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AND45- Alana’s Origin

2006-10-26-Alana’s Origin
Andover #45


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Alana’s Origin
o 1.2 Group: Andover TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Wave, Monjoronson
o 2.2 TR: Leoma
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Alana’s Origin
Group: Andover TeaM
Teacher: Wave, Monjoronson
TR: Leoma


We began with stillness, and then linked to the light anchor. We toned our chakras to the musical scale as before, visualizing the energy in the chromatic scale (red to violet) as we toned from chakra 1 (root) to 7 (crown). Together we created the group Merkaba and participated in effective prayer, sending light to the leaders of our world, among other personal petitions.

Prayer: Father come be with us tonight. Pour your love into us. Commune with us. We welcome your celestial helpers in this meeting we have here tonight. We rejoice in the opportunity to participate with them as such. We open our arms to you and to them to hear their messages and take them into the core of our being, so that we may blossom and grow.


WAVE: The blooming and growing goes on and on into eternity. It never ends, and the beauty never fades. Good evening. This is your friend Wave.

Group: Good evening.

WAVE: You suspected it is I, didn’t you? I am basking along with you in this wonderful energy construct, the ideal that you have created in this time and space. Oh, if you could just see it the way I can see it… pulsating, vibrating, energy swirling, alive; and creative, constructive, connecting you, bringing light into the world. You are all individual points of light, but now that you have joined these points with your intention they are manifold.

How manifold are thy works, oh Lord. How magnificent is your creative beauty. How unlimited is your creative power. This power has been endowed within all of your creatures, all of these young ones listening to the words and those who read them later.

Each of you is energetically conjoined in this configuration by the energy carried by these words. So that even when these words are printed on a page, far away from here in space and perhaps far away in time from this Now the words still contain the energy intended. They are the vehicle, the point of connection, to carry within your minds and connect it with your spirit.

[Pause. The TR tones a series of notes from Wave (C, then down to G, B, G, and finally F#), and the group joins in. Ed note: We believe that the musical scale correlates with our chakras in either their receptive or expressive modes. This series of notes and the chakras that resonate with them may translate to “Seek God; Listen for God; Receive/connect to God; Listen to God; Love others”.]

WAVE:  The energy is in the vibration, in the tone, in the timber carried on the waves of intent, buoyed up by sincerity and the desire to do the Father’s will. When all these ingredients are present together there can be no error, no mistake in where you are going. You will not falter. Nor will you lack for anything that you need. Here, in this point of supreme balance, in the presence of the I AM anything is possible, and all things exist.

It is within you; this point of I AM. It exists within you at every moment. It is possible to exist in conscious union with the I AM in every moment, as your Counselor Jesus, Christ Michael, learned to do in his life on this earth. He reclaimed his divinity much in the same way as you are striving to reclaim yours, to remember it, to reconnect with who you are created to be.

Remember your Creator. Remember who you are. You will be carried on the waves of becoming that which you were created to be in the original sense of being. Before you were ever born into this life, you had not yet lost your way. You knew where you were going and who you were. Now you are drawn to rediscover yourself, and the journey, though sometimes a bumpy one, is exciting. It is the supreme joy of a living soul to find its path of growth, ever onward, ever forward, to find its way back home. The journey is always a rewarding one, and well worth the struggle and effort that it takes. I step aside now. Feel now the presence of Monjoronson.

MONJORONSON: You have been exercising your muscles and learning a great deal about energy and vibration. So tonight we have with us Serena, Helena, Leslie, Margo, and aiding them, Solana and Alana with Aronafal standing by. We have for you this evening, a little dance. It is an energy dance. We will be moving about from your perspective, weaving, drawing energy – there seem to be no words to quite adequately describe what we will be aiding you with.

So we ask you to simply trust and enter into the spirit of this exercise. There will not be instructions or things for you to visualize; simply allow. You have already opened your hearts and given your permission, your intention as openness, to this energy work we are bringing you. Now remain in silence and join the dance.

