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ARC203- Bring Light To Where It Is Needed

2005-02-21.  Bring Light To Where It Is Needed

Arcadia #203

Topic: Bring Light To Where It Is Needed

Group: Arcadia TeaM

Teacher: JarEl

TR: George B.


Prayer: Donna: Dearest Father of light and dear Creator Son, Father, brother and friend, thank you for the chance to meet here with our spiritual brothers and sisters to hear the messages of our teacher JarEl and those of any other teacher. We pray that Your Will may be done in our lives and that you will open our spiritual eyes and ears so that we may see, hear and know Your Will Father and that we may have the health and energy to pursue it. We say all of this in our dear Creator Son, Michael ’ s name, amen.

JarEl: TR, George. Good evening, it is I, your teacher, JarEl. It is good to be among you once again. It is good to see all of you, here in this room, willing and ready to receive light, energy, wisdom, goodness, beauty and anything else of spiritual value.


In your region, you are currently saturated with moisture. It is creating many difficulties for many people. In your lives I would like you to become saturated as well with light, energy, wisdom, goodness and beauty. To increase the amount of pressure that is necessary to bring about change in this world. It is through wisdom and knowledge that you become aware of the problems that exists in your world. You do see and you can speak and you have this knowledge inside of you. You have this light which emanates from inside of you that shines on all that is good and on all that is bad.

It is not your job to pass judgment, but it is helpful for you to bring this light to where it is most needed. There are dark places in this world that need your help. There are places that need your light. If you allow yourselves to absorb this light, you can allow yourselves to bring in this truth that exists throughout the Universe. Imagine yourself as a conduit, a messenger or a connector to a greater circuit. Imagine directing this light through you as it focalizes and projects out from your mind. The energy that is currently coming towards you will bring you health and wisdom. It will allow you to be happier and it will sensitize you to all that his happening around the world. Allow this energy to fill your body and ask anything of it. This energy will become whatever you choose it to become.

It shall transform into whatever you choose it to be. In your mind create an outcome and it shall be. Allow this energy to work through you, work with this energy which God has given you. Now that you are saturated with this light remind yourselves that this is something you can always do, on your own and by yourself. There is much more to experience in this Universe. That which you taste here in the flesh is only a small part of what is ahead of you in your ascension to the Father. Ahead of you: great truth, goodness and beauty. This light that you received tonight you shall use in your everyday life to bring truth, goodness and beauty to this world. All of you here have unique lives and in your life you make your own decisions as to how to live. The paths that you take are your own and you are not required to follow any other person or any particular way.

Through your journey and through your struggles it is important that you remain true to yourself, that you hold integrity in your judgments and actions. Mistakes will always be made. Do not worry, for all that is wrong in your world shall turn to good; all that is bad shall be transformed into goodness. Your personal life holds a greater destiny, you are destined for greater glory then what you see around you.

The struggles that you are going through now are only the beginning for you. You can look at them as tests but they are just part of your everyday life. Everyday life for everyone has different experiences, different battles or different struggles, some worse than others. It is through the integrity of the individual that they are able to face these struggles and overcome them. It is knowing that there is light at the end of the tunnel. It is knowing that things will get better which keeps a person sane and ready to face another struggle. Things always get better, no matter how bad a situation in your life may be, there is always a way out. There is always a solution to every single problem that you might have. So do not fret for you are not alone. You have much help that surrounds you, much aid that is ready to be given to you.

Are there any questions?


Dennis: Yes JarEl, I had heard Midwayers being described as time-distance, that they are a fraction of a second from our time-frame or our reality. Could you explain a little bit about this concept of time-distance; square-second for example?

JarEl: TR, George. Midwayers are like hummingbirds, they come in and out of your reality in a split-second. They think of somewhere to be and they are there in that split-second. They are able to do this because they exist in the half realm between the angelic and your mortal realm. They understand the integrities of their world and your world as well.

