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AND44- Discomforts Due To Energy Changes

2006-10-19-Discomforts Due To Energy Changes
Andover #44


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Discomforts Due to Energy Changes
o 1.2 Group: Andover TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Serena, Machiventa, Alana, Solana
o 2.2 TR: Leoma, Randy
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue

Topic: Discomforts Due to Energy Changes
Group: Andover TeaM
Teacher: Serena, Machiventa, Alana, Solana
TR: Leoma, Randy


We began with stillness, then toning and linking to the light anchor. In our circle around the light anchor, we stood close together and held hands. We grounded ourselves as a group by sending our consciousness down the light anchor, and then paused to be in Mother’s presence. Energy was passed clockwise around the circle. We then raised our frequencies as a group by sending our consciousness up the light anchor, then paused to be in Michael’s presence. Energy was passed counter-clockwise around the circle. Finally, we came back to center balance and paused for effective prayer.

Prayer: Father we are here again to enjoy being in your presence, to enjoy feeling the wash of your love through us. We’re here again for another lesson in learning how to hear you more accurately and to follow you more closely. Grant that we may be open to your guidance and the lessons from our teachers.


SERENA:  Good evening, this is Serena. I will speak with you first this evening. As per your discussion earlier, you are all wondering what is happening in your bodies. You are all noticing differences in your emotions and in the physical sensations and discomforts in your bodies. I am not here to explain; I am here to help you to meet these changes in vibration energy. I am here to help your bodies adjust to the changes taking place around the entire planet. So, to add to the energy exercise you have already engaged in, which has prepared you very well, we will now spend a few moments in silence as Helena, Leslie, Margo and I work with each one of you as an individual and collectively as a group. [Pause, deep breathing]

Allow your bodies to simply relax. Allow yourself to sink deeply into the place where you are seated. Allow all of your tensions, all of your bodily sensations to sink down into your feet, downward into Mother Earth, where they will be transformed.

If you so desire at any time when you are feeling discomfort, emotionally, mentally, physically, you may return to a similar exercise of deeply relaxing, breathing deeply and allowing these sensations to flow out of your body through your feet into Mother Earth. She is your support; she can absorb these energies to be transformed and returned to you and to others as vital, living light energy to support your bodies with greater light and increased love capacity.

This will aid you greatly in this process of love being infused into the planet and into your bodies. It is all a natural part of this time of upliftment and correction. If you so desire, this process will continue as you remain here this evening. I will step aside now for another.

MACHIVENTA: This is Machiventa Melchizedek. Good evening. We were interested in your lively discussion and enjoyed your exchange, especially the healthy exchange of laughter. It is so healing for the body, mind and soul. You did not realize, I’m certain, at the time that you were healing yourselves.

Your questions about what is happening within your bodies – you are all noticing the recent changes that are taking place. You should know that you are feeling them in the way that you are because you are open to the light. You have been seeking and working to open yourselves to receive more of God’s love, to be carriers of light. So now you have made yourselves receptive. What is occurring now is connected with the greater infusion of light and love that is being poured into the etheric matter, into the etheric bodies of all individuals on the planet. Some who are receptive, such as yourselves, will feel mild discomforts and changes.

Through seeking the answers to your questions about it and looking inward, you may receive the help you need to get through these changes more smoothly. For those who are not thus prepared, their bodies will fight the changes with more severe aches and pains, with emotional swings they do not understand, which will add to their discomfort. For you all like to know the cause of the effect, and if you cannot find the cause, your distress increases.

For those who have little understanding or little acceptance of what is happening, they may push themselves even to panic, or fear that something is terribly wrong with them individually.
You may reach out to those around you and start with questions as you did this evening. “Are you feeling different lately?” The people you come in contact with can be engaged with this question. If they are feeling anxiety and discomfort they do not understand, perhaps you can help them. Often just knowing you are not going through something alone is reassurance enough to help allow these energies to flow more readily.

Know also that you are literally the physical body connections providing the conduit for these energies to enter from Spirit through you to the Planetary Supreme, back to your physical bodies, back to the Father, in a continuous loop. Feel this process taking place within your bodies now.  Your bodies are the link that provides the conduit for this energy to be connected in a continuous loop. Without you, this would not occur.

