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AND6- Feeling Different Personal Energies

2005-07-12-Feeling Different Personal Energies
Andover #6


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Feeling Different Personal Energies
o 1.2 Group: Andover TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Unknown, Tomas, Monjoronson
o 2.2 TR: Leoma
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing
• 4 Note

Topic: Feeling Different Personal Energies
Group: Andover TeaM
Teacher: Most Highs, Tomas, Monjoronson
TR: Leoma


We began with stillness, then linked to the light anchor. Together we created the group merkaba. We felt much more energy in the room than normal.

Prayer: Father, we come to you with open minds and open hearts. As we greet our friends we recognize You in them. We recognize You in everyone that we meet. Thank you again for this opportunity to open our minds… to grow with the truths that you will reveal through your helpers, our celestial friends. Again as always, it is our intent to take these truths into us as best we can. This is not only for the benefit for us and our growth, but ultimately certainly for the use in helping our planet and its inhabitants to grow in their spiritual journeys.

MOST HIGHS: Good evening. It is the Most Highs. Again we are most pleased to be with you as you set this time apart to be with the representatives of the Father. The energy is indeed high in this room tonight. You have learned to connect with the light that is anchored here and to create the merkaba. It all aids in the connection that is made and strengthens the lines of communication with the circuits that are established. We are pleased that you are engaging in these opportunities to increase your frequency to enhance the connection for your learning.

It is through the use of many such techniques that mortals are able to enhance their connections for clearer communication. These opportunities and enhancements are increasing rapidly now during this correcting time. Many groups are connecting at a higher level with greater clarity and with higher learning. It is all encouraging to the benefit of the correcting time efforts. This evening we wish to make our presence known. We remind other groups such as this that we are present with them as well. Now we bring to you your teacher, Tomas, for this evening’s lesson.

TOMAS:  : Good evening my friends. It is good to share in the level of your energy tonight. As such, let us continue in this vein.


MOST HIGHS: For our lesson tonight we have spoken of vibration and the energy body. We have spoken of intuition and other related topics. This night I would like to bring to you a clearer experience, rather than simply words. We will be experiencing higher energy vibrations and how these can enhance the group effort, which in turn will enhance your ability as an individual to go out into the world and remember these energy lessons and use them to your benefit.

I would now have each of you take a nice deep cleansing breath, in through the nose and out through the mouth. With your thoughts, connect the light energy coming from the Father through the crown chakra of your head. As you breathe in, breathe this light in through the top of your head. [breaths]

As you breathe out through your mouth allow this light energy to collect within your body. For the moment you are going to collect this within your body without giving it out. Do this for the next few breaths. [breaths]
Now that you have allowed this light energy to grow within your body, have you felt a difference? Have you felt a change… a lightening, a tingling or perhaps a rush of energy? If you have felt no change, do not despair. It may be very subtle, but it is happening.

Now when you take the in-breath, continue to imagine or see the white light energy coming in through the top of your head. On the out-breath, as you breathe out through your mouth, you are going to send this energy around the circle. Send this energy to the person on your left. As the group continues to breathe in this way for a few moments, the energy will begin to connect person-to-person around the circle until it flows freely. Now, breathe the light in and send it to the left as you breathe out. [breathing, sending]

Yes, the energy is flowing freely around the circle. Now that it is flowing and you can feel the energy, we are going to focus this energy for a specific purpose. Within the center of this circle, visualize that you are sending light from your heart chakra on the out-breath to the center of the circle. There we will allow the energy to build and collect. Keep the white light coming in through the top of your head on the in-breath. As you breathe out, breathe out beautiful, healing, green light into the middle of the circle. We will do this for a few moments.

[breathe in white light, breath out / send healing green light]

This is good. You have a nice large ball of healing light in the midst of you… almost filling the space between you (ca. 10 feet in diameter). For a few more moments, continue the breathing exercise. Increase the intensity of the ball of light, rather than its size. Our intention is to keep the size the same while increasing the magnitude of the light that it contains. [continuing to build the light]

You are doing well, my friends. A few more moments and then we will send this ball of light. [continuing]
Now my friends, with our intention and with our focus unified as one with our mind lines connected within the Merkaba, we are collectively going to send this ball of light to the coast of Thailand. We will not direct it exactly where to go. With our intent we will direct it to go where it is most needed for the tsunami victims. I will direct the motion. Continue to breathe in the white light. With one more breath, breathe out into the ball of light and hold it there for a moment with your thought.

