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ARC204- Midwayer Realities

2005-02-25.  Midwayer Realities

Arcadia #204

Topic: Midwayer Realities

Group: TeaM

Teacher: Aaron

TR: GeorgeB


Student: “I had heard Midwayers being described as time-distance, that they are a fraction of a second from our time-frame or our reality. Could you explain a little bit about this concept of time-distance; square-second for example?

JarEl: “Midwayers are like hummingbirds. They come in and out of your reality in a split second. They think of somewhere to be, and they are there in that split-second. They are able to do this because they exist in the “half realm” between the angelic and your mortal realm. They understand the integrities of their world and your world as well.

“Midwayers are able to manipulate your world much easier, for your world stands still in their eyes. They can manipulate time. They can manipulate situations and they can prevent things as well. You are not able to see them because they travel too fast. In a split-second they are gone, and you would never have known that they were in the room. It is only when they allow you to see them, when they slow down, that you would begin to glimpse them. But for them to slow down, and give you the pleasure to make their acquaintance, they would have lost a lot of time—a lot of valuable time—in which they could do much work. Therefore they rarely stop for anyone.

“The Midwayers are about their Father’s business, and they do it with great joy. They work for the glory of God, and, at times, they become frustrated with humankind for not understanding this. They become frustrated by your lack of working towards the same goal. They become frustrated with the selfishness, which exists in humanity. They become frustrated for your lack of memory, for they remember everything. They know what this world has gone through. They know what they have gone through. The struggles they went through and the mistakes they made they vowed never to repeat again, and they have not. They wait for humanity to vow to never make the same mistakes again. However, human beings, forgetful of the struggles that their forefathers have gone through and the mistakes they have made, tend to repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

“The Midwayers have lived a long life on your planet and this longevity and their ability to be in your lives qualifies them as the highest authority resident on your planet. Although they do not assume this authority, they should be given consideration from you for everything they have done and all the struggles they have endured. From our point of view we admire your Midwayer brothers and sisters for they loyally protect your world. The fact that they can travel at the speed of thought is a blessing for all of you for they use that power for good. They use their knowledge to better your lives.”


[Transcriber’s Note: My namesake and friend, George B. of the Arcadia Group, kindly allows us to use this segment of one of his recent talks with the Celestial Teacher, JarEl, when the Celestial most eloquently answers a question about Midwayers.]

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