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AND7- Words Of Encouragement

2005-08-23-Words Of Encouragement
Andover #7


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Words of Encouragement
o 1.2 Group: Andover TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Tomas, Nebadonia
o 2.2 TR: Leoma
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Words of Encouragement
Group: Andover TeaM
Teacher: Tomas, Nebadonia
TR: Leoma


We began with stillness, and then linked to the light anchor. Together we created the group Merkaba.
We then did an exercise to raise our vibrations for clearer teacher contact. First, we took three deep cleansing breaths (breathe deeply in through the nose… hold… then exhale slowly through the mouth). After a slight pause, we envisioned our teachers and celestial friends high above the earth waiting and reaching down for us.

Together, we took a large cleansing breath and upon exhaling sent our consciousness up the light anchor, towards our teachers. We could feel the power of our ascent coming from the light and began to vibrate more. As our ascent slowed down (gravity doesn’t really affect mind/spirit in this way…) we kept reaching for our teachers, not yet joining up with them. They tried mightily to reach down to grab us, but we were too far away.

We came back down gently to the room and paused for the next ascent. We went again in unison up the light anchor, this time getting much closer to them… but not quite enough. The third attempt found us striving, reaching… then clasping their out-stretched hands. We “pulled up a cloud” and sat next to them as they congratulated us with cheers! For those who are more “visually guided’, we have found this exercise very effective in raising your frequency for celestial contact.

Prayer: Father in heaven, Father with us always, we breathe you in and we exhale truth and beauty and goodness to those around us. We do this to reflect You. We are Your emissaries. We are here today to hear our brother and sisters, our teachers, speak Your truths to us. It is our intent that we will take these teachings into our heart to personally grow, and that we will use this for the benefit of others to help Michael in the correcting time. Father we thank you so much for this opportunity. We await Your teachers.

NEBADONIA: : My dear children it is I your mother Nebadonia who wishes to address you to begin tonight. Can you feel the great love in this room that is for you?

Group: yes we could!

NEBADONIA:  Can you feel the rejoicing and how happy we are with the progress that you are making? We are so pleased to see the way in which you are learning to use the Fathers’ love and light and to direct energies with your intent to do good in the world.


NEBADONIA:  Feel my love enfold you now. Be in my love as Michael and I add something into you [pause].
It is our greatest pleasure to be given the opportunity, for the openness and willingness of your hearts to receive the love that we have to give to you… to receive the lessons that the teachers have for you. There is no substitute for this occurrence, my friends.

When you enter the stillness you step into another world where spirit dwells… where spirit energies can enter you and softly change what is happening in your mind and in your soul. We encourage you that in your daily walk you continue to enter into the stillness. Once or twice daily is most beneficial… more often if you feel the calling. The goal being to be in such a state continuously as you grow in this understanding and practice.

It is also our great pleasure, Michaels and mine, to see your love and devotion to the Teaching Mission and to Michael’s plan. This kind of dedication and devotion leads into yet greater rewards. To you more will be given. We do not wish to entice you or motivate you with the promise of rewards… but it is, my dear friends, the way it will be. Now we give you over to your teacher, Tomas.

TOMAS: Good evening dear friends. It is my pleasure to be among you once again.
This TR is wondering what the subject will be tonight… what can it be?? She knows that I hear your conversations and topics of interest. So she is trying to put her mind aside and try not to guess

[for clarity in TRing].

I wish to speak with you tonight further about light energy. I remind you that the light of which I speak is not as you imagine in conjunction with your ideas of electricity and the light produced by electricity. This is a light far beyond that vibration. This is a light originating from the First Source and Center. The way that it comes to you, as we have spoken, is through the coordinations through Divinington. A portion of this light process is circular since it returns back to its Source. The portion of which we wish to speak tonight are your bodies as receptors of this light.

It is true that your bodies can receive more of this light as your vibration frequencies rise. Another important aspect to receive the light within your cellular being is to be cleansed and cleared of the effects of the Lucifer rebellion and the other occurrences that have added to the “sludge” of which we have spoken before. The darkness that weighs upon your soul, none of this belongs to you my friends. Yet, the effort must be made for each individual to be cleansed of these effects in order to be able to receive the light of which we speak.

