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AND48- Experience of Nathaniel at Pentecost

2006-11-30-Experience of Nathaniel at Pentecost
Andover #48


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Experience of Nathaniel at Pentecost
o 1.2 Group: Andover TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Nathaniel, Unknown
o 2.2 TR: Leoma
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Experience of Nathaniel at Pentecost
Group: Andover TeaM
Teacher: Nathaniel, Unknown
TR: Leoma


[Ed note: Prior to the TR session we wondered about Nathaniel. If he was the apostle of Jesus, then he experienced Pentecost – the coming of the Spirit of Truth. What did he and all others go through at that time? We read [UB 194.1-1]. Back then, those who were able to access the Spirit of Truth went from being practically spiritually blind to being connected with their Thought Adjuster. In the days that followed, they felt empowered to do good, knowing with greater certainty that God was looking back on them. We conjectured that this time of great spiritual uplifting may be similar to current times. As the circuits open – Michael and Monjoronson applying more spiritual pressure to Urantia – more people are feeling a clearer connection to spirit. So we “asked” Nathaniel to speak about his mortal experiences going through Pentecost, if this would aid in our spiritual growth in this Correcting Time.]

We began with stillness. Together we created the group Merkaba, then toned to F# (heart chakra, expressive) and linked to the light anchor. We sent light to those in positions of influence in our world who may help to turn the tide from darkness to goodness, as was discussed in the previous two lessons. However, we sent this light by first conditioning it with our heart-felt feeling of compassion. We accepted the love of the Father, held it in our heart center while we each conditioned the love/light with how we feel when we are compassionate to others, then sent it for the highest good to those we intended. We repeated this for our feelings of peace, forgiveness, joy, kindness and patience.

Prayer: Thank you Father for bringing us together again. Thank you for teaching us about love. Thank you for the joy we have felt since this period of time called Thanksgiving as we learn to be thankful for each moment and for each contact that we make with each other and with you. Thank you for being with us tonight.

NATHANIEL: I greet you after a silent pause. During that time were you aware of the very feelings for which you just prayed – especially that of peace and patience while you waited in that moment of the unknown? As you have practiced centering in that point of stillness, you have opened yourselves to the possibility of living truly in peace, in the reality-feeling presence of peace. It is in and of itself a point of balance, a feeling of ease.


NATHANIEL:  This experience of peace is one that we apostles of Jesus did not have the privilege to enjoy until after our dear brother had left this earth, until after that moment of Pentecost you read about earlier. None of us understood the true concept of peace. We very seldom were able to truly practice patience. We had expectations of our friend Jesus that were seldom met in the way that we wanted. Our patience grew thin many, many times. It was not until he was gone that we understood what he was trying to teach us.

Yet the words, the very vibrations that he planted within us while he tarried with us and taught us were in a sense activated after the Spirit of Truth came. It was indeed as though a switch had been turned on within our minds, and even deeper within our very souls. It seemed that what he taught us, the lessons he imparted came flooding back into our memories, into our imaginations. This is in part what empowered us to go forth and teach and evangelize and use our feet to walk many miles, and to suffer many hardships – in joy – in pure joy of serving our Master in this way.

We could hardly fathom how we could have been so dense, so slow to learn when our dear Master was with us. Yet, when he was gone physically from us, he came even more powerfully than we could have imagined, within us, within the words and the life he had shared with us so intimately, so closely, so compassionately. He showed us by the very way he conducted himself every moment of every day how to live our lives, how to carry on without him, yet carrying him with us. This became a very deep reality for us that we, though we could not see him, still had him walking beside us, guiding us, leading us, giving us the very words to say.

It was through his ministry to us that we were upheld and strengthened to minister to others. What we could accomplish came as such miraculous surprise to us. Can you imagine such joy when we discovered that we could indeed heal people of their afflictions, to help them forgive one another, to lead them out of darkness into the light, into the truth? It is supreme joy.

It is our deep desire that you will one day taste from this same cup. Your joy increases even now as you discover a deeper connection with one another, with your Creator, with Michael and Mother. Yet this is a small foretaste of the joy you will partake of when you are in more morontial states of being. You have a great deal to look forward to. We are excited and encouraged to see you heading in this direction.

It is from our point of view that we see you walking in the light more and more each day. Can you feel the light growing within you? Can you perceive that your eyes open a little more each day to see the beauty and the goodness in the world? For that is what you are beginning to reflect, so that is what you see. You are creating this around you in the reality of your day to day life. It is how you interact with others. It is in the very essence of your being to share the light, to be the light, to merge your light with that of others. Where there is darkness, you are there to shine light, to share what you can of yourself, for you are becoming the light. Whether you are aware of it or not, you are the bearers of light.

MOST HIGHS: We would convey to you that you are now more directly connected to higher sources, circuits of light and truth which you can more easily access on your own now. You are encouraged to practice this in your individual stillness times, to cultivate the awareness of this connection. You are asked now to practice cultivating this connection, this opening so that one day soon you will realize that you are always open to it, that you are a pipeline of light that never closes or is ever blocked. You have this ability. You and any who read the transcript of this message have the ability to keep this pipeline open at all times, to grow in your awareness of this connection and then to allow it to flow from you to reflect to others, the source from which it came.

So as we sit in silence, let us take this opportunity for cultivation of the awareness of your connection to the light. We ask you to perceive this at first individually. As you continue in this exercise, then become increasingly aware of how this causes you to merge together as a group. Without effort, it simply happens.

Now dear friends, did you perceive as your awareness of the merging of your light vibrations caused you to feel more closely connected with one another? At that moment each of your teachers stepped into the ring. The merging of your light opened the way for others unseen to step in to join you, to join the dance. It is an invitation, an opening, for your teachers and angels to work more closely with you, to join their light with yours. Now you have the experience of peace coupled with joy. Feel this within you.  This is a slice of heaven, is it not?


NATHANIEL: Now speaking again as Nathaniel, we thank you for your openness… your spiritual invitation that allows us to join with you, to join our light with yours, to share what we have to share with you. What you share with us is equally a treasure. Go now in peace, and feel the joy.

Leoma: I just have this image and wonderful feeling of walking with Michael, of each one of us walking with Michael.

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