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AND5- Perception of Energy Vibrations

2005-06-28-Perception of Energy Vibrations
Andover #5


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Perception of Energy Vibrations
o 1.2 Group: Andover TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Tomas, Most Highs
o 2.2 TR: Leoma
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Note

Topic: Perception of Energy Vibrations
Group: Andover TeaM
Teacher: Tomas, Most Highs
TR: Leoma


We began with stillness, then linked to the light anchor. Together we built the group Merkaba.

Prayer: With our hearts we sing to God as we pray. Father, we thank you so much for bringing our friends to be with us today, friends seen and unseen. We praise you as you have put before us the opportunity, not only to listen and to learn, but also to serve as we go about our business. As always it is our intent to listen to our teachers and use what is said to us not only for the growth of ourselves, but also for the benefit of others. Help us as we give our loving energy to the TR and to the others involved in this process, so that the communication can be clear.

MOST HIGHS:  Good evening, we are the Most Highs. Once again we are pleased to join you this evening, to open this communication with you. We have the desire to make ourselves known to this group and to all other groups which meet so that they may know that we are present with them, although we may not announce ourselves with all groups or on all evenings such as these.

It is our desire to work closely between Michael and the plans for the Correcting Time and these groups which meet. We oversee and coordinate some of the activities that go on behind the scenes, as you might say on your behalf, unseen. Now we bring to you your teacher Tomas with this evening’s lesson.

TOMAS: : Good evening it is I, Tomas. Again, I am most pleased to be with you tonight.


TOMAS:  The lesson that I would bring to you is on intuition. It is something that you have discussed in your casual conversations, and have seen in the transmissions that have come out recently about intuition increasing and other spiritual powers… or what you might call psychic powers as well. These are all inherent in your being. These are potentials which lie virtually untapped within each and every human being, whether they are aware of it or not. It is up to the individual to discover and to become aware of this potential. If they wish it is always the individual’s choice to develop that potential into something that can be beneficial, not only for the individual, but for others as well.

It is much along the lines of the TRing process. The intuition is developed and grown as you use it. It is your experience with it and small successes with it that help you be encouraged to allow it to be used more and more. As you practice the use of your intuition, as you pay attention to how your intuition is working for you, the ability will increase.

What is the purpose for intuition? What use is it? It is an outgrowth of your natural abilities. As you grow spiritually and raise your frequencies closer to the Father, these talents that you would see as special gifts at this time, are truly simply natural. They are developed as you grow so that you become more proficient at using such gifts.

The idea that any one person is more gifted than another in regard to such things as intuition or TRing or psychic abilities, as you term them, is not true. Yes there are people who appear to be more gifted in certain areas. Yet you should know that all individuals are endowed with the natural ability to use any of these techniques as they wish. It is only that under your present circumstances there are as yet few individuals who have discovered this potential and learned and worked to bring it forward. This evening I would entertain your questions.


Randy: Tomas, is this process of using intuition a mindal one or a spiritual one?

TOMAS: : It is both. As I stated it is an inherent ability anyone has. Yet you must engage your mind within the process to develop it. You must first discover, but once you have discovered that you have this potential then you must make the decision to use your will to develop this ability. You must use your mindal faculties to work to develop this ability. As you see and feel within your body the success of paying attention to your intuition abilities, then with practice the capability grows. Does this answer your question?

Randy: Yes it does. I’d like to go a little bit further, just to be clear for me. The process of using intuition seems to be between persons and life forms, right? So we are taking in information from another person, for instance… information that is not coming into us through our normal senses of seeing, hearing, etc. It comes in through another way and we pay attention to this, then make something of it, yes?

TOMAS: : It is all a matter of energy, or of vibration. You stated early in your question that it might be between living matter. Intuition can be used to connect with any energy form, which includes everything in creation. This is not to say that a rock can necessarily tell you anything. Any energy can be tapped into for information.

(paused for a few minutes due to an outside disturbance)

Randy: So, is this a sense that we have that we don’t use too often?

