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ARC221- Forgiveness, The Will Of God

2005-11-28-Forgiveness, The Will Of God

Arcadia #221


1Topic: Forgiveness, The Will of God
2Group: Arcadia TeaM
1Teacher: JarEl
2TR: George B.

Topic: Forgiveness, The Will of God

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: George B.



Prayer: Larry: Dear Father thank you for the blessings that you have bestowed on each one of us. Thank you for your LOVE. Allow your love to flow through us to our brothers and sisters in the Family of God. We love you dearly, Father, in Christ Michael’s name, amen.

Jarel.  TR, George. Good evening, it is I, your teacher, JarEl. It is good to be back once again.


You are all in search for the one truth, the one source. You all seek this comfort and your happiness. It is your life’s goal to one day arrive on the shores of Paradise. This quest is not unique to you alone for your brothers and sisters share this similar dream. It is true that there is a various degree of understanding of the nature of God on your planet. There is much confusion about what is to happen to all of you. The light of the world is constant and secure in the hands of the able and the willing, so one day this world will rise out of the confusion and darkness.

Many of your brothers and sisters do dream of oneness with God, they do dream of arriving on Paradise, even though they have no idea how it will come about, their faith and belief still stands true. Every experience of every individual is true. Every emotion and belief has some truth hidden inside of it. So learn to forgive your brothers and sisters, and learn to forgive yourself for not seeing the entire picture that is before you.

You will find that you will make many mistakes when judging others, in judging what they believe. Learn to be a mediator, learn to be a teacher and learn to be an ambassador of the truth of God. For ultimately the Will of God is that every single person on this planet live in harmony, peace and love. In order to do that one must accept one another. It is good that you concern yourself over the direction of the spiritual life of this planet. Always remember to pull back to see the entire picture for what it is. Many mistakes have been committed because of the shortsightedness of individuals who were passionate about their own beliefs.

Beware of this shortsightedness and be continually vigilant as to all the affairs of humanity. At the same time, imagine every single individual arriving at the Age of Light and Life. You shall see that there is not that much difference between you and others. In fact we are all from the same source, we all come from God and we are destined to go to God. It is love that will prevail on this world, it is compassion that will tie us together removing the separations that now exist. We shall learn to live in peace and prosper as humanity. Are there any questions?


Dennis: There are people who appear to communicate with the dead and I was curious what this is all about?

Jarel. TR, George. Communication from the other side to this world is restricted, therefore, any communication that does occur is by privilege. It is likely that most will not be allowed to communicate with those who have passed to the Morontia Realms.

Dennis: Are there individuals who are trapped here on Urantia?

Jarel.  TR, George. No one is trapped here. Are there anymore questions?

Stella: We were talking about intelligent design and evolution. I have been reading in The Urantia Book where evolution is a fact. However, I am wondering­ they say that new species suddenly appear­now what causes the new species to appear?

Jarel. TR, George. The original DNA construct of the eventual evolving life on this planet, the Life Carriers envisioned a stage in which life would take a leap forward at a certain particular moment in time. It was included in the DNA that which caused the sudden leap forward in evolutionary life on Urantia. All of this is intended and part of the DNA construct originally designed by these Life Carriers. A sudden spiritual leap forward of humanity is now in progress.

Stella: Is that the new generation being born now?

Jarel.  TR, George. It follows this evolutionary process which humanity is going through. This was all intended in the original DNA construct of the Urantia Life Carriers and the Adamic up-stepping.

Donna: Are some of them already here?

Jarel.  TR, George. Yes.

Donna: The indigo children?

Jarel.  TR, George. Yes, but we do not refer to them as that.

Donna: Right.

Stella: What name do you call them?

Jarel. TR, George. Our name for them has not been revealed yet. Keep in mind that all of these new and sudden events are intended, nothing is a mistake, everything has a reason. Evolution as we see is going well according to plan. Our concerns are with the spiritual lives of Urantians. We seek to enlighten all Urantians and for that we need your help. Evolution will take care of itself but the mind of man needs cultivating; needs to be nurtured and encouraged. That is why we work so hard and that is why all of you must work hard in promoting this new way of thinking.

Norman: JarEl where The Urantia Book mentions that the Chinese people struggle for the truth­ what truth do we have that they don’t have? What is the best way of getting the truth we have to them?

Jarel.   TR, George. One Truth, my brother, Norman, is that we are all brothers and sisters in this Grand Universe. Sometimes this idea gets lost in nationalistic pride. So it is not simply that you have or have obtained a truth that they do not have. It is simply that you remind them of this eternal truth of the universal brotherhood of man. You should go into that land not as a revelator but as their spiritual brother and a reminder of things that they already know within their souls. Many of these notions they have come to on their own and you my brother are simply there to connect and to establish a connection that will last for all eternity.

Dennis: There appear to be intelligences out there that are not necessarily of the light, what exactly are they?

Jarel.  TR, George. I will speak of them, in the context that they are your brothers and sisters as well. Every mortal in this universe is part of the Father, part of the Son and part of the Spirit. Not all of them achieve the Age of Light and Life on their planets. Some of them only go part way from imperfection to perfection when they turn back from the light and go towards the darkness. These misguided individuals are well aware of the celestial hierarchy that exists.

They are well aware of the eternal truth. Just because you are aware of something does not mean that you realize it; does not mean that you live it. So what you are witnessing is your lost brothers and sisters. They come here and marvel at this small planet that was chosen by the Creator Son for his final bestowal. Many of them are just spectators of this world, they are restricted in their communications with this world’s people. Recently they have been limited even more than before. This planet is protected.

It does not surprise me that you find that what is out there is curious to you, for indeed it is in your nature to ask questions. Rest assured, that whatever is out there, is a part of you as well. It would be wise for you to set perfect examples for your brothers and sisters who are currently watching you. When Michael arrived on this planet he was watched by many throughout the Grand Universe. He set a fine example of supernal human life.

That is not to say that you are to live the exact life that Michael lived. Love one another, forgive and cherish one another unconditionally and this will do much to improve the lives of not only the ones around you that you touch but the lives of those that you have no idea that you are even touching. One day you will meet your brothers and sisters that are out there and you will have the opportunity to create relationships with them; they know this also. So be patient my friend, for all in due time, everything has its place and time.

Dennis: Thank you,


Jarel.  TR, George. That is all for tonight, good night.

All: Thank you, good night JarEl.

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