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AND55- Constructing the Merkaba & Toning

2007-06-29-Constructing the Merkaba & Toning
Andover #55


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Constructing the Merkaba & Toning
o 1.2 Group: Andover TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Michael, Nathaniel, Tomas, Monjoronson
o 2.2 TR: Leoma
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Dialogue
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Constructing the Merkaba & Toning
Group: Andover TeaM
Teacher: Michael, Nathaniel, Tomas, Monjoronson
TR: Leoma


We have been reading in the UB about the Thought Adjuster [UB 110:6.7]. We then continued with stillness and recorded our energy-light session for the reader’s understanding of how we construct our Merkaba. Although we occasionally experiment with the process, tonight’s session was standard with the exception of “seasoning” the light energy.

Randy: Let us connect our energies and form the Merkaba. Take the cord of energy that is coming from the Father to your crown chakra. Let us join them together at a point above our circle to the light anchor centered in front of each of us. Likewise join the energy cord that connects the center of the earth to the base of your spine together at a point on the light anchor underneath the circle.

This creates lines of longitude in the spherical Merkaba, connecting the “north” and “south” poles, joining at the light anchor “axis” which goes down the center of this construct. Now visualize the energies coming up from the earth are coming into your right leg, through your heart center and down your left leg to the point where our energy cords connect at the “south” pole of this Merkaba construct. Then they travel up through the right leg of the person to your left.

Thus the heart lines are shared in a clockwise direction around the circle. Our minds are connected in a reverse fashion, in a counter clockwise direction. These lines of energy go from your right temple to the person on your right’s left temple, through their head and out the other side to share the mind connections amongst us.

When a group comes together and is on the same page (like minds) and enjoys being together (like hearts), energetic constructs such as this are naturally formed. Optimally, the energy of each group member can then be shared equally with the others. This results in a group energy being not equal to the simple sum of the individual energies, but rather it is equal to the square of the number of individuals. It is exponential. Our group of five would have 25-fold the energy, not 5-fold.

Let us now harmonize our energies by singing to this tone, please. Toning aligns and tunes our frequency and aids in the effective construction of the Merkaba.

[Ed note: We sing an “ah” on F#, which resonates with our heart chakra / expressive function.]

With your intention let us make this energy construct more energetically solid. Let us imagine it being vibrant with the energies that you’re sharing and that you are perceiving from each other. The energies that are going counter clockwise, the mind energies, and the energies that are going clockwise, the heart energies, are racing around the sphere in such a way that makes it palpable and more solid.

Now let us breathe our energy into the circle, and as you do, feel the bounds of this sphere of energy expand beyond the bounds of our bodies and the bounds of this room so that the sphere is as large as this house. We invite our angels and all the other celestials that are here to participate with us as they add energies into this construct that we have created together. The energy comes from the Father above which goes through Michael and centers in your heart. The energy from Mother Nebadonia comes from below and meets the energy from the Father at your heart center. Then you allow it to pass from your heart into the Merkaba sphere.

Season this energy in your heart with the fruits of the spirit, love and peace, compassion, kindness for your fellow man, the sincere desire that everyone on this earth experiences the grace and love, compassion of the Father. Just remain in this state, letting these sincere desires flow through you into the sphere from your heart. Whatever gifts you wish to pour in come from deity but are seasoned by you.

You may feel or perceive this sphere in many different ways. It may be pulsating, it may appear with colors, it may make sound, it may feel electric or vibrating. It may bring memories of touching, tender moments when you have experienced the grace of God.

When the command, “Let it be so,” is said (this is the invocation), it is our intention that this sphere act to release its energies to places on this earth for the highest good of all. This large, pulsating sphere will then collapse instantly to a more normally sized Merkaba encompassing just us. But the contents, the love, will spread in all directions to where it’s needed most.

We send this love, these gifts. Let it be so.

Prayer: Thank you Father for bringing us together again in your love. Thank you for the encouragement we receive by constantly hearing from other groups that are also linking to the fact that there is only one love, there is only one First Cause, and that separation is hopeless. We thank you for that. Amen.


MICHAEL: Ah, my children, this is Michael. (Good evening, Michael.) Bathe yourselves in the glow of this beautiful light you have constructed, you have created through the act of your own collective intention. You have created something so beautiful and powerful beyond your present capacity to believe in it. Yet it is so.

As you feel that your Merkaba construction has now come back to encompass this space wherein your physical bodies are seated, feel also that beyond the border of that construction, the light and all of the fruits of the spirit you intended flow outward to points needed in the world. It is work such as this that is literally changing the history that will be written about these present times. For now you must have trust and faith in our encouraging words that this is true. What you can feel at this moment in your bodies and imagine in your mind is only a small fraction of the truth of what you have accomplished.

