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ARC220- Our Point Of View

2005-11-14-Our Point Of View

Arcadia #220


1Topic: Our Point of View
2Group: Arcadia TeaM
1Teacher: JarEl
2TR: George B.

Topic: Our Point of View

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: George B.



Prayer: Larry: Dear Father thank you for this meeting tonight and we welcome George back and are happy that he has safely returned to our group. Please open our hearts and minds to the truth that your teacher will speak tonight. We pray for peace in this world and the coming of Monjoronson and we love you very much Father. Thank you for all the blessings that you have bestowed upon us, in Michael’s name, amen.

Jarel. TR, George. Good evening, it is I, your teacher, JarEl. It is good to be among my friends again. Welcome to those who have not been here for awhile.


Every single one of you lives in this world in the same time continuum. You all experience life at a steady pace and yet many of you have become impatient as to the pace of the world. Many of you wish that this world would speed up and arrive at its destination. However, everything must happen in its place and time. There is a place and time for everything. From our point of view we do see the world changing, we do see it improving and formulating the basis of what will later become Light and Life. But at the same time we fully understand how difficult it may be for you to grasp this change that is so evident to us.

The reason why it is so difficult for you is because you are so close to this world, so interrelated in it, that it is nearly impossible for you to gauge the actual change that is happening this very moment. But believe me it is happening, trust that it is happening for that is the faith which ties all of you together; this belief that the world will improve and will get better. We are counting on you to spread this belief among your brothers and sisters, that you encourage them to be positive and happy. We need you to uplift this world into this new Age. The only way that this will happen is to share your love with others.

Do not be impatient my friends for this world is changing at its own pace. Many of you have created much positive change in this world. I am well aware of the tremendous change that is about to happen. But always remember that any new idea that is brought into this world must be bounced off of the common knowledge of mankind. Any new idea may be so easily rejected, for men may not grasp or contemplate new ideas. So it is good that your friends are allowing these new ideas to be digested by the world, for that is what is needed, patience and time to allow this world to digest new ideas.

For if you were to deluge someone with everything you had ever thought of, you would certainly turn that person off. But if you were to slowly give that person information, little by little, day by day, sooner or later they will be able to trust you and the information that you give them. This whole Mission is not merely to divest information into the minds of Urantians. Our Mission is to bring peace to this World, to bring the knowledge that all of you are brothers and sisters and that we share one Father in heaven. Are there any questions?


Stella: This is not a question, but it is hard to make people understand that change is coming when they see the terrible brutality and cruelty that is being done to innocent people. They cannot understand why a loving God would allow this? They do not understand that it is not God who is doing it, it’s the people. It is hard to make people change their thinking. So I don’t know how to do it?

Jarel. TR, George. We are fully aware of the difficulties that come with the attempt of convincing people that God loves them. However, we do gage substantial change in this world. By the mere fact that you are speaking to us of these difficulties that you face is a great change. Many years ago nobody would speak about this. Everyone was convinced their fate was due to what they had done or was because God was angry at them. This was worldwide. Just recently has this begun to change and it is growing year by year and we do see this. So forgive me if I contradicted you Stella.

Stella: I want to be contradicted.

Jarel. TR, George. Then trust me and believe that there is change happening in this world and it will get better.

Stella: On the other planets in the universe, do they still have the same problems as we do? Or are they way ahead of us in their evolutionary thinking? Or are we the only ones who still grapple with hatred and cruelty?

Jarel. TR, George. These types of problems are not exclusive to your planet Stella. Every planet deals with many of the issues that you do at one time or another. Many have overcome such problems, however, there are many planets that are not as advanced as you, some with worse problems than yours. They are barely beginning to grasp some of the race issues on their planets. So there is a variation of the problems and issues throughout the universe, but it works out for the good of the Father.

Eventually everything that ever went wrong in your life or your loved ones will work towards the glory of God. You will see one day that all of your problems and difficulties have made you who you are and have formed your character who now stands before us. You shall be very grateful for your experiences and the experiences of your brothers and sisters. For you all have had a glorious life on this planet with many challenges and difficulties and many adventures and happiness. One day you will all look back and marvel on how you survived such a planet. At the same time you will be very thankful for this experience. You may not know this now but you will one day, I guarantee it.

Stella: What kind of problems will we face on the other side?

Jarel. TR, George. More advanced problems for your increased capacity of intelligence. It would be too difficult for you to understand at this time. The Father does not give you more than you are capable of handling.

Dennis: The lack of Adamic blood in our gene pool, would that imply there is a serious limitation to our spiritual receptivity?. Have we reached our maximum point of spiritual growth capability? If not, what happens when the population reaches our maximum point of spiritual growth capability?

Jarel. TR, George. There are no limitations to the heights of your spiritual growth. The Adamic blood only guaranteed certain people some receptivity of spiritual growth. Eventually the Adamic blood is deluded in the blood of humanity. Now it is humanity’s job is to get back to that point where Adam and Eve were to begin with. Slowly but surely humanity is evolving to that point. There will be a time when all of humanity has reached the Age of Light and Life. Your spiritual growth is not limited! Are there anymore questions?

Lucille: Is there anything we can do, individually to obtain our fullest spirituality?


Jarel. TR, George. On an individual level, many of you can increase your spirituality by following your moral code and ethics, living your life to its fullest and being an example to others. Following the Will of God and allowing God to manifest in your life will eventually bring you to the heights of perfection. Michael in his manifestation here on this planet set forth a great example of how to live among men. Granted it is not easy for mortals to learn how to treat one another, but it is possible. By listening to your inner guide and following Michael’s example you shall be able to grow into the next spiritual realm. The attempt to learn Morontia Mota while in the mortal life will allow you to achieve the next level. There are many other things you can do as well. I bid you all good night.

All: Thank you JarEl, good night.

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