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ARC285- Your World Is Improving-Be Its Spiritual Essence

2009-06-22-Your World Is Improving-Be Its Spiritual Essence
Arcadia #285


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Your World is Improving
o 1.2 Group: Arcadia TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: JarEl
o 2.2 TR: George B.
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Your World is Improving
Group: Arcadia TeaM
Teacher: JarEl
TR: George B.


JAREL: TR, George: Good evening. It is I, your teacher JarEl.

Group:  Welcome.

JAREL:  It is good to be back again and I welcome those who have not been here for a while and those who are here for the first time.


JAREL:   As I’ve told you before in the various meetings that we’ve had, I’ve assured you that this world that you live in is improving – it is growing stronger. And it is communicating more with one another. This was true then and it is true now. And with this larger sense of communication and brotherhood, you begin to see the bonds that are formed with the pupils around the world. And this bond, by its own osmosis, creates a pressure on the world, almost as a spiritual net that is gripping and tightening around the world.

And all that is good is embraced within this spiritual net. And all that is not so good tries to assert its independence and authority. If you are not caught in this spiritual net, you soon become isolated and alone. If this spiritual net is not part of you, then the pressure to either change or be crushed is exerted upon you. And that is what you see happening on this planet. And it is spiritual despite what an individual may believe.

All that is done with the heart and the soul is a spiritual action. When you find truth within yourself it is a spiritual experience. But despite what happens elsewhere on this planet, you yourself must create and strengthen the spiritual bonds that exist with one another. The spiritual net that I speak of is all of it; your thoughts, your words and how you treat one another. Now depending on how you act with one another, this spiritual net could be weak or it could be strong. Many in the world have ignored such things and have allowed corruption to occur. But when you are faced with such decisions, do you stay silent or do you speak out?

When you are faced with latent disregard for humanity, do you turn a blind eye to the truth? And this constitutes how strong your part of the net is, for you create the net. You create this bond that exists with your brothers and sisters and you either destroy it or you make it stronger. Ignoring it is just as bad as destroying it. When you ignore something it tends to fall apart by itself. In those cases, you are better off destroying something and then building it back up, at least you are paying attention to what you have done.

But my suggestion to all of you is to make your lives stronger and your bonds stronger – to reach out to your brothers and sisters and create this spiritual bond, spiritual net. And when you have thus created this, situations and environments will change all around you. You will see a change in attitudes, a change in minds. You will see a willingness to move forward, to expand, to progress. You will see a people changed, not just in the mind, but in the heart – a people willing to hope for a better future because they feel they are backed by their brothers and sisters; they feel that there is a bond.

And at this moment you can witness this happening on the other side of the world where young people have banded together to hope for change. And you’ve all felt this before, you all know what this is like. And my question is, can you do this again? Can you band together, can you demand change? Not just demand it, create change, be the change. Be the spiritual essence on this planet. Be the one thing that inspires all. Be the truth bearers, those that risk it all to make sure that the truth is told. Be the standards of ethics.

But, most of all, be brothers and sisters to one another. Show that this is part of your life, that it is not something that you just casually believe in or intellectually agree with – that this is part of your very fiber, of the very essence of all that is you and all that you want to be. Are there any questions here tonight?


Stella: I have a comment that has been bothering me. For a long time, somewhere I read, that faith is better than works. And I don’t know if I read that in The Urantia Book or somewhere else. And I was thinking, you see all these Muslim men pray five times a day that Allah is great, but then they treat their women with such contempt. So, does that mean that makes it all right because they pray, while they’ve treated the women horribly?

JAREL: : TR, George: You and I know that this is not right. It is not a matter of faith, but rather a matter of the fruits of your faith. If what you believe in brings about good fruits and good results unto the world, then, yes, your faith is justified. But if your faith requires you to mistreat others, or treat others lesser than yourself or those of your kind, then there is something wrong there. There is a disharmony with the world and with God. These things God does not condone. God is no respecter of men or women. He sees them all equal. To Him, we are all His children, for He does not put one above the other. Nor does He favor a certain gender.

When Jesus was on this planet, he, above all, asked for the fruits of your labor. He wanted you to believe, but he also wanted you to help those who needed help. He wanted you to clothe those who were naked and feed those that were hungry. When you do things from your heart you do not need someone to acknowledge or qualify you as being spiritual. You already know that what you do is good. And regardless of who recognizes you on this planet, you are being recognized by a spiritual community. Does this answer your question?

Stella: Well, somewhat. But then I’m thinking – the Morontia world must be populated with a lot of women because, if the men are cruel, how can they go on?

JAREL: : TR, George: God is merciful above all and He gives men a second chance to find themselves and to find the truth. Because someone here believes that men are superior over women does not condemn them to annihilation. They are simply misdirected, misinformed. And a whole population of these men are misinformed, so we cannot immediately judge them because this is what they’ve grown up in, this is what they know. Now there are various things in your culture that you are misinformed in, but we do not hold that against you as well. Everyone has their opportunity to learn and to grow and to correct themselves. Are there any other questions?

Anna: I have a personal question. I recently learned about the Midwayers and I wondered if you were able to tell me if a person I met many years ago was a Midwayer? It would clear up things for me, things I’ve never understood about that encounter and things that were said that I don’t understand to this day. So I just wondered if you could tell me that?

JAREL: : TR, George: Let me make one thing clear to many of you here. I do not always have personal access to every aspect of your lives. I cannot comb through everything that’s ever happened to you. And this is for your own personal reasons. In other words, we are not fully allowed to see everything that you guys do. In saying that, we do have access to our own communities’ activities. We know who and when Midwayers have made contact. And from what I can gather, it was not a Midwayer who you interacted with. It was simply an enlightened person who had much knowledge about your life. That is not to say that Midwayers cannot interact with some of you from time to time.