Closer to your world as a conductor of this light, is Christ Michael. You have often spoken of putting people in the “light of Christ”. You have practiced this in your prayers. This is a very real and effective activity. You may think that it is only your imagination when you envision someone in the light of Christ… someone who is far from you. Yet if you could see light as we do you could see that the effect is real. Whether the receiver of the light is aware of it or not, that person will receive the light sent to the degree to which their body can receive it.

The very being of Christ Michael is as a conduit of this light. Christ Michael is such a clear conduit that he is not aware of what is happening. It is a constant for him. It is a fact for his existence that this light passes through him to others. It is available for anyone to use with their intent to send to another or to allow themselves to be surrounded and be filled with this light.

There are many between Divinington and Michael who coordinate this energy. That will not be the subject for our lesson tonight… perhaps for the future. For now we wish for you to focus on Christ Michael as the conduit for this light for he is close to you. You have a clear concept for who Christ Michael is, as one who walked among you and yet is the son of God.

In your desire to serve the world, to help heal mother earth, and to uplift others around you, all of this can be served by using the light which Michael conducts to you. There is no effort that needs to be made other than on your individual receptivity. It is our desire for you to learn ways to use and direct his energy. It is not difficult, my friends. It does not take much time. It only takes remembering and the effort of focusing your intent to use this light.

There are many ways this light can be shared… in your circle passing it around from person to person until it flows and then can be focused for a certain purpose

[ed. using our light anchor and the Merkaba group energy structure to amplify the energy; we send light in prayer to others].

Be assured that distance is not a factor in effectiveness in the use of sending light. This light with your focused intent can be sent anywhere without losing any of its effectiveness. Remember that when you have this intent and are working in the name of Christ Michael, you have so much unseen help sending this light. They are just waiting for the opportunity. There are energy controllers and boosters who will help carry this light so your thought of it being deleted or diminished as it travels long distances need not be a reality. You need not be aware or knowledgeable of this assistance. It simply is there. This is part of what is meant by the saying that where two or more are gathered in the name of Christ, he is there also. There are many more to assist along with Michael’s presence.

As you sit in your quietude, we wish to infuse more of this light of which we speak into your bodies. Allow this light to penetrate deeply. Visualize it entering every organ in your bodies, every energy system, every cell… enlivening every molecule of your physical body.

This is the life force with which you were created. It is this life force that sustains you. It is the same life force that is in your food. The food that you eat, to the degree that it still contains the original life force, can harmonize with your body. It is beneficial to eat food that has, as much as possible, been grown near to where you live… without chemicals… without artificial light… as much as possible with nourishing rain and healthy soil, with the microorganisms and the crawling things that were intended to be there. This kind of food harmonizes with the frequencies of your bodies. Feel the truth of this within you. Some of the foods you eat are not called junk food for nothing.

It is not our desire to make you feel guilty for some pf the things you enjoy. Pleasure is part of the enjoyment of life as well. We would simply remind you to nourish your bodies with wholesome foods as the greater portion of what you ingest. Tonight the Most Highs would like to address you as well.

MOST HIGHS: Good evening dear friends. We have been standing by to greet you once again and to remind you of our presence. We remind other groups as well of our presence with them, though we may not speak.
There are many groups receiving messages and being faithful with sending those messages out for many to read and learn. So it is not necessary to speak with each of these groups. They cross communicate and receive this message and understand that it is true. There are those within some of these groups that perceive our presence.

That is enough. Perhaps as you rose in your consciousness in your exercise tonight before the lessons began, you met us. Perhaps you felt / perceived in some small way our presence with you. We actually were ready to speak first and then Mother wanted to step in with her gift of love to infuse within you. It would be a great joy to us if you could see and perceive as we do the enormous expanding love that is given to all of you on this planet. It would change your life forever. So we give you these experiences on evenings such as this so that you feel some measure of this reality in your bodies.

