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ARC253- Memorial Day & Wars

2007-05-28-Memorial Day & Wars
Arcadia #253


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Memorial Day & Wars
o 1.2 Group: Arcadia TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: JarEl
o 2.2 TR: Stella
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Dialogue
o 3.5 Closing

Topic: Memorial Day & Wars
Group: Arcadia TeaM
Teacher: JarEl
TR: Stella


Prayer, Larry: Dear Father thank you for this gathering and thank you for all the blessings that you have bestowed upon each one of us. Help us to be good stewards of these blessings. Show us Your will that we may do Your will. In Michael’s name, Amen.

JAREL:   TR, Stella. Good evening, this is JarEl, we great you on this lovely day, on Memorial Day, in which you honor your dead. We regret to see you celebrate wars that have no productive use for mankind. Surely your world will come to its senses in due time and banish war. There are other means of adjudicating tensions and problems. Only a worldwide concern can end the terrible turmoil that periodically rips your world apart. We endeavor to do what we can to stop this unseemly carnage but there is little that we can do at this point because the will of man must prevail.


JAREL:   You are at a turning point in your history. Only time will show whether you can reverse the speedy road to what you consider Armageddon (but it is not). Armageddon is the fight between good and evil within yourself, but it has now been applied to nations. Those nations must realize that it is in their best interest to stop war and to use the resources of this planet for the good of mankind.

Now there is a grave imbalance, the balance has been tipped towards war and spending monies for destruction that should really be used for construction. There are millions on this earth, this beautiful planet we call Urantia, people who are struggling and starving. God gave you a beautiful world with natural resources that should belong to all of humanity and not only to those strongest to assert their authority. This imbalance will change, but before this happens there will be much unnecessary suffering. As I said, we do our best, but we do not always succeed. Your Memorial Day honors those countless dead who have died in countless wars. Some wars appear to be just, but with considerable forethought a lot of these wars could have been averted. But because the human race is still somewhat animal-like, they have not achieved the full potential of what man should be.

Jesus, your Creator Son, was the perfect man and was able to adjudicate tensions and quarrels with a smile and love. It is still true that soft words turn away wrath. One day in the far distant future there will be many men and women born in the mold of Jesus and these people will bring about radical change in the history of mankind. Some of these people are being born now; they are young, idealistic and intent on making this a better world. They will succeed, not necessarily in your lifetime, but the seeds are being planted now and will blossom into fullness as the centuries go by.

Be not discouraged by what you deem to be small progress. In reality, even though situations seem excruciatingly bad and hard, we do see some progress being made. Your war in Iraq will end soon and we look forward to that day. It will be up to you to hasten that day by contacting your legislature and insisting that this war end. There have been many bright minds and hopes destroyed by this unseemly war, not only with your own troops but with those people who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan. Don’t forget that Iraq was the cradle of civilization where the second garden was located, where Adam and Eve left a great legacy. This legacy has been temporarily destroyed, but remnants of it still remain and will re-emerge.

We love you greatly and honor you all for your dedication to our Creator Son, Jesus, and to spreading his love to whomever you meet. We commend you for your persistence and your patience and we are glad that there is one small group in your area who still agree to meet and to listen to what we have to say. Are there any questions?


JAREL:  TR, Stella. You, too, Stella, may ask questions. The other day you were wondering why Lucifer was given all that time to repent and that during that time so many innocent people had been unjustly tortured or hurt in some way.

You do not fully understand that all evil must be revealed, none of it should be suppressed, so that what has happened is known to all. Lucifer was given every opportunity to repent and all those who were around him, who had sided with him, were also given the opportunity to repent. A full adjudication could not come about until everyone had the opportunity to choose whether to stay with Lucifer or to stay with God. The repentance of those around at the time of the Lucifer rebellion took 200,000 years, as your Urantia Book states. The opportunity to repent could have taken as long as a million years, just so that everyone had a chance to make a choice. As it happened, these people, those who were involved, it took them 200,000 years to realize Lucifer’s perfidy.

His case has now been adjudicated and he is no more because he refused to repent. All the others have made one choice either way. So, essentially, the Lucifer rebellion has been adjudicated and as far as the fact that it took so long, it is only a few seconds in cosmic time. So, though it may seem long to you, it is not long to us. Two hundred thousand years is not really so long and the benefits of allowing evil to be revealed have grown to one thousand times that of the bad.

Someday when you are all on the Morontia worlds, you will be given more knowledge and understanding as to what actually happened. We look forward to seeing you all someday on the mansion worlds and we will greet you personally. We are happy to serve you and your group in Arcadia. Are there any questions?


Norman: What happens to these leaders who cause these wars or who are responsible for them? What is the penalty for them for killing all the innocent lives?

JAREL:   TR, Stella. They will have the opportunity to repent and if they do not, they will also have a choice as to eternal life; whether they wish to end their eternal journey or whether they wish to go on. During the time in which they are debating about what they have done, it is a great time of turmoil, confusion and regret for what they allowed to be done. Some will repent and some will not. In that case, those who repent will have the opportunity to recompense those who they have wronged. If they refuse to repent they will be done away with after they give permission.

I should add that those who have been wronged will find their lives on the Morontia worlds so much better than they could have imagined when they were on earth, that they soon forget the travail and the injustice they may have suffered. Because of their gratitude for where they are, some often find it in their hearts to forgive their oppressors and those oppressors are often so touched and so filled with remorse, that they ask forgiveness from those who they have wronged.

It is a story of God’s love permeating the oppressor and the oppressed. It is an unveiling of God’s love. We are so grateful as we observe these interchanges between the oppressed and the oppressor. We marvel at the glory of a God who has formulated and brought about love; love is in the universe, never forget it. It is there and it touches everyone alike, just like rain and sunshine falling equally on everyone, so is the love of God. We are filled with gratitude at the opportunity to observe theses exchanges as you too will be when you arrive on the mansion worlds.


JAREL:   If there are no other questions, we will bid you goodnight. This is JarEl, Corelli, Aflana, Solonia, Meister Eckhart and countless others who are observing this scene. Goodnight, we will meet again.

All: Thank you JarEl, goodnight.

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