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ARC222- The Urantia Book, Impatience

2005-12-12-The Urantia Book, Impatience

Arcadia #222

1Topic: The Urantia Book, Impatience
2Group: Arcadia TeaM
1Teacher: JarEl
2TR: George B.

Topic: The Urantia Book, Impatience

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: George B.



Prayer: Donna: Dear Father thank you for this evening, thank your for this meeting. We are all gathered here, being in stillness and waiting to hear words from JarEl, the teacher that you have sent our group. We are waiting to hear what JarEl has to teach us tonight Father. We thank you for this time and this place. Help us to be evermore vigilant in the ways that you would have us go. Help us to hear, see and feel your leading’s and to follow them, in Michael’s name, amen.

Jarel. TR, George. It is I, your teacher, JarEl. It is good to be among my friends once again. I want to thank all of you for making the effort to be here tonight. It is from a sincere willingness to learn and to grow that you make this journey; that you travel this path. It is from honest curiosity that you found The Urantia Book to begin with and it is from honorable dedication that you follow the path of God. What has been revealed to you in this volume of The Urantia Book is information that can help the entire world, if the world would recognize it for what it is. But even though many of you understand the concept of peace and happiness, you are very far from the ideal, for it will take a long time for this process to seep in; it takes awhile for the correction.


I know some of you feel impatient and would like to rush this information out to the world, but I warn you against that for there is a great danger of alienating those who you wish would receive this message. In your hearts you truly know the approach to bring this message to the masses. From your hearts you have acquired the skill and knowledge to smooth over the friction that initially exists when introducing a new concept or a new idea. You have become ambassadors of this new Revelation.

The world is so eager to hear this new Revelation and yet does not know where to find it. It is vital that you make yourself aware of all of their truths, for it is you who will carry this new Revelation of light into the world. The Urantia Book has not been here very long, so it is still new. It is still a new light that has been introduced into the world and it shall remain so for many years. The message of light within this new Revelation shall resonate for the next thousand years.

As ambassadors I urge you to be cautious and selective, for not all will readily receive the message of light that you bring to them. Many are too caught up in their own lives and their own ideology to even listen to another opinion or idea. So it is your job to be selective in your words and phrases. Be knowledgeable of other people’s way of thinking. You are part of this world, but not of this world, so in that sense you must be loyal to your inner strength, your connection to God and bring this message to all people.

You are all privileged individuals to be witnessing another level of Revelation similar to The Urantia Book. The Teaching Mission was created for the sole purpose of expanding on the truth in The Urantia Book. It is a more advanced form of education. It requires that most of you have the knowledge of what is in The Urantia Book. For many of the topics that are covered in the Teaching Mission are found within the Book.

The Teaching Mission was created so that you go beyond what is in The Urantia Book, to find new light and new Revelations and new ideas and new concepts. To glimpse upon Morontia Mota, Morontia ideas, to touch the spiritual side of you and to glimpse what can be perfect in your life. This was brought down to you so that you may benefit further from this knowledge and information.

The rest of the world has not found The Urantia Book, so they are not ready for these levels of understanding. They are not ready for this form of education. Therefore, it is your duty, your job to at least bring the knowledge of the book to them so that they may begin on the path that you have traveled. It is to your benefit and theirs, that you facilitate this information to them. After all, you are all brothers and sisters as you are my brothers and sisters. One day we will all marvel together at the infinite glory of God.

We will all stand together as we achieve perfection in the Universe. We will all be united when all the Universe is settled in Light and Life. This shall only happen once everyone has seen the light. What you see, what you witness and what you experience in this world is a mere glimpse of what is to come. You are not ready to see the totality of the Universal Light. Many have not seen what you have seen. Many go throughout their lives and never even experience a true religious experience.

You are all here because you have had a glimpse of the light which has lead you on this path which has brought you to these friends which surround you. You have more power than you can imagine. You have more authority than you dare to think. Listen to the inner-self that is inside of you and do not be afraid to speak what is on your mind. For whatever is in your mind was put there by your Thought Adjuster. Are there any questions?


Donna: I have a question. I was just wondering, regarding our Thought Adjusters, how does their prior experience if they indwelled another mortal, influence or impact us in this life?

Jarel. TR, George. An experienced Adjuster has the knowledge of living the life of their prior host. The failure is not the Thought Adjusters’ failure. The Thought Adjuster brings all of his experience of his prior indwelling. When and if you fuse with this experienced Adjuster all of his experiential knowledge shall become yours. The more experienced the Adjuster, the better equipped and more effective he is. What is brought to the table are his prior indwelling experiences and failure at times with its lessons learned.