Midwayers are able to manipulate your world much easier, for your world stands still in their eyes. They can manipulate time. They can manipulate situations and they can prevent things as well. You are not able to see them because they travel too fast, in a split-second they are gone, and you would never have known that they were in the room. It is only when they allow you to see them, when they slow down, that you would begin to glimpse them. But for them to slow down and give you the pleasure to make their acquaintance they would have lost a lot of time; a lot of valuable time in which they could do much work, therefore they rarely stop for anyone.

The Midwayers are about their Father ’ s business and they do it with great joy. They work for the glory of God and at times they become frustrated with humankind for not understanding this. They become frustrated by your lack of working towards the same goal. They become frustrated with the selfishness which exists in humanity. They become frustrated for your lack of memory, for they remember everything. They know what this world has gone through. They know what they have gone through. The struggles they went through and the mistakes they made, they vowed never to repeat again and they have not. They wait for humanity to vow to never make the same mistakes again.

However, human beings, forgetful of the struggles that their forefathers have gone through and the mistakes they have made, tend to repeat the same mistakes over and over again. The Midwayers have lived a long life on your planet and this longevity and their ability to be in your lives qualifies them as the highest authority resident on your planet. Although they do not assume this authority, they should be given consideration from you for everything they have done and all the struggles they have endured. From our point of view we admire your Midwayer brothers and sisters for they loyally protect your world. The fact that they can travel at the speed of thought is a blessing for all of you for they use that power for good. They use their knowledge to better your lives.

Dennis: Thank you.

JarEl: TR, George. Are there any other questions?

Stella: Were you at the Teaching Mission Conference in New Mexico this weekend?

JarEl: TR, George. Yes I was there and observed all that was happening.

Stella: What did you think about it?

JarEl: TR, George. I am overjoyed that many of you decided to congregate and join together to expand the Teaching Mission. Many of us were there to observe and to communicate with some of you. We see this as part of a greater plan. There was much light that surrounded all of you. We look forward to more of such meetings, for these kind of gatherings show your interest in furthering the activities of the Teaching Mission.

Donna: JarEl, there was a transmission at the Albuquerque Conference on the Indigo Children; I think it was Rayson who was talking. I missed it and just came into the room as it was finished. Could you please comment on the phenomenon of the Indigo Children?

JarEl: TR, George. Yes, these Indigo Children are nothing more then the logical step of evolution on your world. These genetic plans have been long in the works before any humans have ever existed; before life began on your world. This new jump of evolution is the result of carefully laid out plans of the Life Carriers. In order for you to begin to understand this new generation of children you must have full knowledge of how your world has evolved and how it continues to evolve. You must have this knowledge present in your mind in order to accommodate such children. If you are ignorant of this, then you run the risk of alienating these gifted children who will one day control this planet. They are Urantia ’ s destiny and your future. They are to be cared for, loved and nurtured, as all children should. You must treat every child as an Indigo Child.

If you truly view these children as being special, then all children should be special as well. When I see your planet, I do not isolate one group from another. I do not favor one or the other. I see your world and the human race slowing but surely evolving to a point where they will reach Light and Life. A new generation is here that will help to bring the beginnings of this new age, the Age of Light and Life. The preparation that all of you here have taken in your own lives has qualified you to administer and nurture such children. It is important that you identify these children as soon as possible so that you may adequately prepare for the future. Donna: Thank you JarEl. It seems very hopeful to me and I am glad that I am living in these times where I perhaps can get to know some of them and interact with them.

JarEl: TR, George. It is a very exciting time to be living in. There is much change that will occur on your planet and you will be here to see it; you will be here to witness it.

Donna: Great.

Stella: Even little old me?

JarEl: TR, George. Yes Stella.

Norman: It must be soon then?

JarEl: TR, George. You will all be overjoyed; you will be happy and be glad that things are finally changing. Yes, you will see this, you will witness it. You who know what to look for, you who have become so accustomed to seeing what is true, what is good and what is beautiful, you will surely recognize this new gift from God. You will surely recognize this time.


That is all, good night.

All: Thank you JarEl, good night.

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