We, your unseen friends from the other side of the veil, thank you and we rejoice in the gift you have given the world. All we would ask of you is to continue in this work, not only when you are gathered physically in one space, but at any time, at any place wherever you are, whenever you think of it, send out your intentions for goodness and light. It adds to the whole, to the All That Is.
Be assured, my friends, the Correcting Time is progressing quite nicely, beyond our previous expectations. Things seem to be catching on like wildfire,

I am happy to report. There is much yet to be done; there is no room for complacency, for sitting back on the laurels just yet. We have a long way to go. Be pleased with what you have learned and accomplished thus far, knowing it is but a beginning and there is much more beyond it, if you so choose to pursue it, to embrace it, to call it into your being as reality.

You have touched upon that subject of being real. This, though it may be questioned by many who do not understand what you are doing in this living room this evening, this is real. This is as real as it gets, for mortals in this state of physical being.

NATHANIEL: This is Nathaniel once again, speaking for the Most Highs. Can you perceive their presence with you? They are speaking through me as a collaboration of energy and wish to convey this as directly to you as possible. Sincere congratulations and appreciation for your intentions and the work you are doing with these focused intentions. It is very pleasing to them that you have the desire to serve in this way, and are willing to step forward into unknown territory, as it were, that is unknown previously to you mortals. You are willing to experiment, to go where no mortal has led you, but where you have been guided by spirit, by higher intelligence.

Leoma: This is Leoma. I can’t describe what the Most Highs are doing right now. It’s some kind of energy construct in addition to the Merkaba that we created.

Randy: I feel warmer.

Leoma: It’s like they’re constructing a geodesic dome of light surrounding this property, this area where we are, bigger than and over the Merkaba we constructed earlier. This is a more permanent fixture, I feel.

[Discussion of feeling very warm, and feeling drawn upward very “high”. Randy reminds us all to remain grounded and balanced, to remain connected in the heart center.]

Randy: I’m feeling cooler now.

Leoma: I believe what they are doing has been established.

TOMAS:  This is your friend, Tomas.

Group:  Good evening, Tomas.

TOMAS:: Good evening. We will bring things back down to earth, so to speak. You have indeed experienced some very high vibrations of energy this evening. Actually you’re still there, but you have attuned your bodies to a higher level of being so that it doesn’t feel quite so foreign to the body. This construct that you perceive covering this immediate area is but a beginning. Each of you individually when you leave this physical space can, by your intention, take this construct with you. Not to remove it from where it has been established, but to extend it to carry a portion of it around your own physical being.

You will find subsequently when you re-gather in this physical space you will feel as though you are “locking in” to a permanent energy construct that draws you like a magnet, like a drawer that has been pushed closed just enough for the mechanism to grab it and close it all the way with a soft bump.

Randy: When we leave, must we with our intention take this with us, or will it come with us?

TOMAS:: It will automatically go with you, although with your intention you can intensify the feeling of taking it with you. At any moment turning the focus of your attention to it will intensify the feeling of this energy construct.

Randy: Will others perceive this around us?

TOMAS:: That is a consequence of carrying, embodying, and radiating such energy. You may find people reacting by noticing the light and some may be somewhat repelled by it, depending on their spiritual status. So allow people their reactions without judgment. It will be what it will be.

Perhaps you will find this creating a space around you, enabling a greater harmony with those who are at a level they can accept this energy while clearing out those who cannot. You may find people passing from your proximity as co-workers or friends no longer being in relationship with you for some reason. Yet there will be the other side, perhaps people being drawn into relationship with you, attracted to the light that you now exude.

This is in part a result of your group effort, a cooperative joining of your energies and intentions. It does not denote any particular intelligence or higher attainment as compared to another mortal. It is the result of your collective intentions as well as your spiritual understanding to some degree. The levels of – I hesitate to use the word – attainment from your earlier reading of the psychic circles, this is not what we’re referring to. But the levels within your psychic circle of achieving the higher vibrations – let’s put it that way – does not necessarily denote higher achievement of status.

Leoma: This is Leoma. I’ve been put on “pause”, I don’t know why.

MONJORONSON:  This is Monjoronson. The energies indeed are very high here tonight. We apologize for the interruption. We desire that you remain in stillness a few moments with no intention other than to perceive the personalities present. Then we will break the silence and you may discuss what you perceive. This isn’t a guessing game, but it is an exercise.

[Long pause. A bird with a distinctive song is heard just outside the window, only during this time of stillness.]

MONJORONSON: : We understand that you are enjoying this state of perception, but we break the silence now for the discussion of your perception of the presences with you.

Randy: Immediately after you instructed us there was a brief period of silence. Then I heard a bird for the first time in an hour or so, and I felt Mother Nebadonia.

MONJORONSON: : Anyone else?

Richard: I felt changes, but I don’t know which was what.

MONJORONSON: : What were the changes you felt?

Richard: First it was the reoccurrence of the very warm energy, but almost like a light breeziness that floated over me occasionally, cooling though not cold; just brushing cool.

MONJORONSON: : That would be your teacher.

