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AND46- Turn for Better In Correcting Time

2006-11-16-Turn for Better In Correcting Time
Andover #46


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Turn for Better in Correcting Time
o 1.2 Group: Andover TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Tomas, Serena, Nathaniel
o 2.2 TR: Leoma
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Turn for Better in Correcting Time
Group: Andover TeaM
Teacher: Tomas, Serena, Nathaniel
TR: Leoma


We began with stillness, then toning and linking to the light anchor. Together we created the group Merkaba and participated in effective prayer.

Prayer: Thank you Father for bringing us together again in your love. Thank you for keeping us constantly aware that without love, this life would not be [inaudible]. Help each one of us to constantly align ourselves to your will, that we might more fully understand our purpose here. Help us to understand that every decision we make can shine your light before men, or not.

TOMAS:  This is Tomas. Greetings, dear friends.

Group: Good evening.

TOMAS:   It has been some time since I have spoken with you. It is my pleasure to speak with you once again and address you on the topic of this light, this vibration which has become so real and so important to you. It is a fact of existence. It is a fact of your origins. You spoke earlier tonight of having forgotten your origin, which lies within divinity, your origin which lies within the perfection of God. God, the Perfection of All That Is, created you. You were indeed created in perfection. You live in perfection.


TOMAS:  Though in your limited views, you see your physical being and your physical environment as imperfect. If you could see the large view, as some of us are privileged to do, you would appreciate the idea that you in fact live now in perfection. Yes, you live with fallen ideas of that ideal perfection thought. You live with consequences of eons of free will choices that have been made by all of those concerned with this universe and your planet. Yet, all is unfolding into perfection as it was meant to be. You may see that there have been diversions along the way, but the road still leads to perfection.

The end result is still for you to become finaliters and join God eons from now in the Original Perfection of God’s original creation. From this view, you are divine beings. You are divine beings, perfectly created and seen by God as perfect.

All that you experience, all that you observe, is part of this perfect creation. All that you observe is of God. Now you think within your mind there is a great deal of imperfection in your world. To your vision this is so. But raise your thoughts heavenward above those lower observations and see how all will work together toward the good, toward beauty, toward love that is eternal. It never ends. That perfection has never been diminished, and never will be.

Now, on a lighter note, let’s look forward to your observation of the Thanksgiving holiday. This is a time when most people in your country turn their thoughts toward heavenly things, or at least to counting their blessings…all the blessings God has bestowed throughout the year. It is a time to reflect. For you in the Teaching Mission circles, it is a time also for you to look back over the year and see how far you have come, to see the steps you have taken, the changes that have come into your life as a result of those steps you have chosen.

It is indeed a shining reflection of your own progress, of the desire and intent of your heart and mind to look heavenward. Within you wells up grateful appreciation for all you have experienced. Even the rough lessons of your past you can now see as gifts. An aspect of perfection, is it not?
If you can raise your thoughts to see everything in your life as perfection, then there are no mistakes. Then there are no unforgive-nesses.

Everything has led you to this point now and leads you ever onward. So while you’re carving up that bird, slicing a ham, or dishing up a dollop of potatoes, do it with a smile on your face and gratefulness in your heart for being who you are, where you are, when you are and for knowing your connection with God as an absolute reality in your life.

We rejoice with you in this season of thanksgiving and remind you to give this thanks every day of your life, every moment if you can. That is your challenge. As you celebrate, know that we are with you as well. We enter into your thanksgiving, into your rejoicing and share in your joy. We add our appreciation to yours, as it flies heavenward. Good evening, my friends, and enjoy your holiday.

SERENA: This is Serena.

Group: Good evening.

SERENA:  It is a good evening. It is always good energy in this room when you gather together, when you establish your Merkaba, which is by the way happening more readily each time you gather. Soon it will happen without a thought, as potently as it does when you concentrate on it now.

You may perceive myself and those of my order with me tonight as movement around your circle, presently in a clockwise direction. We are moving among you, exchanging energy with each one of you, and would ask that you simply allow this for a few moments in silence, without analyzing or wondering why. Simply allow.

Perhaps as this exercise was taking place, you perceived the movement around the circle, the energy increasing to a very high rate of vibration and high speed of movement to your perception around the circle. Then a band of energy connecting your hearts centered you there more solidly. Now you should be feeling very well relaxed and centered at that supreme point of balance. We have done this to aid you in remaining well balanced in your heart center, so that whatever vicissitudes come your way, you will not so easily be shaken. If you are, you will more quickly remember and be able to return to the balance point.

