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OSC111221- The Faith You Need to Cultivate

2011-12-21. The Faith You Need to Cultivate

Alabama, US of A, December 21, 2011.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “The Faith You Need to Cultivate.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Trust that everything you need for your spiritual growth — whatever is needed to develop your potential — you will receive. It is the will of your Father that what your soul needs will always be provided to you.

“This is the faith you need to cultivate — a faith that tells you where you are now is perfect because it offers you a chance to learn some important lesson. Your life is not a product of chance. The opportunities you have taken advantage of and those you have ignored are what determine your current situation. The opportunities sent by the Father can be identified with ease by consulting your Inner Voice. Some opportunities sent by the material world could be ignored using the same approach.

“When do you miss opportunities? When you base your decisions on your lower impulses and your fears. When you refuse to learn something new. When you tell yourself that there is nothing new to learn; that there is nothing new that deserves your effort. You have to learn to trust more in your own perception of truth, beauty and goodness to make better informed decisions.

“When do you take advantage of the opportunities coming your way? When you face every situation with the desire to give the best of your being. When you overcome your perceived limitations and the impulse to take the path of lowest resistance. When you feel you have given all you have and yet just by putting your mind in the right place and remembering your goal of being better you find that there is a lot more you can give. In other words, when you live the way your Father wishes for you to live.

“Consider your life in constant balance between your animal nature and your nascent spiritual nature. You grow and progress every time you give priority to the spirit and try to become more spiritual. That which you desire in your mind will be the reality you manifest in the world. If your goal is to be the best you can be, the probabilities of acting in a more spiritual way increase and your Father is able to be better expressed through your being.”

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