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ARC254- Stillness Issues, Brotherhood Of Man

2007-06-11-Stillness Issues, Brotherhood Of Man
Arcadia #254

• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Stillness Issues, Brothershood of Man
o 1.2 Group: Arcadia TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: JarEl
o 2.2 TR: George B.
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing
Topic: Stillness Issues, Brothershood of Man
Group: Arcadia TeaM
Teacher: JarEl
TR: George B.


Prayer, Larry: Dear Father thank you for bringing us together once again. Thank you for all the blessings that you have bestowed upon each one of us. Help us to be good stewards of these blessings. We pray for peace in the world. We pray for the coming of Monjoronson and the coming of Light and Life. We pray for the healing of our mother earth and the healing of mankind. We would do your will working in your love Father. We love you. In Michael’s name Amen.

JAREL:  TR, George. Good evening. It is I, your teacher JarEl. It is good to be back once more and I am glad to see all of you once again.


JAREL:   I do hope that you all have been pondering from time to time in your own way the ability to connect through silence and stillness. You all are capable of this. You all have the possibility and the whereabouts to make this eventual connection for what you have inside you, the potential that exists and shall always exist, is the eventual connection with the true Source and Center. This eventuality is your so-called destiny whereupon you reach the Isle of Paradise and become one with God. And this future destiny qualifies every single one of you for communication with the rest of the universe. It is simply a matter of you willing yourself to this point and elevating yourself to this frequency. There are no barriers, only your own mind and your doubt. You give yourself very little credit for the possibility of connecting with God and with those that serve Him.

I am here speaking to you because you so willed it and you so requested it. I am more than happy to serve each and every one of you. But from time to time, stop and wonder, what are your possibilities, what are your potentials, what can you accomplish? Believe me, you do have great potential. You live in this world, in this life, and what you do in it depends solely on you, but what you leave behind is your entire legacy. And you have so little time to accomplish this and when you sit down and think about it, what is really important in your life? What importance can you give to this world?

Your lives are so connected and so intertwined with one another. It is amazing how many of you miss this. It is fascinating how most of you think you are entirely separate from one another. And some of you even go as far as to build barriers, but these barriers do not exist in the kingdom of God. These barriers are only self-created by your own mind. There are no barriers when it comes to the love of God. So do not wonder how and why you can connect with God, it is simply a matter of knowing that you can. It is so because God wills it so.

When you begin to realize these truths, your life begins to change because you begin to understand the will of God more clearly in your own lives. Your life comes into sync as you make choices everyday, choices that become aligned with the will of God, choices that become aligned with your own destiny. When you begin to make these choices that matter, you begin to feel it in your soul because your life begins to align with a straight shot into destiny, into eternity. Then for brief glimpses you see your entire future unfolding before you; your entire universal destiny of light and life.

It is only when you waver and go here and there that you lose sight of what is true and good. But when you face God, you face your future, you face your life and you face your friends and your family. You are all connected with one another and you all symbolize the love that God has for you and the love that you are destined to live in. It is sad when you forget that though, when you forget that destiny, for truly you make grievous errors and create horrific atrocities. But God loves you nonetheless, and God forgives those that do not know. Any many of you walk this earth without truly knowing where you are from and where you are going.

So it is important for you and the world to understand its history and its destiny. Likewise it is also important for you to understand your commonality, your brotherhood. It is at these times, at this age, that the constant of brotherhood can finally become rooted into society. The world is becoming as one. Your technology is growing and soon enough the whole world will be connected. What better time, what better age for this concept of the brotherhood of man and the Fatherhood of God to be finally cemented into the minds and hearts of every human being on Urantia? What better age for this core destiny to flourish? There has been no age like this on Urantia. It is ripe for the change to begin.

All of you here and those who can listen, are the ambassadors of this change that is about to sweep the entire world. The spiritual pressure of the universe is upon you. If you do not feel the gravitational pull of destiny, then your soul is truly barren. Are there any questions here tonight?