Whether you fully are aware of this or not, you are learning to remain in this balance point, and to return to it more easily when something throws you off. It is coming to you that it does not feel right to be any other way. So when something upsets you during your day, or seems to be throwing you off this center, pause for a moment, take a deep breath, and with your thought-intent, return to this feeling. Think of this moment you are sharing now, of solid balance, unshakable balance. It belongs to you. Each time you practice this and return to it, it becomes even more solid a foundation for you to be one with.

Be one in Spirit. [Breath] Be one with the Father. [Breath] Be one within yourself, with your Thought Adjuster, your Father Fragment. [Breath] Be one with the Mother Spirit within your mind. [Breath]

As always, if it is your intent, this work will continue even as your attention is diverted from it. It is our great pleasure, our joy to be in service to you. Good night.


Leoma: Solana is here [Ed note: JoAnn’s teacher]. She doesn’t seem to have a message; she just wants us to sit with her for awhile. JoAnn, this is a good chance for you to connect with her.

Randy: Are the Most Highs listening in tonight?

Leoma: As usual.

Randy: I was wondering if someone could comment on the state of the Correcting Time on our planet right now.

Leoma: In a few moments.

NATHANIEL:  This is Nathaniel, reporting for the Most Highs. To answer your question, we would report that in fact the Correcting Time has taken a happy turn, a bit of a surprise, though not completely unexpected by those observing from higher up, as one might say. The nature of this happy turn is not so evident yet outwardly. It is not yet evident where you will see it in your media observations, which are tainted anyway.

Even if you were locally available in certain areas to see what is happening, you would not perceive the change. In fact, within the minds and spirits of some numbers of individuals, the quest for power is intensifying. The violent striving for position and power grows yet within the minds of a few hanging on desperately.

But there are others within their ranks who are beginning to see the light, so to speak, who have grown weary of the struggle against themselves and the infighting amongst those who are supposedly of the same kind. They are all fighting now. No one seems to be able to control anyone else, and there is beginning to be chaos within their ranks. Thus, the outward show of their angry reaction intensifies, but then will soon burn out as they destroy one another, as more of these individuals turn against each other.

Then those on the fringes of their number who have grown weary of the struggle will turn and see truth shining through their clouded vision. Acts of compassion and kindness they would never have expected from others will draw them very quickly into the light. As long as there are godly people around them, willing to reach out in sincere caring and love, the day will not be lost. These individuals now moving into middle ground will be saved; they will be redeemed. They will be the ones to surprise us all. When this occurs, there will be a burst of light coming forth that will be unstoppable. Things will turn around very quickly.

So hold on, dear friends. You always want to know the timing of these things. It cannot be predicted. You want to hear the word “soon”. I can tell you, it is coming into view, so hold on. Keep your faith. Keep pouring light into the planet. Through your efforts you draw it in, you increase it, and you spread it worldwide. It is doing its work, my friends. This is why this turn is coming soon. Continue to add your good energies to it, for this is what is bringing it into reality.
Take some time now in your group to connect your energy sphere with that of the entire planet, that of the Planetary Supreme and the energy field which is being networked around the entire planet. [Breath] Add your light, the light you receive from the Paradise Father, to increase and build within your Merkaba sphere. [Breaths]

Now with your collective intention connect this energy, keeping it intact as your sphere, through the top of the Merkaba where your energies are joined. Connect that with the network of light being created and added to every moment around your planet. Take what you call the southern pole of your Merkaba sphere and connect it deeply with the Planetary Supreme. In this way, you are receiving energy, gathering it, and allowing it also to be sent into the energy grid, the network of light, so that it is in actuality a continuous loop. You are part of the circulatory system for light.

You are doing this each time you intentionally create your Merkaba. Now with your increased awareness and intention, you have made the connection even stronger. I believe this answers your question.

Leoma: Yes. Thank you.

Randy: If I may ask, are you Governor General of this planet?

NATHANIEL:: I am unable to answer at this time.

Randy: When we individually have our daily walks and think and wish for goodness for the world, aren’t we doing the same thing, connecting light into the planet even though we may not be aware of it?

NATHANIEL:: Yes, to some extent that is true. The more you connect your intention and collect that with the intentions of others, the more powerful it becomes. But yes, you add to this energy field with all of your good intentions, with all of your good, positive thoughts. Just the mere existence of your love being returned to God in whatever ways you are returning it, adds to this energy stream.

Randy: But to be most effective, we should intentionally direct it for this purpose.

NATHANIEL:: That is more effective.


SOLANA: : Gracious and loving Father, we lift our hearts and our thankfulness to you for this time and space that we have shared. We look to you for the promise of tomorrow. We thank you for the gifts of this day. We ask for your graciousness to place us ever more solidly within the present moment wherein you dwell. Be with each of us now as we depart one from another, yet remaining connected at the heart. Amen.

[Ed note: In the discussion afterward, we thought that this might have been the apostle Nathaniel.]

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