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AND47- Practice Stillness More

2006-11-23-Practice Stillness More
Andover #47


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Practice Stillness More
o 1.2 Group: Andover TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Nathaniel
o 2.2 TR: Leoma
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Practice Stillness More
Group: Andover TeaM
Teacher: Nathaniel
TR: Leoma


We Met for Thanksgiving Dinner and Discussion. Then We Went into Stillness, Then Toning and Linking to the Light Anchor. Together We Created the Group Merkaba and Participated in Effective Prayer. We Sent Light to Our Country’s Leaders Through the Light Anchors That We Set up in the White House, the Capitol Building, and the Pentagon.

Prayer: Father we give thanks to you for the continuous overflowing bounty that you provide to us constantly at any point in our journey. Especially here tonight with our friends on this holiday of Thanksgiving, we give you thanks. We thank you for your understanding, your patience, your compassion, your kindness, and how you manifest that through everyone that comes in contact with us and how you manifest that through us as we interact with all others. Be with us here tonight as we join with our teachers and our celestial friends, to listen to what they have to say and take to heart so that we may personally grow and help Michael in this Correcting Time.

NATHANIEL:  Hear, each of you within your own hearts, the message that is given.


NATHANIEL: In this stillness with your Thought Adjuster, did you hear the message that you are indeed divine, that you are indeed worthy of divine love, recipients of divine connection? Do you know in completeness that your origin is in divinity, created out of love, with love and for love as a divine impulse? Do you perceive this divine impulse within you? It is who you are and who you shall always be, created in perfection and to Perfection you shall return. You shall return. One day, many millennia from now, you shall see the

Perfection which has created you and which sustains you and which draws you back to itself, as its own progeny, its own self. Herein lays the truth of your origin and your destiny which ever was, is and ever shall be without end.

So raise your glasses on this Thanksgiving day as you commemorate those who feasted so long ago in thankfulness for all that Providence had given them. Raise your glasses in true appreciation for all that has been bestowed upon you out of God’s great abundance, abundant care, abundant love, abundant provision for all your needs. The origin of it all is divine, as are the recipients divine – divine in nature, divine in origin, divine in progression, divine unto eternity.

The steps of progression are small increments, but increments nonetheless, steps in the right direction, steps which return you to your origin. It is inevitable, yet it is your choice when and how the steps are taken. It is our desire that you find joy in taking the steps, in making the choices. Make the choices without regret, even when mistakes are made. There truly are no lasting mistakes, for in the eternal sense, there really are no errors – only detours along the way, only choices – choices which carry lessons either way, however it turns out.

Yet the path is always and ever onward toward the final goal. You cannot, you will not be lost, unless that is your choice. Even then, God won’t give up on you. You are all worthy citizens – citizens of a new regime that is coming into play, a new regime ruled by love, compassion, mercy, kindness, sincerity, honesty and peace. This is the desire of your hearts for this world and it is brought into being through your desire, through your heartfelt desire and your sincere efforts to let peace begin with you, to let love flow from you, through you.

Come now and join hands, so to speak, with those of your celestial friends gathered here. With a few moments of silence we harmonize as one – one heart, one mind. Yes, raise your glasses high for your cup runs over with thankfulness, appreciation and sincere love for your Creator. This has been Nathaniel once again, and I would entertain your questions.


Randy: Nathaniel, last week when we questioned you about the state of affairs on Urantia, you had mentioned that there appeared to be a change in happenings that might lead to better outcomes – possibly sooner in time. Could you tell us more?

NATHANIEL:: You would like more detail.

Randy: I would like to understand more about those things that are important for us as we manage our lives through this Correcting Time and the changes that it brings us.

NATHANIEL:: That is a good angle on the question. It is first and foremost my place to tell you to stay the course, as it were – to remain in your current habits of spiritual attainment, those activities that you have found aid you in your process of spiritual growth. This is a basic response of providing yourself with a solid base from which to work in response to any outside stimuli that comes your way that may without your grounding serve to knock you off balance.

So remain steadfast in your earnestness to grow this solid foundation, to be centered, to be striving to communicate with your Thought Adjuster and allow your will to mesh with that of the Creator Father. Then it need not be your concern what vicissitudes what difficulties may come your way or not, for to you it will not really matter. You are standing steadfast and ready for service should the need arise.

Secondly, you will want to shift your ability for discernment into a higher gear. The information you will be receiving and have been receiving through your usual channels of the media and educational channels will be quite confusing on the face, at first glance, on the surface. So you must dig a little deeper, gather information from other channels such as your own intuition and feelings, your own personal guidance, your own Thought Adjuster. Remain in your place of centered-ness as much as possible as you sift through confusing bits of information, all the while not allowing the disturbing portions of the information to throw you off that balance, even though you may believe that you would be quite directly affected by certain events or changes or situations.

In this way you will be able to more intelligently discern a course of action if one is needed, and your emotions will not carry you away. You will more easily be able to react in any given situation with calmness and peace. You will be of much greater help to yourself and others.

Thirdly, I would recommend that you practice stillness if possible more than once a day. Make it your goal to be increasingly connected with your perception of stillness through out the day, throughout your activities. This may seem difficult at first, but without your realizing it, the stillness is permeating more of your daily life. Allow this to percolate and infiltrate every activity of your waking hours. Does this answer?