So when you get an experienced Adjuster, you get a more effective Adjuster, one who lead you all the way to Paradise and the glory of God if you so choose. Those individuals in this world who have experienced Adjusters live extraordinary lives. Many of you in this room have experienced Adjusters. There is no negative influence which comes from an experienced or an un-experienced Adjuster. Ultimately it is the individual’s decisions and actions which brings you to Light and Life, fusion with your Thought Adjuster and your ascension to Paradise.

Donna: Thank you JarEl.

Stella: I have a question. Two weeks ago you mentioned that there are new young people being born. Will these people be more receptive to the teachings of The Urantia Book, rather than our present world who have difficulties of releasing their old ideologies?

Jarel.  TR, George. Yes. There will be more intelligent individuals who will not settle for excuses or misleadings. They search for truth and logic and real reasoning. It is a failure of individuals to mislead the youth of today, to justify or otherwise excuse things that happened in the past with false words. The youth of today are more intelligent than that. They can see a lie, they can sense it. They know when an adult is not being truthful, therefore you must speak the truth to them as best you can. You may explain to them the way things were, the way things used to be and the way things are, this they will understand. The younger generation is more intelligent and they will have bright futures.

Ultimately it does not manner whether they find The Urantia Book, but it does manner that you set the example of your Godly-living for this intelligent younger generation. Yes, these new and bright souls are being born and they will be most receptive to this new truth you live in your life of this Great Revelation. You are all well-versed with the concept and the ideas which are in The Urantia Book. It shall be very easy for you to transfer this knowledge of light by the lives you live to the youth of today. It is your responsibility to do this. It is all important that you continue this work of preparing the world for the Age of Light and Life. You have in your hands the new generation that will be born and is being born. They will have the ability to absorb, understand and comprehend the concepts that exist in The Urantia Book.

It is more difficult to teach someone who is so set in their ways with their ideology. It will be easier to bring this information to the youth, for they will understand it and they will come to believe it for it is true. They will accept it, for it makes sense.

Norman: JarEl, I have two questions. What insight could you give us as to the Father’s time and will as to the translation of The Urantia Book into Chinese and is it pushing it too fast that it could be ready for the Olympic Games in China in 2008? My second question is concerning a group in China called Breakthrough for Young People which has young people who have been working in this organization for the past 30 years and it now has grown to over 700,000 young people. The word dance means encouragement in Chinese. Would this group be a good contact for us in our Urantia Outreach? The group seeks for more spiritual things. We understand that there are 874 million Chinese who speak Mandarin and that is the dialect the Book is being translated into first and I just wanted to know if working with this youth group would be a good way to bring light to China? What insight could you give us on this? Or are you at liberty to say?

Jarel. TR, George. As for your first question, I personally do not believe that you are rushing things, for the translation of The Urantia Book into any language is really no rush. It is vital that the Book be translated into as many languages as possible. Ultimately the world will have one language in some distant future, but for the time being it is most important that the world at least unite in a common believe. As for your plans for bringing The Urantia Book to China, I commend you my brother, for you are most brave to plan to bring this Book where it once was forbidden and for that I think you truly deserve everyone’s admiration. As for your second question, I believe that you are correct in wanting to associate yourself with organizations that deal primarily with spiritual seeking individuals. They are already being called to a higher level. You will be simply coming in and introducing them to new and expanding levels which they can climb up to. You will be most welcome.

Norman: That brings up another question. Henry, all excited, called me the other day, he had discovered the three concentric circles in a lattice pattern that he found in a book while he was doing research on Chinese art. He found the three concentric circles. Are these actually the same three concentric circles brought to China by the Missionaries of Machiventa Melchizedek?

Jarel. TR, George. Yes, they are. There were some people in the past who understood the true meaning of these three concentric circles and they carried them into distant lands knowing their sacredness. You will find throughout your life these same three concentric circles shall show up in different cultures. At first it will seem pure coincidence but I assure you that the original idea behind them comes from the Melchizedek Missionaries.

Norman: Thank you.


Jarel. TR, George. Are there anymore questions? Very well, I assume that we will not be meeting next time because of the Holidays. So I wish you good night and a Merry Christmas and I will see you next year.

All: Thank you JarEl.

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