Stella: Are there any people walking on this earth today who have no souls?

JAREL:  TR, George. Yes there are. There have been many people who have diminished their soul capacity; many who have crumbled their core down into minute bits and pieces. And some that are incapable of reviving such a core. It is truly sad to see these walking dead, for their future is bleak and fruitless. You should not concern yourself with your lost brothers, for they have made their choice, they’ve sealed their fate. Yet there are those who are just beginning to become lost and they still have some hope. It is those that you should concern yourself with, for you can still reach them. You can still get to their hearts and their minds. It is those people that need you the most in this day and age.

Your world seems to be changing so fast and so furious. It is simply adjusting to this new technological age. But you should not concern yourself with this rapid pace that has been set, for you are grounded deeply into the heart of God that is eternal and changeless. And when you are thus grounded the world can change at any pace it chooses and your soul will adjust accordingly, for your soul is managed by God. So it is you who will be the voice of your current age. It is you that will set the temple. And when the world seems lost and confused, it is you who will bring reason and clarity into the lives of everyone. Are there any more questions?

Mike: Yes. I would like to know if there is any truth in the books by Sylvia Browne or Edgar Cayce? Are they worth reading?

JAREL:  TR, George. In your life you will find that there are many sources in which you can find truth. And you should always consider this: Truth can be relative to the individual person’s point of view. You can look into these books and you can look into many other books as well and you can search for the truth that you are looking for. But ultimately the truth that will find you exists within your own heart. There is no harm in looking at other sources my friend. Just keep in mind that you are a better judge of things for yourself and for what suits you personally.

Everything that comes before your eyes and your mind can be weighed and measured by your own spirit of truth. If something does not have the ring of truth, then you do not need to concern yourself with such an idea. But you can always find inspiration in all the sources of the world, in all the religions. And ultimately every single human being is searching for some sort of inspiration and everyone, at one point or another, will give expression to this search. Do not doubt yourself or your mind, you are a better judge than you think.

Donna: JarEl, Stella had asked if there were some walking on the earth today whose souls were lost or who did not have souls, and you answered her. And I am asking the other side of that, are there those who are walking on the earth today who are close to fusion? You would know and I am sure the higher ups know exactly how many people are fusing, even today, or in the last year. Could you just give us a little about that, the other extreme?

JAREL:  TR, George. There are various points of light that are concentrated throughout this world and, yes, some points are concentrated on single individuals. So we are aware of individuals who are close to this fusion. But we do not make this knowledge available to any of you for the mere purpose of avoiding a worshipful attitude towards such an individual. It is our goal to empower every one of you to reach such a state of mind and soul. It is not our goal to compare you or diminish you to a lower level. We feel and we know that you are at the level you should be on and you are progressing everyday and you constitute the overall upper average of where human beings should be. We do not equate these single individuals into these overall statistics for the mere fact that they are special cases.

Donna: Okay, JarEl, that brings up another question. Those single individuals who would be close to fusion, for an example (and I am not asking you to tell me how many – I understand your confidentiality) but are they also allowed to choose to delay this (fusion) or not? Because it seems like on this planet, any who would be close to that, we need – we would need them to stay. I don’t know, is there a choice involved in this for those individuals, or is it just an automatic thing where they are going to fuse when they reach that point?

JAREL: TR, George. Your world has not reached a level where this sort of choice can be handed down and each individual is taken upon a case by case basis. There are some special cases where they are more involved with the world and there is some consideration given to them, but for the most part the individual is not given the choice to delay this sort of transition.

Donna: Okay, thank you.

Mike: Can you give me some more specific instruction as to how to go into the stillness, what I might be doing right or wrong, I seem to be having a hard time about it?

JAREL: : TR, George. When you attempt to go into the stillness, do you clear your mind of all thoughts and concerns?

