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AND49- Labyrinths

Andover #49


1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Labyrinths
o 1.2 Group: Andover TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Onamonalonton
o 2.2 TR: Leoma
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
• 4 Note

Topic: Labyrinths
Group: Andover TeaM
Teacher: Onamonalonton
TR: Leoma


We discussed labyrinths and the spiritual effects they have on the individuals that walk them and pray in them. We began with stillness, then toning and linking to the light anchor. Together we created the group Merkaba and participated in effective prayer.

Prayer: Father we thank you for the goodness of everything and everyone around us. It is a joy to see you in every face, to feel you in everything that is around us. When we have this attitude, we feel connected. Help us to remember that you’re always there inside of us, that you and each one of us are, in fact, so intertwined that it’s difficult to distinguish between. Thank you for sending your teachers here tonight to speak with us, commune with us, teach us. We listen to the messages so that we may aid Michael in this Correcting Time. Amen.

ONAMONALONTON:  Good evening, this is Onamonalonton. I have come to address your curiosity about the labyrinth.

Group:  Welcome.

ONAMONALONTON:  The Most Highs have opened the way for me to address you this evening, probably one time only. Your curiosity questions have led the way to further understanding, answering your own questions, about the connection between Spirit and human, between spirit and physical. The connections that have been implanted in your souls for eons of time are allowed, strengthened, imbued with energy to come forward into consciousness when your energies have reached a point to allow it to bubble up.

The consciousness of the labyrinth as a way to prayer, as a way to connect more directly the physical with spirit, is coming forward once again as your awareness opens to allow the possibility for such connection to take place. Without this awareness, the idea does not go away; it lies in wait to be rediscovered and brought forward once again, to be used as a vehicle for upliftment, for communication, communion with your Creator.


ONAMONALONTON: The Creator has endowed the human soul with certain patterns. Your scientists have noticed many of these patterns in mathematics, in symbols such as the spiral, in movements of animals, in the patterns of energy, magnetism, electricity; the patterns imbued in the heavenly bodies that you can observe. All of these concepts, these ideas which are at the very basis energy, as is everything, can be implanted into the soul, into the collective consciousness, where it resides, whether in awareness or in dormancy, waiting to be recognized once again.

So when the awakening soul sees these patterns or encounters them in life, they are recognized and something stirs your awareness to pay attention, to reconnect with that very basic, deeply planted spiritual truth. These types of concepts, patterns imbued in the collective consciousness are unchanging and permanent, though they may be unrecognized.

So now the idea, the truth of the pattern of the labyrinth comes forward again and can be used as a tool for communion with your Creator. It is, indeed, a gift, a gift which first was inspired through people who lived very close with the earth, in a very deep and healthy relationship with your Planetary Supreme, which is how the pattern was expressed in its very first manifestation.

It is recognized by those who now look back over the centuries of labyrinths, that the same patterns remain, the same patterns [as long ago] come forward in consciousness in this time, which connects you to the truth of the reality of the value of the pattern. All life as it was created was created from pattern, not chaos. All life must eventually conform to these patterns, though parts of life stirred up by unthinking humans can appear chaotic.

In the archetype of the labyrinth, there can appear… a word cannot be found to express this idea. Connections can be made between the ancient idea, the human soul, and the Spirit of Truth. This is a rudimentary explanation, but all that can be found to illustrate how the labyrinth works. Indeed, it is a tool that can be valuable with little knowledge of how it works or even what it is, for it is a concentration of sorts, of energy, of intention, of spiritual presence.

A labyrinth that has been created with awareness of its value becomes sacred space, as you may term it. It is blessed by spiritual presences. It is inhabited, imbued, surrounded, even protected by spirit entities designed and assigned for that purpose.

There are labyrinths which seem to carry little power or effect, which has to do with the level of intent of spiritual input by its human creators. This is its only limitation. The individual walking the labyrinth is the other variable. By the individual’s intent and spiritual nature, the connection is made different each time. The lack of energy possessed by the labyrinth itself if not properly produced can be overcome by the intent and the love of the walker, the individual.

The individual may have as powerful an experience on this inadequately produced labyrinth as on any other. May this serve to illustrate the power of intent! It is more what the individual brings, and yet a collection of individuals with similar and combined intent create a powerful labyrinth indeed, as with any endeavor they wish to create. Such an endeavor in alignment with God’s will cannot help but be powerful and quite valuable in the spiritual sense.

Now as for the Native American connection with this: there are many native peoples who have had similar tools, who have had the deep connection with the Planetary Supreme and their Creator. It is time on this planet now for indigenous peoples to share what they know, to rediscover for their own populations what these expressions of their spirituality have meant to them in their past, to bring them forward once again to be shared with the general population.

The native peoples of many lands have much to share. They have much to rediscover from their own histories, to help their own people to grow, to raise themselves out of long years of darkness and suppression. It is now time for them to come forward and join hands with all those who are sympathetic and ready to learn.

The labyrinth is one tool where this joining of hands, this uniting of common intent, of making connection with the Creator can be made. It is a way to unite people of any faith. You need only have a sincere and believing heart to walk the labyrinth and receive its benefits.

So this has been a bit of a long discourse on the labyrinth. May this serve to illustrate the potential influence and power for spiritual growth and change that this valuable tool may engender. Thank you for your attention.

Group: Thank you.

Leoma: All I’m getting right now is for us to open our palms and in our minds join our hands together, symbolically speaking, seated where we are, around the circle.  Focus on the right hand, sending energy from your right hand to the person on your right. Now we should be feeling the energy moving around the circle, receiving it with the left hand.

[Ed. note: this exercise continued, ending with holding the right hand in front of our own heart chakras.]

Leoma (Michael/Mother): This is an energy gift of love from Michael. He knows that at this time of year, we are thinking of his birth on this planet, that we are touched and in an attitude of appreciation and love for what he did for us, the risks he took, the great love that he showed for us, the compassion he still carries for us. He gives us this gift now to expand our hearts into his, that we may know in greater fullness his love for us, that we may further allow the Spirit of Truth to grow within us, to be expressed outwardly from us by way of his love.

He knows that we have a legacy of fear of opening our hearts to overcome. We have experienced so much hurt and pain just being on this planet. None of this belongs to us. He wishes to relieve us of this burden, to take it all from us and let it be a no-thing, no longer in existence, to purify us, to free our hearts, to live in the light. This is his gift to us in this Advent season as we look to the Christ child to adore and worship the Father who sent him.

It is written in the pattern of our hearts that we are created in love. This is the pattern that we are to remember and to fulfill in our lives. This is the pattern which draws us out of darkness into light, for it is from whence we came and where we go, and where we shall forever dwell.

Bask in the warmth and the glow of this love. Allow it to flow freely, as it is given freely. This is your task for this season: to reside in Michael’s peace, to bask in the glow of our Father’s love, to soak it up, not to be hoarded, but to be given away. Give of who you are from the center of who you were created to be. This is your gift to the world. So be it. Shalom, my friends. This was Michael and Mother, working in conjunction.

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