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AND61- Manifesting, Part 2

2011-05-16-Manifesting, Part 2
Andover #61


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Manifesting
o 1.2 Group: Andover TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Tomas
o 2.2 TR: Leoma Sparer
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Manifestation
 3.2.2 Control
 3.2.3 Synchronicity
 3.2.4 Magnetism, Patience
 3.2.5 Action
 3.2.6 Desire
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Manifesting
Group: Andover TeaM
Teacher: Tomas
TR: Leoma Sparer


TOMAS:  Good afternoon, friends, this is Tomas. [Good afternoon.] Are you ready for lesson #2 on manifesting?



TOMAS:  Manifesting your heart’s desires, part two. We have covered the need for faith-trust and being in alignment with God’s will for your life. What we have not yet discussed is the prioritization of requests your heart makes, requests that your mind gives out on a moment-by-moment basis, which manifests what you see and experience all around you. It is indeed a complexity of desires which radiate out from you on a daily basis. In some moments, it may feel/appear to you that there is not order to what you are experiencing, or that something is misfiring.

In these moments of uncertainty or confusion about what you are experiencing, it is good to recall that when one has given over their will to Father’s will, you will not always experience what you expect to experience. In fact, very seldom will things unfold in ways you would line them up for yourselves if it were only your own limited understanding and way of orchestrating events that were to prevail.

For your sake, for goodness’ sake, you are not the only power at work here. There are, as you are aware, many celestials at your assistance – many who work under the auspices and within the auspices of God’s will in alignment for your life. This is so that the greater wisdom can prevail in how things unfold for you, rather than only the wisdom which you currently possess and have powers of manifestation to control what comes into your life. So there is something to be said for the possibility of your short-term desires to be over-written in some sense by your pledging your life into God’s will.


To further surrender your control of how things unfold in your life is another aspect of reaching higher in this realm of manifestation. Reaching higher means letting go. It may seem a paradox, yet it is not. Reaching higher, taking those next steps on your spiritual journey of faith-trust and becoming more morontial by conscious decision and effort, indicates to us, to the Father and to all of your unseen friends that you are ready for the next steps.

It is sometime between now and the moment when you will be able to hold out your hand and have something materializing before you, although this can be held out for you as an eventual goal. Remembering that this is not a bag of tricks, but a way of continuing on your upward journey to morontial living while yet on Urantia. It is as we have stated previously, a natural progression of your ability and potentials while yet in physical form.

So, how to get from here to there? When light particles gather themselves in visible form, such as electricity manifesting as light through a filament or a chemical reaction, it is not considered a miracle. It is a natural occurrence. It is also an example of manifesting something from seemingly nothing; from something invisible to the physical. So in manifesting a physical object, you are simply coalescing, condensing what is already there.


In manifesting events from your heart’s desire in alignment with God’s will for your life, you are in a sense coalescing time periods – coalescing the intentions and ideas in people’s minds so that they fall into alignment with your intended desire – coalescing events which you call synchronicities.

All of these things are assisted by your celestial helpers until you reach a state where they are no longer needed for manifesting seamlessly what you desire. There is always a time lag between the statement of the desire and the fulfillment of the desire. It is this time lag which is shortened as you progress… morontially speaking.

The intentional act of coalescing events, thoughts and time situations is the next higher step in learning how to manifest more efficiently. You may think of this as water vapor in the air coalescing into a cloud, which you may actually practice doing on a day such as today when there is water vapor in the air and sunshine. You could practice manipulating these clouds. It may sound like child’s play, as it often is, and yet as you see it happening, you understand this idea of coalescing of events, thoughts and time sequences. This is the concept. When Jesus produced what appeared to be a miracle, it was a moment of perfect coalescence of the required elements to produce the desired effect.

Magnetism, Patience

Though you are not a master of manifesting, you are on your way. When you do not seem to manifest your desires it is not a failure to have not received the desire right away. It is also not a test. It simply is what it is, and you may indeed engage your faith-trust in knowing that abundance is still quite available to you. Reach for that. Reach for abundance; for it is all about you, it is readily available. You magnetize to you what you need. In magnetizing what you need, you may add this idea of coalescence, the convergence of many aspects to manifest as seeable, knowable events, objects, people and things in your life.