JoAnn: I couldn’t perceive who it would be, but I did have a shadowy form in front of me, very peaceful. Then after that it was kind of a color swirling – touch of blue or purple – swirling around me. I suspect that’s happened before. I’m thinking that it might be Solana. [Ed. note: her teacher.]

Jane: Somebody spoke to me in a dream this morning and he came back, and was encouraging us.

MONJORONSON: : So you see the individuality of the perceptions. Each one of you, though you are in the same room with the same energies, has perceived completely different aspects of the spirit’s presence. You are all correct. You have demonstrated your propensities for perceiving these energies and what you are attuned to.

Now recall a few short months ago when you would have attempted this same exercise, just recall in your own mind what you might have felt then, or what you might have thought about that perception. The point is, you have made progress, whether or not you feel or realize that you have. The fact that you carried out these higher energies as a construct to be used for goodness in the world is a testament to the fact that you have made great progress.

It is not dependent on perceptions of your mind of the interpretations of knowledge that have been imparted to you. It is your love and sincere intentions and your collective desire that helped you to achieve this. Do you grasp this? (Yes.) It is not the higher activities of the intelligence of your mind; it is the higher activity of your spiritized nature that accomplishes this type of goodness, truth and beauty to be shared. Now let us turn this back to Tomas.

TOMAS: : Yes, now they’ll leave it up to me to bring you back to earth. (Laughter) Get you grounded again. You’ve been mighty high tonight, so come on down, friends. The person that you perceived in front of you, JoAnn, was a midwayer. A midwayer is the closest unseen friend that you have, vibrationally speaking, closer than the angels. They are the ones that can actually move physical objects and create a little mischief if they so desire, or send you messages in that way.

JoAnn: Is this somebody that works overtime? (Chuckles)

TOMAS: : No, but the message of this being as a shadowy figure in front of you is in preparation of – you aren’t going to want to hear this – but it’s in preparation of being a transmitter / receiver yourself. This process can begin one-on-one between you, the spirit you would channel a message for, and the Midwayer. You can do this in the privacy of your home. Begin in whatever way you wish such as writing, or speaking out loud, or hearing it in your mind.

It is of utmost importance that you allow yourself a certain amount of latitude in relaxation with this technique, to take it at your own pace and comfort level. Do not push or feel guilty if you have not been, in your mind, successful, for that will stop the process. It is relaxation and trust that aid the process. Trust in yourself as well as in your unseen friends working with you. Do you have further questions?

JoAnn: Not now. It didn’t hurt to hear [this]. Thank you.

TOMAS: : Further concentrate on bringing your energies to your heart center. Relax. Slowly bring your attention back to the room.

Randy: What is the purpose of this other energy construct the Most Highs placed around us?

TOMAS: : That I suspect is more in the realm of the Most Highs, as to their full intention and purpose for this. It seems that in some way the energy that you constructed here this evening was of a level that could be established at a higher level than the light anchor, and more permanently, and yet more flexibly, if that makes any sense. The light anchor you can connect with in your intention when you are physically apart. This other construct in what you would term a more real way, a more palpable way, can be partially taken with the individual without diminishing it, and with the individual’s intention can remain connected throughout the sojourn away physically from this place. Does this explain more?

Randy: Yes, but it brings another question.

TOMAS: : Of course.

Randy: Would this mean that we in this group might feel more connected with each other, not so much telepathically, but at least feel more connected?

TOMAS: : Yes, I suspect so. How could it be otherwise, when you share this kind of energy and now have been told that you will remain connected with it almost without effort?

JoAnn: When we take this with ourselves, is it unique to the individual?

TOMAS: : It is in addition to your own unique energy signature. It is as though the Most Highs are over-riding, over-arching beyond the usual construct of mortal energy which naturally accompanies the individual. We are not as familiar with this proceeding.

Randy: So it is experimental?

TOMAS: : I believe so. Or at least it’s not the usual. It will be interesting to see how it changes things for you. Take note from here on how things feel. I’m curious as well to see what you perceive from here on as a result of this joining.

Randy: So when Jane stubs her toe, we’ll all feel it, huh? (Giggles)

TOMAS: : Perhaps it will be as such, you have put it lightly. What one needs for themselves may be enjoined and fed or healed by this group energy. Perhaps it will mean that if one were to fall into serious trouble, some one or more than one in the group will somehow know and come to their aid, or perhaps you will be joined in thought at the same moment and not know, which happens between humans anyway. Perhaps you will find that increasing and becoming more clear.

Randy: Do you have any instructions for us for the upcoming Fire the Grid event happening July 17th?


TOMAS: : I believe the instructions have been made clear. I would simply add our encouragement to participate as you may in this effort to bring in light and to connect the dots, so to speak. Groups like yourselves have created many points of light around the globe. This will help to connect them more forcefully and effectively if there is a stronger web of light.

I hear the dogs barking so perhaps it is time to end. The birds are no longer singing. They have blessed you this evening with their song. It has been my pleasure to be with you once again and to partake in this unusual meeting. So until the next time, God speed, my friends.

Group:  Good night.

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