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AND43- Energy Directors

2006-10-06-Energy Directors
Andover #43


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Energy Directors
o 1.2 Group: Andover TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Solana
o 2.2 TR: Leoma
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Dialogue
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Energy Directors
Group: Andover TeaM
Teacher: Solana
TR: Leoma


We began with stillness. We then toned our chakras to the musical scale by cello (“shining the pearls”). Together we linked to the light anchor and created the group Merkaba. We grounded ourselves by connecting synergistically down the light anchor, then raised our vibrations by connecting synergistically up the light anchor, and finally ended up at our balance point (heart chakra). This gets us in a high energy yet balanced state, where we can be the I AM, and facilitates high energy usage and teacher contact. We were encouraged to perceive any energy passed to us. We remained in stillness, and each attempted to hear their personal teacher. We then participated in effective prayer by sending peace to the world.

Prayer: We pray to You Father tonight, rejoicing in Your goodness and mercy. We thank You for the blessings that You give us every day, blessings of health and friends, good fortune. We welcome Your teachers here tonight. We look forward to their fellowship and friendship. Thank You, Father.

SOLANA:  I would like to introduce myself to you. We have met once before briefly. I am Solana.

Group: Good evening.

SOLANA:  Good evening. I perceive it has been the desire of at least two in this group that I make my presence more clearly known and speak with you directly. [Solana is JoAnn’s teacher.] It is good to perceive and mingle with your individual energies. You have created a fine sphere of light and love in this construct you call a Merkaba. It is a lovely device. You should know that you can create this even when the four of you are apart, simply by thinking of it and concentrating a few moments to connect yourself with it. When you are feeling stressed during the day, as comes often for all humans, you can reconnect yourselves to this Merkaba with your friends and celestials who aid yourselves in this process at your invitation. They are delighted at this invitation.


JoAnn, do you have questions of me?

JoAnn: I am just enjoying your presence.

SOLANA: As am I. Let us simply be together and share our energies. In this way we become acquainted with each other’s energy signature, as Monjoronson likes to call it. But that is not the only benefit. When we co-mingle these higher spirit energies, each one of us, and I include myself as well, is uplifted. There is always benefit, both temporary and ongoing. The temporary benefit is in your immediate attention. The ongoing benefit is when the energetic level rises as we share and continues on even when the attention is diverted elsewhere.

In experiencing this energy exchange, it is greatly enhanced by the energy construct, the Merkaba that you have intentionally and sincerely created. Once you learn to use these energies and go on to further techniques for using such energies and accessing even higher energies, you will greatly benefit. It is good, however, to take the steps slowly and evenly so that the jumps are not too much for your physical bodies and for your emotional bodies. The jolt coming back to your physical world might be a bit too much if you go too fast.

As you have learned in other lessons, once you have taken a step upward, you never quite completely fall back to where you were previously. So as you progress, the higher energies you are able to maintain become normalized for you so that you can continue onward and yet remain comfortably, relatively speaking, in your physical domain. However, progressing too quickly may create too large a difference between your physical domain and these higher energies. They require a little time for your physical-ness to adjust and maintain the higher energies.

You have been going at a worthy pace, one that is safe (if you need to feel safety in this) and maintainable. When you invite our presence, it creates a more homogenous effect when you are accessing higher energies. So the transition is more easily made, and we all benefit from the experience. It is in fact our privilege and delight to participate with you in these energy experiences.

My dear friends, you are only beginning to approach the condition that was originally meant to be created for you as physical beings. You are beginning to have a taste, a feel, for what God originally intended for you to experience, had the rebellion and Adam and Eve’s default not taken place. Had you been uplifted as your Creator intended, all of the races would be in a state such as you are in now… and even beyond. It would not be such a struggle. You would not need to work so hard, so intentionally to receive these energies and be in communion with your Father in heaven.

Yet as difficult as your struggles may seem, you are a strong, persevering race of people. Through your struggles and strife you have been refined to higher levels of strength and fortitude that many on other worlds, and even celestials, will envy when you are on the mansion worlds. You will be of great usefulness to aid others who have come through similar hardships, as well as being a strength and light for all those around you.

This will be your great asset, your great gift to all of creation. There is always good that comes out of difficulty, no matter the outcome of the situation. I will give you another opportunity for questions if you have thought of something now, JoAnn.

JoAnn: No, I am sorry I don’t. I am absorbing all of this information. Some of it is somewhat familiar, though. Is that being too presumptuous?

SOLANA: : Not at all.

Randy: Solana, what order of being are you?

SOLANA: : I am a descending daughter.

Randy: How do you work with us, in distinction to how the seraphim work with us?

SOLANA: : In a sense the seraphim are our emissaries working beneath us, though I hesitate to use the word “beneath”; your human connotations are different. They work under our guidance. We coordinate the efforts of seraphim and other angelic beings so that our specific ordinances can be carried out. We are all coordinated in the service of Michael’s Correcting Time on these worlds where rebellion has ravaged the original plan, so that things can get back on track. Does this suffice?

Randy: Yes. Thank you. I have another question. I am wondering if my personal teacher has changed. I am not sure if I have had contact with him in some time. I am just wondering if you could possibly comment on the status of celestials that are helping me.

SOLANA: : One moment please. I can make comment that there are several energy directors now working with you… energy manipulators who are teaching you in the area of your interest. You have shown interest and skill at following instructions that you have been given as guidance. With your physical science knowledge it is a good match. Aronafal [Randy’s teacher] is still with you, but opening the way for these other energy directors to work with you.

His skill as your teacher was to open you to these new ideas, and now feels you are ready to bring in more information that these beings can provide in a more detailed and creative way than Aronafal is equipped for. You will in due time receive from these beings. That is about all that I can tell you right now.

Randy: In the meantime, should I be doing anything different to open myself to their instruction?

SOLANA: : Continue as you have with your stillness. It is sufficient. (Thank you.) I am happy to answer your query.

JoAnn: I do have a question. Are there any clues or hints as to how I can better connect with you… open myself up?

SOLANA: : I believe the best way is for you to remember how my presence feels tonight and when we first were introduced. You feel this presence in your body and in your knowing-ness. Is that correct?

JoAnn: Yes.

SOLANA:  That is a fact of our energy co-mingling, of our connection and communion, the joining together, a mutual recognition. In your stillness time if you can remember and reconnect with this feeling of my presence, then I am there with you. We are so very well matched. Do you perceive this?

JoAnn: Yes I do. Quite often.

SOLANA: : Yes. I wish for you to know that the feeling you perceive as my presence is very much the same as your own. It is my desire that you realize this fully, that you understand your beauty, your contribution to humankind, to those directly around you. It is no less than what you feel as my presence with you. It is only held back by you.

JoAnn: I understand.

SOLANA: : I do so cherish my association with you. It will continue for a very, very long time.

JoAnn: Thank you. And I am honored.


SOLANA: : It is my honor as well. [Pause] Good evening dear friends. I think that this is enough for tonight.

Group: Thank you. Good night.

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