TOMAS: : That is correct. It is not another sense… meaning that you don’t have another organ that facilitates this ability. It simply is a part of your spiritual and mindal ability that works together. Intuition is difficult for mortals on this chaotic planet to grasp. Yet many of you are noticing that you have this ability. When you do pay attention to it, you begin to trust it more. Then you experience it more. It is not so important to understand how it works or why it seems to be increasing. What is of benefit is for you to pay attention… to learn to trust the process. Allow it to instruct you.

Keith: Tomas, I have a question about intuition. When you come in contact with some people, at least when I do, I get strong reactions. Sometimes they are very positive, sometimes very negative, towards that person without having spoken a word; just getting within their space. Does this fall within the realm of intuition or psychic abilities? Is there some reason why people have a better connection with some people as compared to with others?

TOMAS: : Yes. Again, it is a matter of energy and vibration. Depending on the state of your energy body (if you want to call it that) meeting with that of another, this determines how you perceive the other person. The perception may be skewed by not only what that person has in their energy body, but how yours reacts to it. For example if you have an energy vibration that is at a higher frequency and perhaps of a different nature of movement than that of the person you are meeting, the energy may not be harmonious.

You will perhaps feel in your body a disturbance. If it is a vibration that is similar to yours, you may feel a very nice feeling of lightness or of recognition. This is not necessarily that you are recognizing that person from some past life, as you may imagine. It is simply that your energies are similar. You are recognizing something that is already within yourself that is harmonious with that of the other individual.
It isn’t important if this is along the same lines of intuition. “Energy speaking”, it is. It is all along the same line.

Randy: So other than discerning harmony or disharmony, could you describe for us other ways in which we can benefit in paying attention to our intuition?

TOMAS: : At times you will receive clues, perhaps only moments before something is going to happen. You will receive a clue or a thought in your mind that may give you just a bit of a warning that might help you avert a problem or that may help you recognize something good coming your way. You might miss this otherwise, such as someone entering a room that you would turn around and see, if you had not paid attention to that intuition.

It is at first a very subtle occurrence in your energy body. As you learn to pay attention to it and respond and receive the stimulus of good results or of noticing that this isn’t your mere imagination, you will realize that something is really occurring. This ability will increase for you.
It is also true that at this time in your planetary progress as the spiritual pressure increases, your intuition abilities, as well as other energy-type vibrational abilities, are increasing.

Keith: Tomas, a follow up question on this. How does one increase their abilities? Other than paying attention to your intuition, are there some activities that one can do to learn how to increase their abilities?

TOMAS: : First of all, having the will to do so is the first step beside becoming aware of it and paying attention. There are many other things that you can do to work to increase the frequency of your body’s vibrations. This will increase all abilities for you in the long run. It is not necessary to pinpoint one certain ability that you wish to work on. You can increase all abilities that are inherent within you by intending to increase your body’s frequency.

As you do this, much is accomplished through your lifestyle. It is difficult living in the city since there are so many chaotic vibrations. There are electromagnetic disturbances which stir up your body’s vibrations. The more that you can learn about how to counter-act or to avoid these disturbances or to correct them in your body, this will help you a great deal. This will not only increase what you would call psychic abilities, but also increase your health and your longevity on this planet.

Now if there is a particular ability such as your intuition that you wish to address, rather than the general band of abilities, you do that with your intent and by what you pay attention to. Also you may ask for unseen help in developing a particular ability. There are artisans, teachers and many unseen friends available to you if this ability has a particular purpose that will benefit yourself and others. You will receive experienced help in developing that ability.

Randy: All abilities?

TOMAS: : Any ability that is beneficial to you or to others. You will receive specific help for that use. I wish to emphasize that if this is in alignment with the Correcting Time and with Michael’s plans for moving the planet toward light and life, you can bet that you will have lots of help.

This is not to say that you should not ask for an individual ability to be increased. In time this ability no doubt will lead you into service. If you have the sincere desire to serve Michael, God, your brother, there is no such thing as a selfish intent. Even though at the beginning it may appear to be only for you as an individual. With your intent, faith and sincerity this ability will no doubt lead you into some avenue of service or of benefit to others. This is inevitable.

