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ARC202- The Truth

2004-12-13.  The Truth

Arcadia #202

Topic: The Truth

Group: Arcadia TeaM

Teacher: JarEl

TR: George B.


JarEl: Good evening, it is I your teacher JarEl. It is good to see you again. Welcome back to those who have not been here for a while. Tonight I would like to focus on a topic that you were discussing a while ago.


This topic is . . . [about the truth]. As you all may know, truth is in many ways relative to where you are in any particular moment. What is true for one person may not be true for another. But Universal truths never change. Universal truths are infinite. The truth which you may experience here on Earth is a temporal truth that is contingent on time and space. Any of your ideas and ideals is warped for you particularly because you believe in them. And this will be the same for every human being who practices good faith. The truths which you will hear at this moment, they work for you for a reason. Your reasons are because you have complete faith and are completely devoted to these truths that you believe in. If for some reason you stop believing in these truths, these truths will stop working for you. And they will not manifest themselves neither would they reinforce themselves. Reinforcement only comes through the act of faith and willingness to go forward and make decisions.

God is able to work with every single human being on this planet no matter what they believe in. He accommodates their own beliefs. He accommodates their own way of thinking. He does this so He can harmonize with every single human on this planet. the important thing is to believe and move forward. Believe also that the harmony exists within your world even though you may but heads with certain individuals that have different belief structures. There is no reason why you cannot harmonize with them. God does so why can’t you?

Every single one of you in is a different phase in your life. You all follow your own career path Remember this next time you are having these discussions with someone who does not quite believe the way you do. Remember that once you were there or perhaps that person was once where you are at. Do not assume that your truths are so Listen to other peoples truths and understand them form the core. It is only when you get to the heart of the matter that you begin to understand humanity when Jesus was on this planet he listened to others peoples truths for most of all he understood them as human beings and had compassion for them for their plight in life he did not judge them or did not rebuke them for believing in a certain way. He simply encouraged their most honorable highest ideals as you should as well. Find out what that persons highest ideals are and reinforce them with love and care. You have that power to do that and coming form a knowledgeable base you are more capable of reinforcing these new truths to open minded individuals. So remember that god harmonizes and works with everyone regardless of their idealism. Are there any questions here tonight?


Donna: JarEl, are we open tonight to ask questions that will be a part of the SRC [Second Revelatory Commission- Editor]?

JarEl: You most certainly are.

Donna: Ok, I have a question. In the Urantia book it mentions how we have Adjusters that are experienced most of us on this planet have experienced adjusters. So my question is does the Adjuster experience from previous indwellings ever bleed through to the minds of the mortals that it now indwells on this planet. Can the mortals perhaps have something in their minds like memories or something that could have come from the adjusters prior experiences or not?

JarEl: That is a very good question (Donna: Thank you) the way I would answer this is that the Adjusters who previously were connected to other hosts that are no longer in existence carry with them the memory engrams of the previous individuals. There are times when the Adjuster, through a sense of needing to communicate to their current individual, would sometimes reference certain parts of previous lives in which they incarnated. at the time when these references are being accessed, the mortal experiences memory lapses and recalls things that they have never experienced in their lives.

These experiences have sometimes been alluded to as past lives experiences. They are not in any relation to the current individual neither are they completely a part of them not until the individual has been fused with their Thought Adjuster. These are memory engrams that the Thought Adjuster carries with them [as] a memory pattern of their previous host. The Thought Adjuster carries the engrams with the hope that one day that memory and that life will be whole again in the person in which he or she will fuse with. But at the moment they remain the property of the Thought Adjuster. They have access to these engrams and they at times use them.

It is when these engrams are used that the mortal experiences these memories. Only then. It is not something that they can access freely. There have been cases when a person has been under hypnosis that these engrams have been surfaced. . . . Does this answer your question?

Donna: Yes! That was a very good and thorough and that is what I had suspected. that answers further questions I had in my mind about the source of the belief in reincarnation that many people still have.

Student: JarEl I have an observation about truth that I would like to share with you.

JarEl. Go ahead.

Student: The truth is an idea and ideas can be sold to those that do not know. What you talked about with the truth being individualistic and individualized with each person is consistent with that paragram [paradigm?]. Would you not agree?