In this way you know it is true and you know it is personally for you. These energies are given constantly for your use and benefit to sustain you daily, even as you sleep. You may feel these energies increasing… rising. You may notice that your ability to feel these changes increases as well. It isn’t just you. It’s happening everywhere on this planet for those who desire it and are ready to receive it. That is the key; to be ready and willing to receive it.

Nothing is forced upon you without your consent. Yet even the smallest indication on your part that you are willing and open to receive is taken as permission. The Father in His infinite mercy is so ready to take those openings and give you of His bounty… of His great abundance. That can never be depleted or diminished. The Father could pour a universe of energy into your bodies and still have enough for everyone else. It is infinite, unfathomable… and yet personal. In His great love He has created this just for you and all of the other “you’s” in his creation. We will give you back to Tomas now to answer your questions.

TOMAS: This is Tomas. I am ready.


Keith: Tomas, this is Keith (Hello, Keith). There was some confusion as I was reading through a book on somebody that had traversed in spirit. She came across an area where people were in a quagmire or a sleep state. She referred to them as those who have committed suicide. I am not sure if her interpretation is correct. What may she have perceived? What happens when people commit suicide?

TOMAS: First you must remember that many of the natural order of things are different for this planet. There are a number of things that we are not yet allowed to reveal. However what I can tell you is that perhaps what this woman saw or perceived were people waiting for the next dispensation.

It is true however, that when a soul has taken its own physical life they are transferred in a different manner than those who have died of a “natural” death. The difference that I can speak of is they are given great mercy and understanding for the events that led up to their decision. They are not damned to hell. There is no such thing. However they may, depending on their mindal situation, sleep for a while. That is their choice according to what they believe about death and according to what they are ready to accept.

Many such people have thought to escape their circumstances and emotions. They can not handle thinking that it would not all end along with their physical life. When they arrive on the other side they find very little has changed except for their physicality. This is so distressing to some that they choose not to be conscious. This is about all that I can tell you.

Randy: Tomas, I have a follow-up question about your energy lesson. You spoke of Christ Michael being “in the loop”, so to speak, being a conduit for this love energy. It does make sense that statement which you mentioned, “where two or more of you are gathered in my name, there am I also”. Isn’t it true that when we are in the presence of other people or when we are focusing our thoughts on them, connections are made between people? Are these connections we make with others an extension of this loving energy from Divinington coming through Christ Michael, through us, then to other people we have good feelings for, and back again? This is the web that we create here.

TOMAS: Yes, it is a good observation. It is all certainly connected. You can learn to be a more conscious conduit of this light yourself to pass on to others, to light up the room, you might say.

Randy: You have given us lessons on intuition. Is this that same thing?

TOMAS: In the larger picture it is all connected. Intuition flows along the same connection or similar connections.

Randy: Thank you. I’m sure that you’re aware that in our family we have talked a lot about the ch’i… the life force energy of the food that we eat. We try to pay attention to it. You mentioned that one thing to strive for is to choose to eat foods that were grown close to where we reside [ed. macrobiotics]. Why is that?

TOMAS: Such foods have shared the same air, the soil that you have walked upon, some of the same molecules of your area. Their vibrations will be more similar than foods brought from a long distance. Another factor is that foods that have traveled a long way have not only lost some of their freshness and nutrition, they have been subjected to vibrations that reduce their frequency… so that the life force within them is dulled. In a lesson some time ago you were taught by another teacher to ask for the life force within your food to be activated before you eat.

This will help to compensate for some of this diminishment of vibration in food that has had to travel or had other effects that have diminished its usefulness for your energy body. I believe that this is enough for this evening. All of us here, many of us gathered… some have spoken some have not… wish to encourage you once again in your efforts toward growth and learning and your devotion to Michael’s plan for redemption for everyone on this planet. Minerva wished to close this evening with prayer.


MINERVA: Most wonderful Father, we are amazed at the love and the energy of Your creation and how it rains down upon us without ceasing. You are an awesome God! We cannot keep from singing Your praises. Thank you wonderful Creator for all that You have made for the people here, for the celestials here, and for Michael and Mother here. We thank You for their presence and for all that they do for us as we all strive to love more, to learn more, to give more and to be of service to You. We love You so much and know that You love us even more. Until we meet together again.

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