You and many others around the planet who are working to bring light in – this continuous loop – you may call it biofeedback if you wish – provides the cleansing power that is now being provided at a higher level that previously. This is part of the difference you are feeling.

For some on this planet who are so conditioned by fear, greed and hatred, all of this infusion of love merely bounces off of them; they are unable to receive or to even conceive of such an occurrence. That energy is not lost, however. It is picked up by others who can receive it. For those who are so negatively conditioned, this light, this love bouncing off of them is almost like an electric shock, and they are angered by it. They have their negative emotions magnified. The chaos within them is magnified.

This is why you will now see more outbursts of violence and hatred. But hold on fast, for it cannot last for long until it burns itself out and dies down to a whimper, leaving space for light to replace the darkness.

So it is a time to be encouraged, to realize you are entering a new phase of the Correcting Time, an up stepping of the energies which could not be occurring without an adequate number of individuals providing that link for the light to be infused. There are many – some call themselves Light workers, some call themselves Teaching Mission; some call themselves Hindu and Buddhist, Jewish and Christian – they are all one and the same who bring in the light. You are all united by this light.

You may perceive yourselves as separate – separate entities in separate groups separated by distance, but you are all connected by this light. You are all connected and united by your intent to do this work which is so vital, so necessary to the Correcting Time.

We thank you. We thank you most heartily for offering yourselves up, for providing the conduit, for participating so willingly, for being courageous. It does take courage to step forward into the unknown, to leave your places of comfort and familiarity and to be willing to go with that proverbial flow, to expose yourselves to things new and different.

We congratulate you on offering yourselves in this way, to open yourselves to the Father’s love. We applaud your efforts at every step you take. Every step has meaning and brings you a little closer to Paradise. Enjoy the journey; it is well worth it. Shalom, my friends.


Leoma: I know Alana is here.

Richard: Maybe Alana would like to speak to me. I’m not able to hear her yet.

Leoma: I think she wants Randy to try.

ALANA:  It is I, Alana. Of course I am here. As you know, you can always contact your personal teacher. We are but a mere thought away. You do this. You understand, yet you crave more concrete confirmation that we’re listening. You silly people. [Chuckles.] We laugh with you, too.

Leoma: Some day we’ll get over it, Alana.

ALANA: : We can all hope! [Much laughter.]

ALANA: : Richard, would you wish a dialog? Do you have questions or comments?

Richard: Do I wish a dialog for this present moment, or for always? Obviously both, for me.

ALANA: : Do you wish to speak with me right now?

Richard: I guess my question right now is in relationship to my growth and life work. I’m currently going to be taking a massage course. I’m wondering if this is a good choice and if it will be useful in earning a living, or if it is something I should look at more as a gift.

ALANA: : It is good that you ask us these questions. It is equally good that you ask yourself this question because, as you know, these are your personal decisions. Certainly we can’t even suggest to you what would be more correct or less correct. However, ask yourself the question, just because it has come into your mind and you fixate on it in some way, if you trust your thoughts and feelings, answers will come to you.

Trust what they are. These answers could come from many sources. These answers could come from your own mind. These answers could come from your indwelling spirits, Michael and Mother, and most certainly your own beloved Thought Adjuster. These answers may come from other celestial sources that you have invited to come into your own mind.

When it comes down to the end, it’s best if you don’t muddy the situation and worry too much about who is giving you these thought-ideas. The supreme walk of life that you experience which the Father has so graciously given each and every one of you is to decide for yourself. So I think I’ve answered your question in merely stating that you are getting input, yet my message is it’s still your decision. I hope this wasn’t too dissatisfactory an answer.

Richard: No, it was not dissatisfactory. I’m quite aware that it is my choice.

ALANA: : You do very well to keep open about these things. This is something you should feel good about and congratulate yourself on as much as you feel comfortable. Other comments or questions?

Richard: I’m not quite sure what I’m asking. I want to know if I’m ignoring things that should be clear to me. If I am, am I failing to look or listen in the right place or the right method? You probably already answered that too.

