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ARC270- Approach The Spiritual As A Little Child

2008-06-23-Approach The Spiritual As A Little Child
Arcadia #270


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Approach the Spiritual as a Little Child
o 1.2 Group: Arcadia TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: JarEl
o 2.2 TR: George B.
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue

Topic: Approach the Spiritual as a Little Child
Group: Arcadia TeaM
Teacher: JarEl
TR: George B.


Prayer – Norman: Heavenly Father, thank you for bringing us together this evening and may the teachers have a lesson for us, may we learn that lesson and go about it in a decent-like manner fulfilling your will. Thank you for each person that is here tonight and those that are away from us and we give Christ Michael and you credit and we ask these things in Jesus’ name, amen.

JAREL:  George/JarEl: Good evening.

Group: Good evening.

JAREL:  George/JarEl: It is I, your teacher JarEl.

Lucille: Welcome.

JAREL:  George/JarEl: It is good to be back once more. And I greet all of you here in this room.


JAREL:   As you travel, and by that, I mean your travels through the spiritual realm, as you travel you should remember to always take the attitude of a child, a wondrous child who has no idea what will come around the corner; but, at the same time, is excited for what may come. It is too easy to become jaded, to become all-knowing and to say you know all the answers. And the reason I say it is too easy is because all too often ideas become crystallized in this world.

Religions can become crystallized, dogmatized. So, even an idea such as God could be stripped of all life and made as a dead word in a book. So when you take the attitude of a child and look at everything as new and alive, you substitute that jadedness with genuine excitement for your future and your destiny. Do not allow yourself to become jaded. Do not allow yourself to become indifferent either. There are so many things that you can relearn if you were just to look over something again. Maybe there is something that you missed the first time around, perhaps you need to look closer to examine what you could have missed.

This world gives you thousands and thousands of opportunities to discover something new everyday. Just because you’ve lived a long life does not mean you know everything about this world. Neither does it give you a right to presume you know everything in the face of others. You must humble yourself at the sight of pure knowledge, for it is pure knowledge that will elevate your mind, it is pure knowledge that will lead you towards your destiny, a destiny full of life and electricity. Whenever you substitute all of this for presumed acquired knowledge, you limit yourself from the potentials that exist out there, for all of you.

Every single individual on this planet has equal potential, they just need to learn to find it and, yes, sometimes to fight for it. But despite whatever upbringing you may have had, despite all of the knowledge you may have acquired, or despite all of the religions that exist on this planet that declare to have the truth, one must always follow this child-like attitude in order to unlock the inner-workings of the mysteries of God. For it is only as a child that he will open up to you. And this idea is more complex than that, but, I tend to simplify it for you so that you may put it in some sort of context. Do not take my words literally, it is like a child in which you must have your attitude. And I do not doubt you know what I mean, for this concept has already been spoken of in the Urantia Book, and it has been thoroughly explained there.

And so I do urge you to be as a child so that you may always be open to these new ideas that may come your way. Be as a child so that you may always be excited when you discover something new. Be as a child so that you will be friendly to those who may contain a lesson for you. Be as a child so that you may love unconditionally. Be as a child so that you may be loved unconditionally as well. As I look down on all of you there has always been this realization on my part that you are all still children in many respects; you have much to learn and much to grow.

But at the same time, you are very beautiful and tender. And you are worth every ounce of energy that is given towards you so that you may reach the higher levels of spirituality. Every effort given from us to you has ultimate justification. For everything that we do for you, you will also do for others when your time comes. We have no doubt of that. Despite your choices in this current life, in your ultimate destiny, you are all very good individuals who truly love God and have the potential to love one another.

It is fear that brings you apart. It is fear that stops you from joining with one another to better this world. But yes, you are still those children who do not entirely know all the facts. You are still in the dark on many, many things. And when you mature, all this will be explained to you. And so you must trust us in that manner. And as a child, as children so often do, they trust their parents, and hope that their parents will lead them and nurture them, and protect them. And so we take our responsibilities as such, and we lead you, guide you, and nurture you, and yes, we sometimes do protect you. And we will continue to do so until the day that you can fend for yourself. We will continue to guide you until the day you are no longer a child of the universe but a son or a daughter who has come into maturity and who has grown in the grace of God. For this is the destiny of all of you.. Are there any questions here tonight?


Stella: This is another subject but I was just wondering if there is anybody on the other side that can give me a miraculous healing on my hand. I know it’s tough to ask but it’s four and a half months and I still cannot use my fingers.

JAREL:   George/JarEl: My dear Stella, there are many of us on the other side who can miraculously heal your hand. But just because they can does not mean that they will do it. It is not a matter of you not receiving the prayers that you ask. It is simply a matter of not trying to interfere as much on this planet with the ways of this planet. There has already been too much of that.

There is a way that you can heal yourself. But this requires much concentration and a direct connection with God. There is also a protocol in place in which many are not given permission to just come and heal those that they feel are worthy. I know it sounds like it’s cruel but there are reasons for such a protocol and in the long run even though you may not think of it right now, you will be thankful for the things that have happened to you, even the worst things, for they will be lessons for you, lessons you will carry forward for all of eternity.

