on this planet and replace it with light. In so doing, some of the dark places that are brought into the light will have one last scream before giving up. This is to be expected. It is, in fact, a good sign that the light is reaching every dark corner.

The louder the screaming, the sooner it will die out and be over. It is not pleasant to hear, nor to witness, yet it is necessary. Once the light has penetrated all the dark corners, then everyone may live in the glory of Light and Life, living the fullness and wholeness of life as the Creator intended. This is what we are all working toward. We join hands with you; we add our energies to yours. We cannot do so without your invitation. So we congratulate you on making the invitation.

Randy: You are always welcome here, all of you.

Richard: Does the invitation need to be verbalized or is thought sufficient?

MONJORONSON:  : Your intentions are all that is required. The sincerity of your heart, the deepest desires and longings, are always known to us. An open heart makes the invitation wherein Spirit may come and dwell and be in creative action in union with you. Alignment with the Father’s will makes all things possible, even for the human physical being. What this being believes and desires in alignment with God’s will already IS. You will in time learn to use this alignment with greater creative power to help all of your brothers and sisters, to be in service to all of humankind.

Then one day, on the mansion worlds, you will be ready to be of service to all others, beyond humankind. This is that for which you prepare. You are doing groundwork within your hearts, building your souls to be stalwart citizens of the Universe and beyond. You are building assets that will stay with you throughout eternity. The struggles and the lessons that you are learning now are stepping stones onto bigger and greater lessons, on ad infinitum.

You have great careers to look forward to, but let not the looking forward pull you out of the present. The present is wherein action and change and growth take place; nowhere else, no time else. Now I believe Mother Spirit wishes to bring her blessings.

NEBADONIA:  Good evening, my children. It is not so much in words that I greet you, but in my blessing of energy to you. So remain a few moments in stillness, please.


MICHAEL:  This is your brother Michael. It is a good evening. I am pleased to be recognized as being in the circle with you, for it is when you perceive my presence and remain with me that I can impart some of the Father’s love to you. I was thinking a moment ago how I sat with my twelve students, the apostles, sometimes around a campfire, sometimes in a park or a garden, teaching them in the evening, discussing the day’s events, answering their questions. This is somewhat like that.

I would like you to come to me in greater frequency as you desire, to converse, to bring your questions, your concerns, your joys, your desires. Over time you will see that the relationship grows closer and you will begin to perceive me more clearly, not only my personality, but the feeling of my spirit presence. I would leave you with this thought, as I am with you always, even to the end of the age. You are my comrades, my friends, my brothers and sisters in this Correcting Time. Together we are collecting a great gathering, a great conference of souls seen and unseen working together toward Light and Life.

It is my privilege and my joy to be working more and more directly with you in these transformative and exciting times. I sincerely look forward to our association and to that association growing deeper, permeating more of your daily life. It is my deepest desire to walk beside you, to work with you in all things, all aspects of your life. It is all up to you. Will you receive me?

Group: Yes. Yes.

MICHAEL:  Yes. And I receive you. We are all in this work together. We are all created by the One Father, all united by the One Spirit, all on this grand journey back home. Shalom, my friends.

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