ALANA: : I’m smiling on the inside as you’re smiling on the outside. [Chuckles.] The TR is smiling on the outside. You have answered your question. Just the fact that you can answer your question and answer it so assuredly so quickly should tell you something in how you are progressing in this and how everyone when they think of themselves in the same situation realize how they are progressing as compared to previous times. Your assured-ness in the reality of who you are and the connected-ness to creation, intelligence, spirit, is the crux here, the key here.

On the one hand, you are an individual who can so easily, at least for humans on this planet, so easily crawl into yourself, see and feel the walls and not go any further. Yet once you get to that supreme point where your confidence, faith and trust in the “otherness”, the outward-ness of reality, what creation is, once you get to that point, your world opens up. Many of your inner questions become less questions in the same way that you thought of them before. Does this make sense?

Richard: Yes.

ALANA:  You, my friend, are becoming more of that person; embrace it.

Richard: Thank you.

Leoma: Alana, may I ask – is it a fair question to ask if you could help Richard to see the gifts or the benefits in pursuing this idea of the massage class? Is that something that teachers do – help them see what the benefits are?

ALANA: : Teachers help their students find out who they are in relationship to the Father and all of his creation… in all of its myriad ways. Could there be a hundred thousand things that Richard wants to do, likely in each of the one hundred thousand things, there is some goodness. I would be remiss in saying that I could not point out the goodness in many of those things. The real lessons, the life lessons here, would be for you, Richard, to find that out for yourself.

So, if you want me to give you an answer, sure – go ahead! [Lots of laughter!] Now — did I tell you anything you didn’t know?  It’s all your attitude and what you expect to get out of it, because, my dear friend Richard, do not take for granted or take lightly that everything you do (everything that everyone does) is a co-creative act with creation itself. You could go into this class, with expectations that it would be the worst thing to do, or the most enjoyable and beneficial thing for you to do.

One might expect that just those attitudes you take in your creativeness might influence what you really get out of it.

Leoma:  Yes, thank you.

ALANA:  It’s always a pleasure to speak with you.

Richard: I have no further questions at this time. Thank you.

ALANA:  You are very welcome.

Leoma: I’m just trying to find out what’s going to happen next.

SOLANA:  Randy/Solana (JoAnn’s teacher)?: I would like to suggest to JoAnn that you remember how we were holding hands before we started our TR session, and you remember those sensations inside of you of connected-ness to each other in our circle here. JoAnn, in your mind’s eye put yourself back in that situation.

Take yourself out of the equation. See if you get any messages. If you do, understand that this is your teacher. Understand you are in the safety of your friends. If you just begin to speak what you sense your teacher is saying to you, that is TR’ing. If you are willing to try it, your teacher is ready. We are giving you energy right now if you want to try it, but it’s up to you.

JoAnn: I will try. Bear with me.

Randy: Your teacher is telling me you should not try to second-guess.

Leoma: She’s saying, “Relax. Relax. Sink into the chair.”

Randy: She’s also saying, “Just repeat my name out loud as many times as you feel is necessary”, because that is what she is putting into your mind, her name.”

JoAnn: All right. It lessens my resistance, right? …Solana.

Leoma: She’s reminding me of that feeling we had in our circle when we were standing, of the counter-clockwise energy connecting us and uplifting us, raising our vibrations.

JoAnn: Suspension. I’m not receiving any messages other than feeling very peaceful, very suspended as well as together.

Randy: Very good. She’s telling me now that the last thing tonight if you want, is to suspend all disbelief, open your mouth and talk to yourself as if you are Solana talking to yourself. Just don’t think about it. Easier said than done!

Leoma: The energy continues to go around the circle.

Randy: Yeah.

Leoma: She’s saying, “Well done, my friend, you have made the connection.”

JoAnn: Wow. So this is sharing.

Leoma: This is so awesome. [Feeling Solana’s high energy.]

Randy: I just got the thought from her that these are forward steps.

JoAnn: This is definitely not a baby step! Well, it could be.

Randy: No judgments.

Leoma: I get this image of her in the middle of our circle, just gently swirling around, enjoying the dance.

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