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AND42- How We Each Experience Energies

2006-09-27-How We Each Experience Energies
Andover #42


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: How We Each Experience Energies
o 1.2 Group: Andover TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Monjoronson, Nebadonia, Serena
o 2.2 TR: Randy Sparer, Leoma Sparer
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: How We Each Experience Energies
Group: Andover TeaM
Teacher: Monjoronson, Nebadonia, Serena
TR: Randy Sparer, Leoma Sparer


We began with stillness, then toned our 1st, 4th and 7th chakras to the musical scale. Together we created the group Merkaba and participated in effective prayer. We added to the energy field set up by Donna D for sending light to our government leaders. Then we were instructed by spirit to send light to one person across the circle, and pay attention to how we sensed that energy transfer.

Prayer: Father we come again to You tonight to open ourselves to You and all Your many manifestations through Your children here above and below. We are truly grateful for the opportunity to meet with our friends here tonight to experience each other and share. Now we anticipate the same with our unseen friends. Father, You know that we are here for all of us to grow, above and below… to grow together. We’re here for You to come through us so that we may aid Michael in this Correcting Time. Thank you so much.

MONJORONSON:  Good evening. It is I, Monjoronson.

Group; Welcome.


MONJORONSON: It is important that you experience in whatever way is real to you these energies as they have been brought into your presence, into your conscious attention these many past months. In so doing, they have the benefit of raising your vibrations, raising your ability to connect more easily with spirit. This, of course, you know of and have been told. But as you were discussing earlier, to read or hear is one thing; to experience is something else entirely different.

This is especially when you are doing the heavy lifting, with your intent calling your body and calling your mind into action, allowing your spirit to work in ways that it knows how to work and allowing it to happen. The realities of such spirit emanations are experienced by people every day, yet they are certainly not aware of this at the level that you are becoming aware.

In your exercise tonight, you each sent the love of the Father and the support of the Planetary Supreme to your partner across from you in this Merkaba circle. I ask you, for those of you who are courageous enough to speak, when you sent the energy what did you feel or see or experience?


Richard: Warmth.

Leoma: Monjoronson, to me it seemed to be a circle, an arc from JoAnn to me and from me to her. Two arcs joining into a circle.

JoAnn: I saw color, swirling, circling. The color red, not intense, then it changed to a pink and a green.

Richard: I just experienced a warm feeling.

Leoma: We each experienced in quite a different way, but they’re all true.

MONJORONSON:: That is true. Everyone is different and unique in how they experience these types of energies. When you are working in a group, remember that and allow for diversity of thought about how you describe energies. It is difficult with the senses that you have in the bodies that you have to adequately explain the breadth of experience that your soul really does feel. I use the word “feel” in the way that is outside of what one would use as a human; “spirit feel”, I suppose.

It is a good enough word. It is different for everyone. It is your reality, and that is good enough. Most certainly when you are in your next career life you will be feeling and experiencing in different ways yet. Your sensory input, if you will, will be different. Accept whatever you feel or sense as real and realize that it is good and proper enough. I have one more leading question. Did anyone feel anything for a while after you sent the energy?

Leoma: Yes, it continued.

MONJORONSON:: In what way?

Leoma: Very softy, yet expanding and connecting all of us, I think.

MONJORONSON:: Any other comments? Just as when one throws a pebble into a calm lake, you can see the vibrations ripple out. If you could see at the molecular level you would see that they go on for a long period in time, much longer than your eyes could see. These circuits that are set up and have been set up for some time and the connections that exist between the Father’s children are difficult to describe. But they allow interaction in ways that are not …

[Randy: “linear” is the word I’m getting].

MONJORONSON: The concept that I wish to portray is that sending love to another one of Father’s children comes back to you in ways that are difficult to describe, but it does come back to you. You might think of this as in a circle, and that is a reasonable concept to understand. When one works in service to others, one doesn’t work with the expectation that one will receive something back for that service. Yet know that this is what happens. What goes around comes around. Your teachers have taught that love flows. If it flows from you, it is not that difficult a concept to realize that it keeps flowing from person to person, eventually back to the Father… and then back to you. I thank this TR for the opportunity to speak this lesson to you. I now step aside.

