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ARC200- Do Not Give Up On Your Fellow Man

2004-11-15.  Do Not Give Up On Your Fellow Man

Arcadia #200

Topic: Do Not Give Up On Your Fellow Man

Group: Arcadia TeaM

Teacher: JarEl

TR: George B.


JarEl: Good evening it is I your teacher JarEl. It is good to be with you, my friends once again. As you have seen these past two weeks much has changed but yet much has stayed the same. And one of the things that has to stay the same is your undying effort to bring into existence of the Kingdom of heaven, to stay committed to the gospel of the brotherhood of man and a fatherhood of God. Many of you have now realized that the amount of work that still needs to be done ahead of you.


It is not an easy task to bring this world into correctness. Perhaps it seems harder for you now because you know a little more. It could be the same for any of you. Life has become complicated because you know more because you see, you hear and best of all you think. The lessons that you learned in the Urantia book and the lessons that you hear from me from time to time are all meant to bring you within the will of God, to bring you into the connection of all humanity and when you begin to do connect with all humanity you begin to realize that there is an overwhelming need to bring peace

You are all peacemakers and you all bring the light of God into this world with your true hearts and a peaceful words. You are greatly admired by many of us who look down upon him as we see the struggles that you face. We see how backwards some people may be and how you would try to change the minds are reach their hearts.

All the good you do will be recorded and will be rewarded. Those that you help will thank you later. Try not to give up on Man entirely. I do realize that you sometimes may consider the fact that some people just are hopeless but that is not entirely true. Nobody is hopeless everyone has some hope. Everyone can be reached, everyone has a hard time, everyone has a piece of God inside of them, everyone has family to us. So everyone has the possibility to make the connection with you and you with them. It is simply knowing where to connect and how to connect.

If you find that you are not connected with someone know, maybe you are not tr with the people that you are safe with, with the people that you are accustomed to. Yes it is good to commune with them and to share your lives and stories but you leave the rest of the world out. You rob them of the experience of knowing you. In the end everyone will be a completely adorable.

Everyone well have that energetic charisma that lights up the room. Many of you are barely discovering this part of you, this gift that you have. But when you do discover it to, you will realize that it was meant to help you reach out towards your brothers and sisters and it was meant to connect you with everyone else. At this moment, rays of energy are being sent down it to you and they are emanating like flowers, ripples in the water. If you let yourself feel the energy, you will know the love that the universe has for you.

These flowers are growing all around you. They are energy flowers and they are a gift to you who have been true to this mission that we have set forward. It is a gift to all of those who continually struggle to bring this world into the age of light and life. Those that happen to read these words later on will only have to close their eyes to feel this gift bestowed upon you. This gift is for all of you. It is to reenergize you, to re- invigorate you, to help you along, for the coming years will be hard. Are there any questions here tonight?


  1. Yes, what will the next four years bring, can you tell us?
  2. Now why would I think that you were going to ask me that?
  3. Well, because you were right the last time when you said that it was the day before elections and you said that many of us will be sad the next day which we, which at least I was one. So I was wondering if you could who tell me what’s gonna happen in the next four years? I value your opinion.
  4. Very well. I will tell you what will happen but I will tell you in a sense where it is personal for all of you here in this room. Your struggles will be harder but you will continue and you will get stronger. You will find new hope in your mission and you will continue forward just as you are now and you will see the age of Light and Life coming to this world. You will see a new dawn of humanity. You will see a new energy rising just over the hills. You will see all of this because it is you who is energizing this wave that is about to splash. It is you that is driving it forward and pushing and creating the momentum to bring it into a crescendo. That is what will happen. You will get stronger and you will speak out more. And many of you here will find ways to affect the rest of humanity. Whatever that the future holds for all of you is of no immediate consequence. Many of your plans that have been set in motion will continue on uninterrupted. What is important for all of you is to decide on what you need to do now at this very moment. Leave tomorrow for itself. Any other questions
  5. JarEl, we were all excited earlier this evening because we had heard on the news of that Robert Sarmast’s alleged discovery off the coast of Cyprus, has made some of the news high headlines and we’re excited about that among ourselves because we know of this man and we know how his work relates to a possible discovery of the Garden of Eden. Do you have any comments or have anything to tell us about this. I hope it will go forward. What you have to say?
  6. I will say this, one of your brothers has taken it upon himself to push forward to make this discovery to bring the ideas that were set forth in the Urantia book into reality. He has had much success thus far and hopefully he will have more. There is much that all of you can do as well to bring much of the ideas and concepts into reality. Your excitement is well placed to for it will bring much change and it will reinvigorate many of the discoveries that are about to be made. Even though you may feel that this world has turned darker, you will see points of light shine within the darkness. This is just one of the examples. The idea of Atlantis for many people is exciting and it makes their imagination soar. it is all important to tap into this imagination of humanity and help them imagine a new world. Where peace reigns and where everyone is brother and sister. Many of of the ideas that the book talks about are within your reach. You can make any of it a reality. To reach into the past and to discover a world that once was, is perfectly fine. But always remember that there is a world yet to be discovered and that is your own world. That is a world in which you will help create. The greatest civilization the world has ever known has yet to be born. Help it bring itself into existence.
  7. JarEl, this is a personal question. I feel that sometimes my mental capacity is declining and I wondered if there is any medication or anything that I can do to regain it.
  8. My dear sister, (every) single human being go through a state of deterioration in some point in their life. This is something that you already know. But I would like to remind you that all your memories all your experiences and all the love that you ever had in this world will be gathered up again and given back to at the end of your life here. So do not worry yourself over things that you may loose or things that you might forget. These things happen and sometimes they are inevitable. Have solace that you will regain all of this back in due time.

What does “due time” mean?

  1. Your resurrection
  2. Thank you.
  3. You’re welcome


(JarEl) My friends, I would like to describe to you if these gifts that were imparted to you just a couple of minutes ago. They are real and they do have great spiritual value. They are of a Morontial order. They come from the gardens of Morontia. They are transparent yet light and beautiful and they contain seeds of growth. These flowers have been draped over you and you will carry them for quite some time and they will continue to grow and nurture you. Each of you has been given a different flower from a different plant. Each flower has its own properties and value and characteristics and scent and color. Each individual flower will bring individual results. You can see these flowers by simply closing your eyes. You will see hints of it, the edges. But know that these gifts are individual gifts for all of you.

Know that every single flower that was handed to you, was meant for you. They have all been handed and given to you by individuals who are very fond of you. These flowers all are called Flowers of Life, for they will grow inside of you and around you. For a good part of your life they will bring renewed spirit and energy unlike what you have ever felt before. They are of Morontial order. At this moment, every single individual who is associated with the teaching mission and similar groups are being given this gift as well. There are enough flowers for the whole entire world but we feel at this moment that to you who need it the most. So with that my friends I shall leave you here tonight. Until next time, goodnight.

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