JarEl: I agree to a point where I refer to your truths as temporal and spatial. Universal truth is unchanged. Universal truth is not something that can be sold or bargained. Universal truth exists because it has existed for all eternity. When you are faced with a universal truth it is something that you have to accept. We are not in the business of selling you these truths or persuading you to believe in them. These truths we hope, you’ll have some clear idea that one day you will come to them. the truths that you know now on your planet, that work for you, are working for you because you believe in them. But one day you will have to adjust your belief structure in order to accommodate what the universal truth that has been in existence for all time. And that is the conflict in which many are faced with as soon as they arrive on the Mansion worlds.

Student: What conflict?

JarEl: That the truths that they believed in once on this planet may no longer be truths on the other side. That is the conflict. The readjustment and that is why you have a Thought Adjuster to readjust these truths you believe in now. When I speak of universal truth I speak of something that has been in existence for all eternity, when I speak of spatial and temporal truths I speak of something that you believe in now but that you may no longer believe in later.

Lucille: what would be a definition of a universal truth?

Jarel: [A universal truth is] a fact that has been unchanged for all eternity, Lucille, that God exists that God is your Father and you all are his children. And God loves every single one of you. God is love, god is beauty and truth. all of these are universal truths of the highest order. Believe in them and you shall believe in truth for all of eternity.

Lucille: That’s beautiful.

Student: JarEl, it seems a though what we mortals consider reality is not necessarily as concrete and solid as it may be as though there is a projected frequency that we are allowed to evolve in. This is the first part of my question. If this is so, could you comment on it and this is the second part , if that is so then it would also seem we are fully capable of completely manipulating reality but there may be blocks that are put in place until we are spiritually ready.

JarEl: I will take your second question first and then move on to the first. The manifestation process that exists on this planet has a buffer system. You don’t always get things right away things that you ask for or pray for. but if you put that intention out there . . . that ideal [may] work for you.

You will eventually get to be where you want to be. You just have to be patient. That’s how things work down here. Once you reach a higher level of existence things work a lot quicker, the manifestations happen almost instantaneously, and the reason being is because you are closer to the frequency in which all truth is projected. . . . .

At this moment, you exist at a very low frequency. Your bodies are dense in matter, therefore the truths and subtleties that the universe sends out cannot penetrate your thick skull, but as soon as you arrive to a higher plane of existence, you begin to understand and realize many things which you had not realized before, you begin to grasp new ideas and concepts. and the frequency at which you interact allows you to visualize and see many things you could not see before such as midwayers and angels.

The higher you get the more visualized and the more real you become. Your concept of reality only comes from the relationship with the world. If you believe you are real then you are real. There will be one day when you have lived such a long time that you will look back at this time and realize that you hadn’t lived at all and this time will seem like a dream to you much like your early childhood seems like a dream. There are years in your life that you cannot remember for the simple fact that your life and your brain were still forming. In this way, your soul is barely forming, barely taking shape. You soul has not become real in many ways. But if you live long enough to look back at this time you will understand the words I have said tonight. You will understand the . . . [true] concept of reality.

Student: Thank you.

Stella : Well what bothers me is do the sins of the fathers still manifest themselves on the children? By this I mean Adam and Eve defaulted 38000 years ago and of course the Dalamatia problem, it seems that evil is still prevalent on this world and it doesn’t seem fair that what they did should be, the evil should still be manifested on the children who are being used as slaves in India, Nepal, Indonesia or girls that are being forced into prostitution. Things like these are horrible problems. Are they still because of that default? How can we stop all of that horrible stuff?

JarEl: My dear Stella, you are speaking of many problems that exist on your world. Much of which does not have anything with the default it is simply part of the animalistic nature to act this way. The evolution of man has been progressing all these years. There are higher types of human beings but at the same time there exist those types that regress back many generations. Those that would like the world to stay the same and remain in it’s barbaric stages. But you that see the light and see the future understand that things have to change if we are to move forward.

I understand your frustration and your need for change in this world, but it is not simply to blame Adam and Eve for what’s going on at this moment. It is not entirely their fault. Believe Stella that things will change and they will. Trust in God and in humanity and you will see miracles in your lifetime.


Are there anymore questions…If there aren’t any more I shall bid you goodnight.

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