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AND8- Monjoronson’s Arrival; The 100

2005-09-06-Monjoronson’s Arrival; The 100
Andover #8


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: I Have Arrived
o 1.2 Group: Andover TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Monjoronson, Serena, Unknown
o 2.2 TR: Leoma
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing
• 4 Note

Topic: I Have Arrived
Group: Andover TeaM
Teacher: Monjoronson, Serena,  Most Highs
TR: Leoma


We began with stillness, and then linked to the light anchor. Together we created the group merkaba. We then invited our celestial guests to participate with our group to send healing energy to the hurricane Katrina survivors. We sent the light of Michael to those in positions of power in our government and military (to make wise, ethical decisions).

Prayer: God Almighty, most perfect Father, loving Provider, Upholder of all. We thank You for Your love. We thank You that You allow us to be part of this process, helping Your creation. We appreciate the ability to use our free choice to do good for others in support of Your creation. As always, we thank You so much for the ability to contact and have communications with our friends, our teachers. We will listen to them so that we can learn from them, so that we can grow, so that we can help You more so to bring goodness to this world, helping Michael in this correcting time.

MONJORONSON: Good evening. It is I, your Magisterial son, Monjoronson. I wish to greet this group and all of the others who will connect with this communication. Feel the advent of the arrival of my energy among you and on this entire planet.


MONJORONSON:  My arrival has already been announced in other places around the planet, as you are beginning to receive communication of this. The announcements are being made that you may anticipate in the near future that persons who are ready for this arrival will be allowed to see my personage in the flesh. As yet, this has not occurred. The announcements are being made of my arrival before anything else will occur.
I have arrived by the usual methods for materialization of the physical body from higher dimensions.

The transition has been smooth, and now I begin my orientation upon this world. As you might imagine, it does take some adjustment. As familiar as I have been from the other side with your world, there is still adjustment to be made. And so this time period, this interval before you see me among you in the flesh, before I begin direct ministry among you… there is this time period.

I have come among many of you previously to show my energy signature so that you will recognize my arrival. It will not be announced as to where I will be seen.

The anticipation of even my pre-physical arrival caused stirrings among you that distracted you for a time from your spiritual pathways of growth and service. This undertaking will remain a bit cautious so that the disruption is minimal to your daily lives and your current involvement in the correcting time. We do not wish for there to be a mob rushing to the site anticipated where I will appear among you. Be assured, many of you will see me. You will not need to physically travel to a certain location for that to occur. Remain where you are. Remain in your position of service. I will come to you.

Remain patient and wait. While waiting, however, continue in your service and in your reading, your listening, and your discussing. The Teaching Mission continues. There is much to be done, much to be communicated, much to learn, and much to do.

This is just the beginning, the mere advent of a new age, of a new dispensation as the old one passes slowly away. There is much turmoil, tragedy, and strife on your world. Many specific things are on your minds at this time… disasters, failures of your government and your leaders to be truthful and honest with you. There are many things that will be changed almost overnight… things that will be revealed that will turn things, as you might say, upside-down. You will need to hang on to your celestial help, to your faith, to the knowledge that you are not alone and that you are not left to your own devices.

Those of you that understand the energies that are entering and changing this planet during the correcting time will be called upon. You will be needed increasingly now to calm the fears… to minister to those around you. You have been taught and strengthened. You have the resources within you. You have the close association of the indwelling Father Fragment. You can call upon all of these resources and those of us who have been over-lighting your world for a very long time and are here to assist. We are ready to do all that we can do. Yet you are the hands and feet. You are the mouths and the listening ears. You are the eyes that see where help is needed.

You are the ones that carry out Michael’s ministries among your peers. We call upon you to fulfill this plan of correction which now is coming into your neighborhoods, into your very homes… where ministry will need to take place, person to person, group to group. The out cry is growing in intensity, as is the spiritual growth expanding to be able to meet these growing needs. You CAN carry out this mission. You CAN handle these problems. They are opportunities for you to reach out and to be the light of Christ to others. You are the ones who will reach out and allow the Christ light to flow through you to others so that they may see the truth… so that they may receive the love of the Father which comes continuously, unceasingly, without limit, without end.