Now may we enjoin you to concentrate on connecting your heart chakra – the energy produced from that area – to the person on your right. Simply concentrate on the flow from your heart center to the next person in the circle to the right. You will do this for a few moments.
Do you perceive, my friends, as you are sending energy to the right, you are receiving it from the left; that soon after you began your concentration, you began to feel the energy flowing around the circle, though you were only concentrating on the one person to your right.

This serves to illustrate several points; one being the idea of passing it on. For even though you may only see yourself passing on a kindness or ministering to one other person, you must know that this opens a flow that continues onward, you know not where. One small act of kindness, of giving love, well – you can see by the illustration what this means.

Another point being, that had one of the persons in this small circle been closed to receiving love, the circuit would have been broken, or unable to connect at all, or perhaps at best, diminished, depending on the degree of openness of all those in the circle. You have in your preparation this evening opened your heart centers so that this energy was free to flow from one to the other until it came back full circle.

This is point three of our little illustration. This love, this energy, eventually comes back around to you; the sender soon receives. Since, as you know these energies are multiplied around such a circle as this, what you receive is greater than that which you first sent. Nifty, huh?

A very simple illustration. Carry it with you. Recall this lesson the next time you meet a stranger or encounter someone you do know. Pay more attention to the energy exchange; look them in the eye and greet them warmly and sincerely. Even if no words are exchanged, energy will be. For as we have been teaching you, the vibration is not in the words, but is carried by the intent, in the vibrations emanating from you to them.

Now I would entertain questions. I have caught you off guard. [Laughter] You have queried in your conversation earlier about Alana’s origin. [Ed note: Alana is Richard’s teacher.] She is a Descending Daughter, but of a different origin than most Descending Daughters. She has an interest that is somewhat unique for her order. She is interested in the organization of how things work on your planet, meaning in your societies, in your government and the way that goods and services are exchanged.

It is intriguing to her how something is expected in return in most of your societies. She desires to understand these exchanges and how they do seem to provide a function at the level of civilization at present on Urantia. She has been a student of this type of exchange on other worlds, and may have a few ideas to impart to you, Richard.


Richard: I am very interested in these kinds of things. Obviously, you knew that.

MONJORONSON: Yes. Again, it is a good match. There are reasons for why you get the teacher you do. Though logic does not always apply, logic is often an ingredient in decisions such as this.

Randy: I think that Wave had mentioned earlier that before we are born, we already know where we are going. Could you enlighten us a bit more about our state of consciousness before we are born on this world?

MONJORONSON: I would like to satisfy your curiosity about this as your Urantia Book has left you somewhat in the dark. There have been reasons for this at the time of the transmission. As for the importance of this information to be made known to you, it is not quite there yet. However, so many on Urantia have some awareness or some vague belief about having existed before birth in this state of physical-ness that I am allowed now to affirm this idea in generality, not in specifics.

The idea that you existed, your soul and personality existed, before this physical life is correct. Some of the ideas attached to this thought are quite hazy or erroneous, inaccurate.
At this time we will not yet be giving specifics to this question, but I can tell you that you did have foreknowledge and choice of where you were going, meaning this planet at the time that you chose to be born, approximately. You had some latitude of choice for the details of your family, your life, but much was not known to you as far as how the details of your life would be played out.

You came where and when you did for specific reasons of the experiences that you agreed with others who counseled you, what you needed next. So it was in a sense, “read” how you might accomplish gaining these experiences and encountering the precursors that would lead into the lessons that you needed for this part of your journey. It is never guaranteed that it will be accomplished in this one lifetime setting.

I caution you about jumping from this to the conclusion that you have multiple physical lifetimes on this same planet. As I began to state, there is no guarantee that things will work out the way you plan or hope. There is always free will, and there is always grace and mercy in the Father’s plan. There is always room for the unexpected. In the end, eons from now, each and every one of you will arrive at your destination as a Finaliter. The details along the way matter little by that time.


MONJORONSON:  If there are no further questions, I will bid you a good evening.

Group: Good evening.

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