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AND60- Manifesting, Part 1

2011-05-16-Manifesting, Part 1
Andover #60


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Manifesting
o 1.2 Group: Andover TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Tomas
o 2.2 TR: Leoma Sparer
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Manifestation, Desire, Attunement
 3.2.2 Abundance
 3.2.3 Altruism
 3.2.4 Human Condition
 3.2.5 Attainment, Jesus
 3.2.6 Circuits
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Manifesting
Group: Andover TeaM
Teacher: Tomas
TR: Leoma Sparer


TOMAS: This is your friend and compatriot Tomas. I will answer your call to speak on manifesting.


Manifestation, Desire, Attunement

TOMAS: Manifesting your heart’s desires is simple and yet from your perspective, difficult to attain. Yet without your realizing, you manifest many things into your lives every day. Your entire life is manifesting – creating and co-creating with God and celestials. The way in which your life unfolds and what you see around you, how you react, your emotional condition, your spiritual condition all play a part in what manifests in your life physically, mentally and emotionally… the people in your lives and how they interact with you, the material goods that come to you, and all manner of what is in your purview.

So, Tomas, what does this mean for us now? It means that in this time period where you have a greater intent to manifest, you will learn and attain a new level of being able to manifest what you desire. As in all things, your desires must be in alignment with God’s will for you. I would add at this juncture it is also important that your own life plan, if you will your intended outworking of your highest potentials, will play a part in how it all unfolds for you. So to be in alignment with the Father’s will and also with the intended purpose for this lifetime expression.

To take the next step in manifesting is to reach beyond your present state of trust in the power of Spirit in your own innate power to create. It may be helpful for you to look back on your life and understand more clearly how it is you have manifested your life, how you have co-created it with Spirit thus far. It is always dangerous to compare your life to that of others, and yet in this instance, if you do so alongside of the lives of many others around you, you can see a contrast of what you have created for yourselves, what you have brought into your lives. Of course, you cannot know completely what others manifest; however, the idea is to help you to understand yourselves as manifesters in fact already.

It is analogous to your very spiritual growth which has progressed incrementally, and at times you have taken leaps in this growth. It is the same in learning a greater level in manifesting your desires. So we have alignment; we have trust. Trust in your own ability and trust in Creator Source for providing your heart’s desires within that alignment. This means complete faith-trust without doubt, with complete confidence that your desires will be met.


The next topic to address is abundance. Faith-trust in the abundance and the limitlessness of Creator Source and all of creation to provide whatever you need or want is imperative. You have in yet a somewhat limited way experienced this abundance. You experience it every day in all that you have manifested around you. I would, in fact, say all that you have ALLOWED to manifest around you. For there is much more, MUCH MORE from this abundance that you have access to. It is true with this higher level of manifesting; you will learn to access more of this abundance in bringing it into fruition.


This brings us to the next topic of manifesting, which is altruism. Your intentions and motivations for creating this abundance around you has a great deal in how quickly, how efficiently and how completely your manifesting occurs and materializes in your life. I mean “materialize” in the physical sense. All of these points are easily understood intellectually at the level at which you now dwell. Yet, they are dots that must be connected within your very being, within every level of your existence of your faith-trust journey in your mind, heart, body and soul, for you to attain the level of manifesting that Jesus demonstrated in his sojourn on this earth. It is attainable, my friends. It is accessible to you in this lifetime.

Human Condition

As you become more morontial, you will realize further that you are manifesters from the moment you are born. It is an inherent part of your human journey. It is an inherent part of the spiritual attainment as citizens of Urantia to grow into higher levels of manifestation power. This is an integral part – and I will emphasize that, an integral part – of becoming morontial. It is a natural outgrowth of becoming more morontial. As you become more morontial, your powers of manifestation grow. As you grow your powers of manifestation, you become more morontial. Do you see how this goes hand-in-hand?

Attainment, Jesus

The attainment of manifesting your desires more efficiently is one of reaching higher for spiritual truth, coupled with simply speeding up the time required for bringing things into physical being. It is a natural state of progression… not as many believe, the creation of miracle-working. As you see in the stories of Jesus manifesting, if it was within his desire and compassion struck his heart, he could not stop manifesting for others to benefit. It occurred despite himself, and while it was not his desire to make a demonstration for others, that is the result of these occurrences. That he left these experiences and occurrences of powerful manifestation are now a blueprint that you may follow.


The circuitry is in place. All connections are made for the more efficient and effective outworking of manifesting your heart’s desires. So it is within our purview to encourage you in this endeavor to take advantage of it during this time of growing your faith-trust. The rewards are inestimable in your journey as Paradise ascenders.


TOMAS:  This is enough of a lesson for today. Manifest a good day today! So be it.

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