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AND54- Sending Light

2007-06-20-Sending Light
Andover #54


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Sending Light
o 1.2 Group: Andover TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Nathaniel, Michael, Machiventa
o 2.2 TR: Leoma
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Sending Light
Group: Andover TeaM
Teacher: Nathaniel, Michael, Machiventa
TR: Leoma


MACHIVENTA:  My dear friends, this is Machiventa. I speak in observation of your endeavors to contribute what you can to the light anchors around the world.


MACHIVENTA:  As you continue to feel this outpouring of energy and light, it is our desire that you have some perception, some comprehension of what this is accomplishing. This is generating so much vibration, this light frequency around the world, adding to the light anchors that other light workers have already established, breaking through. Oh, my children if you could only perceive this, the webbing and networking that is taking place. It continues on its way. Your connection remains and continues to add exponentially to the light grid circuitry being established around this sphere.

Feel the gentle warmth in your body as this energy expands. Light is penetrating yet where it has not gone before, dissipating further pockets of darkness, of uncertainty and doubt, being eliminated with the truth that the light brings.

NATHANIEL: This dear friends is Nathaniel speaking for the Most Highs. (Good evening.) We must congratulate you for this work you are partaking. There is no more important work than this in this world at this time. It is efforts such as this which will eventually tip the scales.
I would bring your attention to the world wide effort being intentionally congregated and called “Fire the Grid” coming on your July 17th (

The more souls and minds and hearts that can be united in the effort of, not only truth, beauty and goodness, but those of you who have the higher awareness of sending light, of being light workers in the world — this is your work. There is no higher calling than this in the world at this time. You can add to this at any time you turn your thoughts toward adding to the light already existent, but collecting and focusing your group energy in this way are of utmost importance and paramount in their effect and contribution. May you continue to feel these energies and your connection to them and your contribution.

It is said that the light vibrations of Christ Michael when He walked the earth could be felt for 200 miles. You, my friends, are encompassing the entire globe. You and others like you are doing far greater than He in the flesh was able to accomplish. Believe this is true. The Spirit of Truth enters in to dispel the doubt. You and others like you are capable of doing so much more, if you would but concentrate your efforts, collect your intentions and focus them to increase the light such as you are doing now.

The Most Highs themselves are contributing to this work as we speak. It is true with your higher intentions and invitation for celestial help that this can be accomplished at such high potential measures that humans have not the capacity to measure. But know; be assured that this is so.

[The TR was taking deep breaths between each of these sentences, perhaps to increase the energy to reach a higher level of vibration.]

Now receive a Uversa broadcast. (Approximately 1 ½ minutes of singing, using only the syllable “ah”.) Unidentified, spoken in a whisper: And now enter a level of silence not before experienced in your lives.


MICHAEL: This is Michael. Come, my children. Gather around, sit at my feet and hear the stories you have never been told in words before. Feel them in your souls. They are your stories. They are the stories of who you are and who you have been created to be and are now becoming through the force of your own will, your own God-given desire to fulfill God’s will as your own. This has brought you to this moment.

Mother Spirit is right beside me, encompassing all. Feel her embrace, absorb her love and grace.  Allow her the soft touch in your mind. [Pause] Come away with the two of us. Come away from your worldly concerns, your material thoughts, and reside in us, dwell in us with the Father.

You would do well to come into this presence with us daily, or as often as you desire in your thoughts, throughout the day. We are always available, always desirous of your presence with us, of your awareness, your company, and your friendship. Together we join our devotion and worship to the Father in heaven, Creator of us all.

It is well, my children. All is well. Go now, back into your world, to your material lives, carrying with you this feeling, this knowing, and this assurance of holy presence in your life. Your bodies’ cells carry the memory of the feeling. Turn your thoughts to that memory and the feeling will rise up again. This is your way back home. Be in my peace. Good night.

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