And Stella, my friend, it is suffering that you have. This pain will help you relate to those who are in pain as well, it will give you that relevance when you speak to others. You are a child of this planet, you are a child who has suffered as well. And so when you take these badges of courage with you onto the mansion worlds, you will be very very instrumental in convincing others to follow the path to God. For you will have things that they can relate to, for you lived just as they lived, you are not separate from others, you suffered just as they suffered. And this, my friend Stella, can sometimes turn out to be the ultimate gift. I am simply trying to put this in some perspective and I know it does not relieve what you are going through at this moment, but I promise you one day you will be glad something like this happened to you.

Stella: Well, I suppose you’re right. But, you know, when I think of my suffering, it is to the extent where I can’t use my hand. However, when I think of all the other people who suffer, excruciatingly, to me that suffering, rather than bringing them to believe in God, may turn them away from God because they may feel ‘God does not care about me, he is just allowing me to suffer’. So, I think at some point suffering has to be relieved. Otherwise, it’s extremely detrimental to a person. That’s my opinion, but I suppose there is stuff I do not know.

JAREL:  George/JarEl: That is a very valid opinion. There is much truth in that, but I also give you this. You can become that bridge from which they travel in not believing in God because they have suffered to believing in God because they have seen one who does believe in God and has also suffered. Perhaps not as much, but at least you can say that you do feel for them. You do understand them. And this will have more weight than from someone who has never suffered, who has had an easy life, and is just trying to convince them. Their words almost carry no weight whatsoever when it comes to people who suffer. Are there any other questions?

Joe: (Personal)

JAREL:  George/JarEl: I appreciate your sharing this with us. I do want you to know that you have an eternal family that will always love you. And regardless of what twists and turns your life takes you to, there is no judgment on our part, there is no expectation of what you should do or where you should go, there is only love. But we know that inside you, there is plenty of potential and what you choose to do with that potential is entirely up to you and it is between you and God, it has nothing to do with us. We are here to support you, to love you, and to help you with every decision that you make. Your life will surprise you. You will have many, many surprises. And your decisions are your own. And no one can tell you what to do.

Joe: (Personal)

JAREL:   George/JarEl: Let me explain how the universe family works. In the universal family there is no anger, there are no groupings, there are no exclusions, we accept everyone and we love everyone. And yes, even though there are different categorizations of angels, midwayers and so forth, we are still part of a family. We all make our own decisions, our own choices.

But the families that you deal with down on this planet tend to be more tribal, more nationalistic, more us vs. them. In the grand scheme of things there is no us and them. There is simply all of us, for we are all part of the same family and we all care for one another and we all root for one another. We all wish that everyone succeeds in whatever choices and decisions that they take and make. The experiences that you may have here on this planet with friends and family differ tremendously when you arrive on the higher planes of existence;there you will no longer suffer from such petty egotism.

But you must learn this as you travel through this world, you must learn to deal with people in such ways where you can perhaps be at peace with everyone. That is not to say that you should bend to every will or every whim that they have. But you can build bridges and keep those bridges, there is no need to burn them. Your experiences will take you many places and all these places and all these people, and all these connections are valid, are worthwhile. And I, personally, will love to see you have many friends.

Joe: I want to say one thing. I know it’s personal to you, because I know you’ve already fused. If I decide to withdraw from the finaliter path or if I take it at a later date, I’d appreciate it, if that’s respected, like I said, I’m not afraid to love, and, personally, between you and me, the adjuster’s never led me wrong, but I don’t know where I’m going with everything that’s happened. I don’t know why, I’ve already, I don’t need to say it here but…

JAREL:  George/JarEl: That’s ok my friend, it’s not a choice you need to make here and now.

Joe: Yeah.

JAREL:  George/JarEl: There is plenty of time for that. Continue exploring your possibilities and your potentials. Trust in your heart, trust in yourself, do not doubt who you are.

Joe: And you know I wanted to, I’m hoping through all of this, when it’s all over – I’m really hoping maybe I can work, like you said, to build those bridges not burn them. I wanted to do something, since I was younger, I’ve always, I’ve always wanted to do something unique in this universe that no one has ever done before. I know I will. And, it’s my story, but, I wanted to, I wanted to stand for something, I wanted to, maybe even be a symbol, I wanted to do something that was meaningful to everybody, and I’ll work hard because everybody is my family and I care about them, and I want to make sure that everybody’s not, I don’t want there to be that kind of unhappiness that there was, you know? I’m committed to that, to working as hard as I need to, to do that.

JAREL:   George/JarEl: And we all appreciate this commitment on your part.

Joe: Yes. I wanted to ask one more thing and I guess I’ll leave it at that. Actually, two things. One was, are they going to finish the – I know they’ve already started doing the morontial blending on me and that seems to be going kind of slow. I was wondering if there is anything they can do, anything I can do to hasten that process?