At this juncture you yet need to operate with patience, as there is still a time-lag – though you will see that eventually diminish. Be patient during this time of waiting and use it as a classroom for further attainment of your spiritual goals. Although we would remind you that all things are spiritually attained; there is no separation. Even what is in your mind as merely material, is a manifestation of what you term your spiritual life. I will address your questions now.

Q: Please review for me once again, how to manifest.

TOMAS:  : How to manifest. We have not completed all of the steps, yet to review in general: You understand being in alignment with the Father’s will; the need for complete faith-trust, which is easier said than done; the realization that God’s will may be different than what you believe is in your best interests at the moment.

Since you have committed yourself to follow God’s will, and he has a higher view, a wider view, and a bit more experience and wisdom, his desires for you may be fulfilled in quite a different way than you are envisioning when you express your heart’s desire. So in the waiting period between the expression of the desire and the fulfillment of it, there is the need for patience, for greater faith-trust and letting go.

This is an element we have only slightly touched on. Once you have stated your heart’s desire and made it known, you continue to believe in this desire being attainable and on its way to you, with great faith-trust, while letting go of your particular visualization of the outcome. Holding onto a specified outcome may not only cause disappointment along the way, but perhaps hinder the timing of the arrival of the fulfillment of your desire.


Q: So does that mean I put out a goal or a desire and just stand back? Or is there a more active component day-by-day, along the line of becoming more attuned with the Father’s will, so that I adjust my desires, or that I grow in my faith as I become more solid in heart and mind with that connection with Spirit? It’s that active component I’m wondering about as I wait for the outcome.

TOMAS:  : Yes, there is always that aspect of action. No good thing can come to you without your hands being open, your heart being open, and your mind being alert to what comes to you. That means that you, on your human side of things, do what you feel is right to be proactive for yourself in what you want to manifest. However, in the doing you also realize that you need to let go of your actions being fruitful in the way you expect.


Q: If I may clarify, what you mean is that it’s right to be actively manifesting. However, to put the desire out there is where it stops. To let go means to not have any very specific outcome attached to that desire.

TOMAS:  : That is correct. To hold on too tightly to a specific outcome would be counter-productive. To wallow in disappointment and go “Woe is me,” would in a sense paralyze you and make it more difficult next time you try to be open to whatever comes or does not come at the moment, which again is like a valve closing you off to the good that is coming on its way to you. Letting go of the specific outcome of that moment leaves the valve open for the good to continue to flow in both directions. To clarify again, you state your desire, knowing that God has every intention of fulfilling your desire, but letting go of the exact way in which that desire is fulfilled.

Q: I have two desires but I am not sure if they can both be provided. The new career that I desire does not seem to pay enough to support my family, but I would love it if it did.

TOMAS:  : I think what may be at issue is seeing your desires as two separate items on your agenda. Perhaps what would be productive for you would be to begin to see these as coming more in proximity to each other time-wise. Perhaps you indeed need to step out of your comfort zone to begin to explore other options for manifesting both at the same time. I’m just saying this is possible. I‘m also saying that beginning to think in this way may break you out of the position you feel you are in now. Does that make sense to you?

Q: I know exactly what you mean. It would be amazing to be in a more altruistic career and have that coalesce with abundance of enough financial security that I wouldn’t worry about it.

TOMAS:  Tomas: I would highly suggest, my friend, that you take your thoughts in this direction, and that even more importantly, to feel in your heart and project forward what it is you actually do desire. If I am correct, you have just stated it. You really do desire to have that career not in some distant day. You truly desire to be able to mesh the new career in some way that is not painful for those for whom you provide – making a living that is comfortable for you and all those you provide for. I would encourage you to allow yourself to project forward into that direction. I’m not saying you will not have a conventional job again, but you need to think in that direction.


TOMAS:  I think this is enough to ponder for today. We will talk again.

Q:  Thank you.

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