Hold your thoughts within the ball of light. Now we will send it on the count of three to the coast of Thailand. One… two… three, send. [pause] It matters not if you know where Thailand is. What matters is that the intent was unified and focused as one within the group.

This light is now reaching the destination where it is most needed and where it can be of the most benefit. This is a small and simple demonstration of what the group energy can accomplish. This is a sample of the techniques that you can develop and experiment with using it in different ways… with visualization or simply focusing your intent. This is a form of prayer, with more of a punch. It carries more energy, largely because of the collecting of your intent. It is also more effective when you are working together at the same moment with the same intent. As you know, the outcome of the addition of your individual energies is far greater than if you acted individually, on your own, at different times.

These are techniques that we instruct you to use. At this time they are employed very little in comparison to the great need on this planet for this kind of work to be done. Now we would like to instruct you in recognizing various energy signatures. Perhaps by this time with the work you have just done, your energy body is vibrating at a higher rate. So this exercise will allow you to practice recognizing different energy signatures, which you may think of as personality.

Enter now in the center of the room, Christ Michael. Perceive as best you can his energy personality.

[pause; we noted later that he was “familiar, comforting, friendly, big brotherly, standing in the midst of us, white, strong”]

Did you perceive that he turned to each one of you, one at a time? You may have perceived a change or small wave of energy at that moment. Again, if you did not perceive a change do not despair. The energy was connected with you. Of that you can be assured. On some level you have learned the energy signature, whether consciously or not. Thank you, Christ Michael. Now we would ask an angel to lend us an energy signature particular to that one (of us). We have before us Minerva.

[pause; we noted later that she was “gentle, calm, very sweet, not as intense, light touch, wavy band of light, like a small yellowish-white pyramid, pillar of straight light”]

Perhaps her energy feels quite different to you? Again, remember that this is just an exercise. Relax and do not try to perceive. Simply allow. Sometimes in the effort of trying, those little “energy valves” are closed off to your perception. Thank you, Minerva.

[note: Minerva has been working with Leoma on learning how to heal through the use of essential oils]

Now before you to introduce his energy signature, in particular to this group tonight, behold Monjoronson in your midst.

[pause; wow! We noted later that we could feel a “whoosh… large, huge, stately presence, very strong, in-my-face, then subsiding” presence as he was being introduced by Tomas. We found ourselves breathing in deeply… slowly, deliberately.]

He is anointing each one of you with his energy. One of his chief reasons for being with the group here is for the individuals to learn to recognize his energy signature, so that when he comes in the flesh you will know him without question. There will be no doubt because you will know that you have already met him through his energy presence.

MONJORONSON:  It is I, Monjoronson. I greet you this night. I anoint you with the power invested in me through the Father. It is the same power that is inherently within and available to each one of you… that being each one on this planet. It is through the exercise of individual will that this inherited power is rejected, ignored or accepted. It is always your choice. It is my desire for you to know it is available to you at any time. It is your divine right, your divine inheritance, to receive the Father’s energy in the form of divine love. This is the origin of all that exists. There is no other… no beginning… no end.

The First Source and Center has directed me to bring this message to you, that you receive this sampling of the energy available to you to use to the benefit of others. Use it in this correcting time to help bring light and life into actuality. It is through your collective will that light and life will come about. You make the choices. We are standing by to instruct and aid. But we must await the decisions of your will and your minds to allow any of this energy to flow and to be used as the Creator intended.

I will leave you now, not in actuality but in proximity of the concentrations of energy. Thank you for your availability. Thank you for this opportunity to make my presence known.

TOMAS:  It is I, Tomas, again. We believe this is enough for this evening. The energy level reached has been greater than you have experienced before. Even higher levels will be able to be reached as you continue in your quest to become God-aligned beings. This is true among all groups and with all individuals who will it to be so.

I thank you as well for this opportunity. I will be with you again soon. Good night.

Group: Good night.

In our later discussions we compared notes on how we each felt the three personality signatures. These were relayed above. We noted gross similarities, but also some differences on how we perceived with our intuition or interpreted each of them in our minds. We though that this was likely due to the fact that each of us has different energy signatures. Personality affects and is affected by personality. We imprint our energy on others.

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