SERENA: Good evening. This is Serena. That was a beautiful illustration of circuitry, was it not, my friends? How love is shared and how love continues on. It never reaches an end. Never. It is always a full circle. There are more and more circles created, but a circle never ends. So God’s love is not only infinite, but always expanding, always increasing. It is through the creatures of his creation that this takes place.

It is a wonderful concept to behold. It gives us great joy to see you grasping more of this concept. It is the whole destination of our teaching. Think on this for a moment, my friends; meditate on the thought that love has no beginning and no end.

Into this TR’s mind came the words from the song that, “Love makes the world go around”. It is not far from the truth. It is an aspect of God’s love which keeps the very planets in their orbits and creates space wherein physicality can reside without constant collision. The universe is thus organized, supremely organized: chaos made into something that makes sense and operates efficiently. It is a joy to be with you once again. Now I step aside.

NEBADONIA:  It is I, your Mother Spirit. I do not often address this group verbally, though you have perceived I am always with you; I never leave you. I am at your right hand. I am within your minds. I wish to make my presence known to you more aggressively tonight so that you may feel individually for yourself the great love that is a gift to each of you individually from the Paradise Father. Please receive this gift openly. For the time being as we sit in silence with it, have no thought of sending it out. Allow it to collect within you and remain. [Pause. It was quite peaceful.]

Now this portion of the message is a bit tricky for the TR, for our minds are joined together as one. As I reside in each of your minds, I reside at this moment in a balance with the TR’s mind. In her thought during this silence of receiving the Father’s love, she realized that her body wanted to make an emotional response, perhaps even tears. But she soon realized that even that emotional response could be transcended, for the Father’s love is not merely a physical emotion. With this joining of my [Mother Spirit’s] mind with hers she was able to transcend the emotional thought of reacting to truly receive the gift of love as it was intended to be received, receiving it within every cell of the body, every aspect of the true self.

This was achievable in part as a result of your exercises which help you to reach that point of supreme balance between the physical and the spiritual. As you have been taught, this balance point is where manifestation occurs on the level which you have heretofore had little true experience with. This balance point, you may have guessed by now, is of supreme importance in manifesting a higher ideal for your planet. Thus, the lessons.

Now we will shift just a bit back into more of Mother speaking, allowing the TR to set her ego more completely aside once again. She does want to say that was a unique experience.
It is our desire that in those moments of silence when you were receiving the Paradise Father’s love, that you were able to reach a point in your perception that was indescribably peaceful, that was indescribably supportive and loving. Are there comments or questions at this point?

Randy: That is also what I felt.

Richard: Likewise. A sense of openness, fullness.

NEBADONIA: : Very good.

Randy: When you were offering this exercise and starting to describe it, I realized that we always receive the love of the Father. I was getting it and immediately decided to shine it to everyone in this room. So I was mildly surprised that you asked us to hold it within ourselves.

NEBADONIA: : It is to our delight that you have all successfully received what was intended with this lesson. As you have grown in your awareness of receiving and giving and how it must be a continuous flow, you are now jumping to conclude that immediately upon receiving God’s love you are to give it out. This is a good thing. However, we would remind you that there are times where it is appropriate for you to build it up within yourself so that you may benefit as an individual more greatly and be able to, once you are opening that outward valve again, to give more freely with renewed strength.

There are times when you can be more effective after you have been a little bit selfish for awhile. However, let me follow that with the admonition to remember to always open the valve again, to allow the flow to continue. Is this clear to you?

Randy: Yes.

NEBADONIA:  It is important there is no confusion about gathering for the strength of self.

Randy: But if one gathers love for the purpose of goodness of self and realizes that this will result in the goodness of others, it’s a good assumption that love still does eventually flow; it just temporarily resides and then flows.


NEBADONIA: : Yes, that is exactly the lesson. Thus, it is not selfishness at all. You are learning well, and so beautifully, my children. We feel we have given you enough experience and enough to ponder for tonight. As you go your separate ways, take this with you. By this I do not mean so much the words of the lesson, but the feeling expression experience; take that with you. Hold it within your bodies and your memory and relive it.

Return to that feeling as often as you can. It is a very good place to reside as much as you possibly can within the sphere of God’s incredible, beautiful love that is here for all of us to enjoy and benefit from… and then to share. For then we all walk together in the light.
Good evening, my children.

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