Randy: Tomas, I am asking this question for Leoma. I think that it might tie in here to service, anyway. She’s curious about angels who have been assigned to work with her. Could you describe more about this work? What should they be doing with the angels; why are they here?

TOMAS: : First I will say that much of the ministrations go unnoticed. This is true for the angels attending and overseeing most individuals. Much of what they do and how they work with an individual is unseen and not well understood. They receive their orders directly from a very high source. It is not always clear to us as teachers, just how this process works for them. It is a bit of a mystery that the angels are so like you, so close to the mortal realm. Yet they are able to perform such incredible feats of reaching into your realm to assist you and to work with you.

We believe it is true that there is a great purpose behind this seeming mystery… that the association does not become too dependent for the mortal. The angels are allowed to assist and to bring energy, which includes divine love, to surround and fill the individual. They are not often allowed to interfere or direct the individual. It is believed that much of what they do for the mortal must remain unseen, or it would begin to be detrimental in the long run to the mortal’s progress.

It is more important that the mortal turn to the Father, and to Michael, and to Mother for assistance. It is more advantageous for them to learn to turn to their teachers and more than one source for instruction. It is of utmost importance that the mortal enters stillness regularly and learns to connect with the Father fragment within. Therefore the angels remain, you might say, in the back seat… behind the scenes doing what they are allowed to do to their utmost best.

What I can tell you is that they are so close to their mortal subjects. They love you very dearly. They know your every quirk and whim. They know every in and out of your personality, and your activities. They love you at every moment, for every eccentricity, for every foible and for every success they rejoice with you. Even the smallest steps you take in the right direction, in a forward direction toward God-alignment, they are rejoicing.

Randy: Tomas, my intuition says that Leoma says “thank you”. (laughter)

TOMAS: : You’re welcome. I sense also that she is very thankful to have the angels with her and to know such a number of them by name and somewhat by personality. She would love for the associations to be clearer and in time they will be. Certainly, at some point in the morontia career, she will meet them in person and sit and talk with them.

Randy: I think that this follows what we have been talking about… intuition. Is her sensing of the angels another example of her using her intuition?

TOMAS: : It is a similar process. Again, it is all energy. These presences provide an energy signature that is distinguishable from that of another. Each of these beings has their distinct personality, as you do. Therefore they carry a different signature that can be recognized. So, I would like to say let us not split hairs between what intuition leads us to or does not lead us to. It is more that it is part of a continuum of energy perception. Does this satisfy? (chuckles)

Randy: I will have to say… (pause) yes. (laughter) I give up. (more laughter)

TOMAS: : OK. I know there will be more questions from the scientist. (laughter) You are not the only one out there, so it is good to ask the questions.

Randy: Thank you for recognizing that. I am so glad that we are doing this, taking the time to not only satisfy our curiosities and our growth, but hopefully there are others that resonate with these types of questions and can also get the benefit of your answers.

TOMAS: That is one of the purposes for these gatherings. So, I appreciate your efforts. Now, the Most Highs would like to bid you a good evening.

MOST HIGHS: We want to encourage you in your efforts to grow in greater God-alignment. We applaud your gathering when it is possible for you to do so. We wish you to know that we are ever near… ever vigilant. We wish you to know that we see efforts growing around this planet. Soon the growth will be exponential. Soon, numbers of people will grow at a very fast pace. The light on the planet will spread and begin to connect in a beautiful web around the entire world. For those of us who can perceive it, it will be very beautiful and dear to us.

We wish to encourage you with this bit of information. No effort is too small. You do not see the larger picture as we do. We see how the small fragments are added together and become so much greater than the sum of those small parts. We see how these light fibers, how these light anchors, are growing in number and in power and in size until one day they will all join as one with the whole planet. Then eventually, eons down the road, this light will be unified with that of the Father.

So be encouraged our dear, dear friends to carry on with faith and courage, even in the darkest seeming moments. We encourage you to enter into the stillness on a daily basis. You can not imagine the importance of this. We emphasize it. Please understand that this is the single most important thing the individual, seeking mortal can engage in… this daily practice of connecting with the Father in the stillness. So with this thought and this encouragement we leave you this evening. Until the next time, good night.

All: Good night.

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