It is good, my friends. It is good that you are here to listen and that you have asked how you may serve. Having asked and received direction, you have taken the bold steps forward to do that which you believe is necessary. Each individual has their own mission to carry out. It is for that individual to discern, using their own particular gifts and interests. Yet individuals need not work alone. They may join hands with others in other groups of like-minded service to work together, remembering to call upon their unseen friends for help in their endeavors.

With this kind of union of effort and focusing of intent, there can be no failure. The plans for healing and for changing this world for the better are progressing and will continue to progress at a rate greater than we had anticipated. As we step forward to bring in this new dispensation, the upward movement, the expansion of the light of the knowledge of truth, of the love from the Mother Spirit is growing ever-more powerful each day, each hour.

I wish for you to know, my friends, the most powerful tool you can use right now in this world is effective prayer… prayer such as you have used to send light to the troubled regions. Time and distance are of no matter when it comes to prayer. Prayer enters the realm beyond the space – time continuum and is not limited by those. Your prayers… heartfelt, sincere, focused with your intent, particularly in a group… are boosted and helped along with many of your unseen friends. Invite them to join you in this effort; the effectiveness grows even more.

You will learn in the coming days that such prayer, such union with all those unseen around you, working together, can truly move mountains, can truly heal the environment, and can truly do what you think of as the impossible. Use these tools we have given you and you will begin to see miracles… the greatest miracle being that you have learned to communicate and to be in union with us.

Now my friends, allow me to infuse you once more with more of my energy. We are going to send light once again, and you will feel the strength of it. There is a large sphere of light filling this room, filling this house. It is rotating in a clockwise fashion. It is a large globe of light, rotating slowly.  Now, my friends we are with our collective intent sending it out from here to where it is most needed. It goes NOW. [ed. we all FELT it!]

Did you perceive, my friends, that this light did not go to just one place? It did not go in only one direction. It went in all directions to many places. If you could see this light as I do, as your unseen friends do, you would know how effective it is. We encourage you and all groups receiving this communication to intensify your work in this area. If you have not tried it before, now is a good time. There is much work to be done. This is a very effective way. You can do it from your chair, and in a few minutes’ time.

I love you all, my dear friends, my brothers and sisters. In time, I will meet many of you face-to-face. In the meantime, continue the good work you have been doing. Try not to anticipate the hour or the place of my coming. Send me instead your love and light, which will be used for implementing Michael’s plan for redemption in the correcting time as we move toward light and life on this sphere. With great love and devotion, I bid you good night… until we meet again.

[pause; TR ed. this was a powerful, expansive presence; very strong!]

SERENA:  I am Serena. I am pleased to address you this evening on this auspicious occasion. The Magisterial Son has announced himself, has announced his arrival around the globe. I am here to reinforce the idea that you not try to anticipate where he will be seen, by whom, or when.

I know that you have wondered about my role, and those of my order. We have been heretofore unrevealed to your world. It may be obvious to you by now that all beings coming to you from higher places are in coordination with Michael’s plan for the correcting time. Everything is coordinated in a great web of organized effort and over lighting to weave many strands together to make this picture come alive.

My role in this plan and those of my order will remain as of yet unrevealed, though your knowing about our presence is a step forward. We are pleased to be among you, and very honored to be working with Michael’s plan… though we are not directly under his supervision. We are here from a higher perspective which serves your local universe and its immediate needs. More than this you need not understand at this time.

It is our desire instead to encourage you on your forward march toward light and life. It appears to be such a monumental task. Indeed there is much to be overcome. Yet we have the greatest confidence; indeed, we know for certain that you have the equipment you need. You have the resources within you to carry this through, to see it through to fulfillment. Just think how much you have gained in a few short years of your time… how much you have learned and grown. Things that seemed so far out to you now have become common place. This will continue throughout your lives, this kind of growth that seems so incredible and so fast. You can do it. You have the resources.

