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ARC252- Precipice of World Change

2007-04-16-At Precipice of World Change
Arcadia #252


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: At Precipice of World Change
o 1.2 Group: Arcadia TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: JarEl, Correlli
o 2.2 TR: George B., Stella
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: At Precipice of World Change
Group: Arcadia TeaM
Teacher: JarEl, Correlli
TR: George B., Stella


Prayer, Larry: Dear Father thank you for this gathering and thank you for all the blessings that you have bestowed upon each one of us. Help to open our minds and hearts to the truths that the Teachers speak. We love you Father, in Michael’s name, Amen.

JAREL:  TR, George. Good evening. It is I, your Teacher, JarEl. It is good to be back again. I would like to extend a welcome to those who are here for the first time.


JAREL:    You are all at the precipice of world change. The events that will completely turn your world around are just around the corner. So your preparation in your spiritual matters is of utmost importance for many of you contain this knowledge within you to sooth the souls of those who are spiritually hungry. There are many who are searching, there are many who are lost and there are many who have distracted themselves by other means. It is wise for many of you to have recognized the divinity of God and to have searched for Him for this has elevated you in your own spiritual career and has brought you closer to God.

But it has also prepared you as an ambassador for His truth. You will see that sooner or later everything that happens in your life happens for a reason and it is by no accident that you have searched out this Inner Being that exists within all of us. Yes, you do have your careers on this planet and your work to do and your family to worry about and many other details that make your life interesting. But you have also chosen to focus on this one important part of your life that deals with your soul and you will be surprised how many ignore this vital part.

Now I am also not asking you to personally dedicate all your time to the worship of God for then you wouldn’t have time for anything else. But you can worship Him in all that you do; in your work, when you are with friends and family. It is just a matter of appreciating where you are at and connecting with those who are around you and seeing their souls and their life that exists and seeing their potential as well. For even a child has great potential. So treat others as you would like them to treat you and love others as you would like them to love you.

God loves you immensely and profoundly. He will not purposely harm you, but it seems that you do sometimes go out of your way to harm yourself. In time you will learn to do less harm and less damage to not only yourself but others. It is part of immaturity that you lash out, it is part of ignorance that you start wars. You must learn to reestablish this brotherhood of man. Not that it has ever been fully established on this planet. But the idealists have persisted throughout the centuries and many have carried this message. But now, in your generation, this message can finally be dispersed throughout the entire world in an instant. In your age your communications have advanced so that every person, regardless of their educational level, can receive this message of hope.

You are all creatures of light and all your lights beam a bright center. Remember, as you go out into this world, to share this light that is inside of you. For perhaps you may not fully remember the road you had to take to reach this place and, therefore, you may think it easy for others to get to where you are. Then you may become impatient with them when they do not arrive at the same conclusions that you are currently arriving at. But do not be impatient and do not get frustrated. It is very hard to understand the progress of others. Learn that it takes time for someone to grasp meanings and values. It is not an easy task to inject a certain idea into the minds of people. It requires patience and love.

Many of you here have often been impatient when searching for the truth, and yet the truth came to you regardless. In such a manner you must observe that the truth will come eventually to everyone. No one will be deprived of the knowledge of the universe. So you must not get angry at your brothers and sisters, do not get frustrated over the lack of understanding. For it is simply a matter of time before they too will arrive at the same, if not better, conclusions, than you.

But mistake me not, there are no absolute conclusions that you could ever arrive at here on this planet. For the universe is evolving and your understanding is also ever evolving and your mind cannot comprehend all of the truths that are contained in this universe. Your truth will evolve over time. So be patient with your brothers and sisters. Be understanding with their progress, be respectful of their ideas. For soon you will have the opportunity to express your ideas and your theories and understanding. When they get tired of what the world has to offer them, when they get tired of searching for everlasting truth, they will come to you for they will see in you an example.

They will strive to find that example and to find that peace of mind that you seem to have. I understand that even though you may have this knowledge contained in this book and the knowledge of everlasting life, your human anxieties still surface and still worry you and that is just part of being human my friends. But do not be anxious for your greatest disappointments will be those that never come.  At this moment I would like to give the opportunity for those other Teachers who may be in this room to communicate.