Mike: I don’t think I ever do.

JAREL: : TR, George. It is an important factor to erase all the concerns that plague you from day to day. If you spend too much time worrying about your everyday problems, those messages from above have no place of coming in for your mind is crowded with thoughts and ideas. When you search stillness you search emptiness, you search nothingness. It is only when your mind is empty that this new form of thought can enter. If you crowd your mind with all your concerns, you cannot hope to connect.

So the next time you search for stillness, relax and put your thoughts away. Do not concern yourself with anything at that particular moment. Focus only on the light that surrounds you, the light that is inside you and the light that is emanating from you into the sky. And as you focus on this soft, beautiful light, then you can start seeing that the light from above reaches down to you and envelops you and surrounds you. Once this light has reached you, it begins to pulsate in waves, soft waves, smooth as satin and light as feathers. These waves emanate out from you and into you. And in these waves contain all the information in the universe; these waves of light are actually circuits that are connecting to you. At first you do not know how to decipher these waves as they go in and out. You do not know what message is contained therein. But do not concern yourself with that, simply live in that moment and allow these waves to penetrate you.

Sooner or later your soul, your body and your mind will begin to understand this new language that speaks to you. You will begin to understand the subtle messages that reach your inner thoughts and will begin to feel the universal power and the universal mind. And it is in this state of mind that you are most receptive. It is at this point when you can begin to receive every and all messages and you begin to ask questions and the questions are answered. So it is at this point that you are still, my friend. If you practice this on your own, I promise you that you will begin to find the answers that you seek.

Mike: So I should be concentrating on feeling the light around me, and not thinking of anything? Is that what you are saying?

JAREL: : TR, George. Not only concentrate, but feel the light. See it with your mind’s eye, experience it all around you. It is not something that you think about, it is something that you feel. This light that exists around you is a fact, it is your soul reaching out to the universe. And when you feel that soul, you feel the universe. When you try to think about it your mind only gets in the way. You try to rationalize what you feel and what you see and before you know it you have snapped out of this state of mind. But if you allow yourself to feel the light, you allow yourself to experience this frequency, then you connect; then you are still.

Mike: So would you say that it would be more accurate to say that what I’ve been doing is more or less praying instead of going into the stillness?

JAREL: : TR, George. That would be accurate. You put too much thought into this and not enough soul. Do not think about it, simply be.

Mike: Well thank you. I am sure I’ll be asking you a lot more questions about it later. JarEl: TR, George. You are most welcome.

Norman: JarEl, I was just wondering. This date of 8-8-08, in distributing the good news in China, at the Olympics, if that is a realistic time to be thinking and moving forward with the good news of Sonship to our brothers and sisters in China? It has been suggested that maybe we just go ahead with the English book while expressing in our hearts what Sonship is? Is that a good thing or is that fictitious, on my part?

JAREL: TR, George. Nothing is fictitious, my friend. Every idea that you have is realistic. Every goal that you set for yourself is realistic as well. It is simply a matter of willingness. Even if you have to compromise in just putting out the English version, you will still find yourself with realistic goals. There is nothing in this world you cannot do. There is nothing that you cannot accomplish. I suggest that you evaluate your options and work closely with those who are capable of accomplishing this goal that you set for yourself. You set the standard my friend. It is up to others to follow your example. Are there any last questions?

Lucille: JarEl we thank you for your time.


JAREL:  TR, George. It is you that I must thank for your time. You are timely creatures. You exist with the revolution of your planet and the setting of your sun. And you do everything within the hours that you allot yourself. So it is understandable how difficult it must be to put some time aside to come here and listen to me speak. So it is you that I must thank for putting some time away and giving it to me. When you reach the level of where I am at you will understand my statement more clearly. I do seem to have lots of time and this very, very little time that I give you is the least that I can do. So, I again thank you for being so gracious to me. Until next time, goodnight.

All: Goodnight JarEl.

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