Randy: Yes it does. The second point which you mentioned – the discernment. As you were speaking, it came to me that the times that we’re in and times to come there will be many messages that will on the surface appear to have some truth in it. But I believe you’re suggesting that unless we pause to fully digest and understand what the messages are telling us, it’s possibly not the highest interpretation of that message. Was this your point?

NATHANIEL:: That is exactly correct. We are asking you, recommending to you at this time, that you kick your discernment abilities to a higher level so that you are not so easily thrown, as you were for a short time with the decimation of the population idea. It threw some of your number in the Teaching Mission into quite a tizzy. Yet, it did not last very long. What we are asking you to do now is to wrap that up, the idea of taking a conception such as that one which could be fear-filled and allowing it to enter the realm of knowledge in your mind, information only, without stirring up emotions such as fear.

Take in the information, digested as you might say. Filter out that which you can not accept as truth; allow your intuition and your Thought Adjuster to help you filter and adjust the information you are receiving. Perhaps you will throw it all out. Perhaps that will be exactly what is needed, to pay no attention to some of the information that you receive.

Randy: From the morontial perspective would it be useful to try to understand the meaning of the facts, then interpreting at the soul level the value that this has to us?

NATHANIEL:: Yes this is a more morontial outlook of interpreting information. It is a higher level that only some are ready for and can achieve.

Randy: How can one work through this period of discernment towards that goal of determining the value behind that information?

NATHANIEL:: That would bring us back to the third point of increasing your connection with stillness. As you practice the stillness more and more your powers of discernment would rise as well. Your intuition, as you term it, will become more active – will become a louder voice than those which seek to cause you fear, reactions within your emotions. The emotions… which are not to be discarded, do not take this wrongly… are an inaccurate gauge for information that you receive from your outer world.

Your emotions can steer you away from the truth, away from allowing your Thought Adjuster or your intuition to guide you. Once you can get through the emotional response and see that it is only that, an initial emotional response, then you can begin to get at the truth.

Randy: Thank you.

NATHANIEL: The Most Highs have authorized me to convey to you that the situations around your globe that have been so dire will soon be reaching a critical point where they may very well turn around for the better rather abruptly, doing 180° turns in their policy making, their decision making. It will be a surprise to many. Seemingly overnight some structures of organization around fear mongering and control will collapse and lose their power. For when the apex of their power is reached, it can go no further.

No amount of energy control can sustain it, until it collapses in upon itself. It reaches its absolute potential wherein the potential for good which is infinite – infinite power of goodness – can then take the path laid open by the collapsing. It flows in. It has been waiting for its opportunity to flow into every crack, every dark hole, and fill it. The effect can be quite instantaneous from our perspective. It can be quite dramatic even from your perspective.

We tell you this to bring you hope, yes. But more so to show you what a difference your light work makes – the work you and other groups around the world partake in to bring light, to spread light, and to spread love. Even small acts of kindness all add to this pool of light that is just waiting to pour itself in as the wall collapses.

Randy: [Ed note: said with passion] Nathaniel, I say right now it is the intent and the deep desire of our Teaching Mission group to aid this process. We heartily right now at this instant send every ounce of the Father’s love that comes to us for this purpose so that the outcome can be used for the good of all mankind, that we may accelerate the good intentions of Michael in this Correcting Time – so that we may in some small part aid this. This is what we desire. I heartily recommend that those who read this transmission immediately go to stillness and do the same. So be it.
Nathaniel: So be it, my friends! So be it.

There is no nobler thought, no grander idea than to join your wills with that of Michael in this Correcting Time. It is through your dedication, through your very expression of love, that goodness is spread and light overcomes the darkness that yet remains. We all rejoice in this community of souls that has joined hands. By that I mean hundreds of thousands of celestials and millions of human souls joined together. We rejoice for you and with you forever and ever, amen!

Randy: Amen. Let it be so.

Leoma: We are being more energetically connected now with the prayer that was just made.

[Pause. Ed note: This is where each of us felt the energy powerfully.]

NATHANIEL:: Be it known that on this night that even all those gathered in this country to celebrate family and give thanks, those who have raised their glasses that are overflowing with thankfulness in their hearts and gladness, this too is added to the light. Be it known that this shaft, this light anchor is joined through a network with many others around the planet.

It is now reaching a very high point, a critical point that will now activate further this turning point we have been looking for, this turning point we have all been working toward. The energy grid, the light network of countless individuals and groups of higher consciousness are now being melded. They are very nearly encompassing the entire globe.

[TR note: This seemed to be a description as it was happening.]

NATHANIEL: Does this mean there is no more darkness? No. But you can be assured beyond any reckoning that the light is prevailing. There is no going back now. There is no going back; the light is permeating, covering the earth. Though your methods of media will try to convince you otherwise, the light is prevailing. Millions of prayers are being joined. Millions of voices being joined into one… one grand desire for peace, for true peace in the hearts of all, to live in harmony with all.


NATHANIEL: As we speak, this is continuing. As you return to your human activities this will continue, until one day somewhere in your future time, all darkness will be dispelled by the light. It is well on its way, my friends. Be of good cheer and be assured it is so. Good night.

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