JAREL:  George/JarEl: Yes there is something you can do. But you are also very slow at doing it.

Joe: Hey, I can tell.

JAREL:  George/JarEl: It is connecting with the true Source and Center that brings you closer to a morontia state. And all these things you can do, just as Stella can heal herself if she wanted to. Now there are ways that you can be taken off this world and be put into a morontia state just as there is a way they can miraculously heal Stella. But just because it can be done, does not mean it will be done.

Joe: Right.

JAREL:  George/JarEl: Be patient in everything around you.

Joe: I’ve been trying to connect more, it’s just, I think it would help, I’m not afraid to listen to it, it’s just there are times that, I don’t know if it’s just my own genetics or what not, but sometimes I go up and down and there are points of doubt and points of confidence. I’ve always wanted that to be fixed where I could kind of (inaudible) my head. That aside, I’m going to keep moving forward. I, I do try to connect. I’m doing the best I can. Despite my experiences, I’m not so arrogant that I would not heed to listen to the strange, strange inner thing that exists inside me. So, like I said, it hasn’t led me wrong and I respect that. I’m not afraid to try and continue to follow it even though I have difficulty connecting.

There was one other thing I wanted to talk about. I’m sorry I’m taking so much time, I just, I had to say that, it was kind of important I got that off my chest. About two years ago, my ex-girlfriend, I was just sitting down with her, she never read the Urantia Book, you know, she never read the Urantia Book, I don’t think she did. She was just a regular church-going girl you know. She always pushed me to go to church and this and that, she was a sweet girl. And we were just you know, she kind of had some psychic ability about her I guess. And I hadn’t read the Urantia Book yet, this might have been three years ago, almost. We were just doing some file sorting at my mom’s place. And just out of the blue, I don’t know what prompted me to ask her this, but I just asked her about Caligastia.

Hey, I don’t know why I did that, but I did. And the strangest thing ever happened, I never would have thought of this happening in a million years. My ex-girlfriend just started crying and she held on to me and she told me to stay away from him and said that he violated God’s will and there was something else she said but I don’t feel comfortable mentioning that here, but she held on to me for what seemed like 10 minutes, just balling her eyes out and told me to stay away from him. I’m just wondering how she knew about that? Where that even came from. It was so strange.

JAREL:  George/JarEl: You will find that many people will have a similar reaction to that name.

Joe: Yeah, I noticed that.

JAREL:  George/JarEl: Despite the fact that they have no foreknowledge of the papers of the Urantia Book.

Joe: mmhm.

JAREL:  George/JarEl: It is sometimes a genetic reaction, a memory of old. And other times it is in connection with a thought adjuster prompt or a midwayer prompt. And even an angelic prompt. There are many ways that the universe can signal to you, something. And a name such as Caligastia can trigger such a reaction from many aspects of the universe, including your own genetic make-up. This world is still hurting from much of what Caligastia did and it has not altogether healed. Your former friend was very sensitive and she was right.

Joe: Can you, I know this probably isn’t standard to ask this, but, on my behalf, I would ask that…, because I think I broke her heart. I should probably be the one to do this but I don’t know how I could if I’m going to be here for a long time. Could you, could you promise me that you’ll take care of her? It’s important to me.

JAREL:  George/JarEl: She is well-taken care of. All things heal with time as well.

Joe: Yeah.

JAREL:  George/JarEl: And you will also have that opportunity to speak to her.

Joe: Thanks.

JAREL:  George/JarEl: Are there any final questions?

Joe: That’s all I have to say, thank you.

JAREL:  George/JarEl: Are there any more questions?

Lucille: JarEl, I would like to ask a question. Give me some suggestions on how we can get closer to God.

JAREL:  George/JarEl: My dear friend Lucille, you ask me this question everytime and I always give you this answer.

Group: Laughter

JAREL:  George/JarEl: The simple fact that you are asking in itself entails that you are getting closer to God. Your willingness to find a way to reach God enables you to become closer to him. So you are doing the right thing. And whenever you ask this question, that moment, you are closer to God.

Lucille: Thank you.

JAREL:  George/JarEl: You are most welcome.

Norman: JarEl: I’d like to ask, not a question, and that would be July 2nd through the 6th will be the International Conference for the Fellowship in Los Angeles and I just wanted to ask… Pato’s manager is not part of it but he said this could become a huge thing and I think the movement could kick it off, kick this movement off that will reach us to Paradise and so I’m wondering are we going along the right lines, are, will it be successful?

JAREL:  George/JarEl: There will be much success and much of the success you will not be able to measure. You must be willing to accept the visible, yet, sometimes meager successes that you may perceive. But trust that the successes that will entail from such a conference that you are about to have will be measured in the spiritual realm. And we do predict that it will have much success and reach many hearts and many minds. So do not be discouraged my friend, when you don’t see what you hope to see. But that does not mean that it does not exist. I hope you understand what I was trying to tell you. Now saying that, I wish you the best in this endeavor and I wish you all goodnight.

Group: Goodnight JarEl.

Stella: Thank you.

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