CORELLI:  TR, Stella. It is I, Corelli. We greet you all and are glad to see so many of you together. We have good news for you; Christ is here and sends you His blessing. You are loved more than you can believe. It is true there are great changes in the future but be not dismayed, you will be guarded well. If something should occur beyond our ability to save, as you know, you will be in safe hands once you arrive here. There is much for all of you to do. Each of you has their own project and we will assist as much as we can. Meister Eckhart is here, as you know Stella, he always accompanies us, and he greets you too. He was from the land that is now called Germany. He is very upset at what is happening on your world today and cannot imagine that such horror and destruction would still occur on the world of his birth. But it will pass and we will all greet you happily when it is your turn to arrive on this world. We bid you goodbye and thank you for listening to us.

JAREL:   TR, George. Are there any questions here tonight?

Stella: Well, as you know, terrible tragedy happened today in Virginia as it is happening everyday in Iraq when people are precipitated into the world beyond. Are they immediately greeted and helped or are they in a sleeping stage for three days? And after that time, are there enough angels or cherubim to take care of this enormous number of people who die everyday?

JAREL:    TR, George. It is on the third day that those who die arrive on the mansion worlds and there are plenty of angels/companions to safely guide this individual through the first, second and third mansion worlds. Do not worry whether or not there are enough angels for angels are created and there can always be more created. In the same fashion too, do not worry for the souls of those who have died for they are safely kept and are taken care of.
What should be your concern is your individual interaction with those who surround you; your own soul. As you go through this world you must wrestle through many ideas and thoughts and you must also wrestle with your own soul. At times you will be questioning yourself morally and ethically and these questions are valid by any measure. If you ignore these soul-seeking questions when you have the opportunity to deal with them, eventually you will have to deal with them on the first mansion world and perhaps the second.

There are many who have failed to placate these questions before they leave this planet and in turn they take these problems with them and some even go so far as to try to perpetuate these human problems. It is an interesting thing how those who die and have freshly arrived here on these mansion worlds try to congregate in their usual groups and carry with them the same sorts of discrimination that they had here on this planet. It is very difficult at times to pierce this long nurtured discrimination and to show them that there is a new way of seeing things and a new way of understanding and a new way of relating to others.

This idea is not at all new for it has been introduced to your planet long, long ago. But for them it is new, for them it is a brand new idea that they actually put into practice. For those that are learning these things for the first time, it becomes an exciting notion to unleash their potential and to finally be a free spirit who can relate to all others instead of just to themselves. Are there any other questions?


Mike: Yes ¬ you said that there is going to be a great awakening spiritually and that there will be many more teachers. How do you know if you are going to be one of those teachers? I mean, are we going to be those teachers or is it something that is just going to happen? How does that work?

JAREL:   TR, George. It works by intention my friend. It works whether or not you see the need for you to act ¬ to move forward. Those that want to be teachers will be. You are already searchers, you are already on a path to finding God. How difficult is it to turn and see those that are behind you and teach them? How difficult is it to relate to others that you had an interesting path and that your path could be their path as well? It is simply a matter of communication, of relating, of understanding ¬ that is what a teacher is. So if you ask yourself, ‘How will we know?’ in your heart and your mind you already know for that is your intention.

God cannot force you into something you are not. Every spiritual leader/teacher of this world has felt it within themselves to go out and do the things that they had to do because they wanted to. Yes, they felt a calling but it was through their intention that they answered that calling. So it is through your own intention that you direct your own life and you find your own path on which to travel. If you choose to turn and look back just a minute to help those that are just behind you, then you are a teacher and you have come to understand what it is to travel in the path of life. Are there any other questions?

Dennis: I have one. Why is it that the various teachers make mention of the global catastrophe that will come, but then don’t give us more definitive answers as to what it will be and when it will come? To me that seems like “Why mention it?”

JAREL:   TR, George. The only reason we ever mentioned such an event is so that it does not come as a complete shock to you. Also the reason why we do not give more details as to what it will be is so that you do not focus all your attention on just this event and leave behind what is truly important. You already know what is truly important. You already know what path you must follow and what answers you must search for. The details of this coming event are insignificant to the details of your hearts and your soul. (Thank you) You are welcome.


JAREL:    Are there any last questions? I look forward to being transmitted to various other TRs while this current TR will be gone. Until then I bid you farewell.

All: Farewell JarEl

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