You have tremendous help, more than you could imagine, that one day you will see. You will know for certain who has been helping you. One day you will meet them all. You will know them all by name. You will know their personalities. You will recognize many of them. Others will be brand new to you, though they have been with you a long time. You are so blessed to have all of this help from the other side. Do you know that each individual on this planet has multiple, multiple unseen friends, as you like to put it, of many orders.

We all rejoice in this moment of your time. It is a turning point. We wish to bring you our love and encouragement, along with joining hands in rejoicing with you. Until we speak again, goodnight.

MOST HIGHS: Yes, we do wish to speak. This is the Most Highs. We greet you this evening. Well, now you have heard it for yourselves… the great announcement you have been anticipating for some time, wondering where and how this might take place. You have done well to remain focused on your personal journeys of faith and growth, growing into greater service. This we admonish you to continue.

We rejoice with you. There is much rejoicing form this side. It’s very noisy! It’s very joyful! Hallelujahs are going up all around. Amid all of this joy and thanksgiving, let us be reminded to be tempered in our reactions… to remain grounded. The spiritual temperature of Urantia is rising along with the rest of you. We can feel the rising of energy frequency. The simple knowledge spreading now around the world that your magisterial son has arrived indeed can be felt among us. The energy is increasing.

Monjoronson has arrived not only in the flesh on the planet, but in your hearts and your minds and your souls. We feel the expansion of this within you and around the planet. Things will be happening quickly now, changing quickly. Sometimes overnight, things will be turned upside down for various reasons. Yet we desire to calm any fears this thought may stir up. Again we remind you: you have the resources, you have the faith, you have the spiritual backing, you have the love needed to carry this mission through, and to help others through it… whatever may come.

You may not be the authors, but you are the ones telling the story. You are the ones causing the story to unfold as it is. I can assure you, we can assure you, it will come out happily. Healing and the goal of truth, goodness, and beauty expressed for all individuals are on the horizon. It is coming. You are helping to bring it into fruition, into reality.


So stay tuned, dear friends, there is plenty more to come. Remember to keep your lives balanced. Remember to allow periods of rest, periods of play along with your work. Allow yourselves to be refreshed, to give thanks. It is good, my friends. Give thanks and remain balanced in your love and faith through Christ Michael. Goodnight.

[PS. The following was received by the sleeping Leoma at 3:45 a.m. CST on Sept. 8, 2005. A “spider” (?) crawling across her hand brought her to the immediate awareness of distinct presences. She arose, as has been happening more lately, to write down the message as it is received. It is left up to you to discern the accuracy or usefulness of the message. Assuming there will be other such messages communicated through other TR’s, it can be checked against those. (Note: Leoma had the feeling “The 100” was used more for identification than as an exact number of teachers arriving.)

They are here. The entourage has arrived. They have arrived at scattered points around the globe and have begun the materialization process.

 UNKNOWN: The entourage has arrived. The 100. Their arrival marks the beginning of a new dispensation. Thus begins an era of accelerated teaching for the masses, not just the few. Many will be brought into the fold. Those who can not or will not make the transition may choose to leave the planet by various means. The time of remaining neutral or ignorant of our existence is drawing to a close. Individuals will now be forced to choose: awareness (awakening) and Life, or the alternative, which leads to death of the body.

The miracle of visible teachers among you marks the dawn of a new age of maturation. A higher level of knowledge (mota) will usher in an era of true brotherhood and peace, but not without a price. For a period there will be seeming chaos and increased resistance flaring in areas around the world. Some will be surprises to you, others are foreseeable.

We are the “entourage”. We begin our descent into Urantia materialization frequencies. Reports of our appearance will be forthcoming from your population in the weeks ahead. Rest assured, all is unfolding as it should… progressing well. Remain steadfast in your endeavors. Remain secure in your faith. Remain in the love of your Mother, in the light of truth of Michael of Nebadon.

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