Anna: Thank you.

JAREL: : TR, George: You are welcome. Are there any other questions?

Rae: I have been questioning my sincerity of late. I’ve been wondering if I am attempting to become a God-knowing man because it is my heart’s desire or if I am just trying to get out of this mess that I’ve created?

JAREL: : TR, George: Many people begin their search for God for various reasons. And, whatever those reasons may be, they are not held against you. The important thing is that you have begun the search and are on the road to finding God. So regardless of how you started, the important thing is that you have begun. It is normal to question your own sincerity. Many people begin this introspection of oneself and what you find may not always be what you like. But this is part of the journey in discovering yourself and knowing who you are.

But remember, above all, that God knows you as a perfected son and that your journey with Him has been completed in some future date. So He has full confidence in you to continue this path and to find your ultimate destiny. Eventually you will get past all your personal questions that you have about yourself and then you will begin to add to yourself and grow. Not just with God, but with everyone around you. You are not expected to be perfect here and now. Do not be too hard on yourself when you are imperfect.

The important thing is not to give up, to continue, to move forward and find yourself through all this turmoil and through all these challenges. When you ask yourself “Am I sincere?”, in asking the question you have answered it for you have questioned yourself on that sincerity. And when you question the sincerity, you immediately decide on being sincere. I would have a problem if you’ve never questioned your sincerity, for then I would never know whether you were sincere or not.
Does that answer your question?

Rae: I am grateful for your response. Thank you.

JAREL: : TR, George: You are welcome. Are there any other questions?

Anna: When you said we should band together to stand up against things that are wrong, do you mean politically, do you mean kind of in protest? I wasn’t really clear on that.

JAREL: : TR, George: I am not asking you to be political. What I am asking you is to band together as like-minded people. You who read The Urantia Book have had access to higher forms of thinking, higher forms of treating one another. You have access to the equality that exists with not just Urantians but with all peoples of all universes. You have this knowledge that God is equal to all of you and that God loves all. And when I ask you to band together, I ask you to band together in thoughts and in mind.

When you see the mistreatment of women, speak up. When you see someone condemning someone because of their own personal beliefs, speak up. All of you have this voice inside you that knows the truth and staying silent only condones that which is wrong. And it is up to you, ultimately, to interpret what I say here in your own way for I cannot tell you exactly what to do. In your hearts you know what to do. In your hearts you know when someone has done something wrong to someone you know and you’ve stayed silent. You who read The Urantia Book should know how people should be treated. You who read The Urantia Book should know how this road should be. And I know that you alone cannot change the world. But, together, with all your strengths and all your thoughts, you can bring about real change.

One day you will see how easy change can be for it is within your power to do this. It is only that you have been led to believe that real change is impossible. But, then again, I tell you that those that read The Urantia Book should know better. You read these words, but do you believe them? Do you feel them in your hearts? Do you practice them upon your life? There are concepts and ideas and philosophies that inspire the world, but do you embrace them? Do you make them part of you? That is the real revolution, when you embrace the truth that is within the pages of this book and it becomes you. Are there any more questions?

Mike: JarEl, I’d just like to thank you so much for your lessons this evening. In your initial lesson you answered a question that I had in my mind before arriving today. Then I thought that you might speak to it just a bit more. I’ve been grappling a little bit with concern about the state of the world. And I’ve realized that my own spiritual progress and in my own maturing nature, I’ve found this love of the potential of my fellows. And sometimes I wonder, cause many people around me look at the world and say “Oh, things are worse than ever…” And, I’ve had this feeling that the world has been changing and has been getting better and has been growing awareness.

And sometimes I grapple with this uncertainty of whether or not it’s me who’s changing and I’m looking at the world through rose-colored glasses? Your lesson today said that the world is, in fact, changing and growing stronger. I just thought maybe you could speak to this subjective perception. Because we are living here, we are living in it, we don’t have that celestial point of view that you have to actually objectively say that this world is getting better or not. I felt like it was in my own heart, but I did have some uncertainty and wondered if it was just me?

JAREL: : TR, George: It is not just you. And we do have a higher perspective and I can tell you with certainty that there is a multiplication effect happening all around the world. Young people, such as yourself, are discovering that you do not have to be afraid of one another – that you can be friends, that you can relate to one another. For so long this illusion of separation has dominated all your countries, including this country. You have been led to believe that there is a curtain of evil that surrounds you and that you are isolated and that you should be afraid of one another. But all these are illusions are meant to keep you separate and controlled.

You have real power to reach out to one another and connect. And when you make these connections these curtains of illusions fall apart. They are nothing more than paper-thin screens that prevent you from seeing your brothers and sisters on the other side. But when you rip through these false illusions, you discover how connected you are with the rest of the world. You have commonality with one another. You all had a common ancestry and you have a common destiny. You are all on this boat together with one another and it is in your best interest to make the best of it.

And, no, you do not have rose-colored glasses that separate you from others who supposedly are rational. Most rational people are just fearful people. They rationalize that another country will attack you. They rationalize that another country is evil. But that is not always the case. Your leaders do not make up the country. Your leaders are just people that have been elected or selected to represent you. But the real people, those that work to feed their families, are no different than any of you. They are very similar in many ways. So it is not just you, it is happening all over this world.

Young people are discovering that they can talk to one another and they can relate. And in your heart you’ve discovered this truth. The real trick is can you apply this to other species from other universes? Can you find that commonality with them despite your cultural differences and the differences in species? It would behoove those that still carry these biases towards other countries and other peoples to let go of this and embrace your brothers and sisters regardless of where they are at or what banner they wave. It is no longer economical to hate one another. It will ruin you. It will isolate you if you follow that terrible path. So find one another and embrace your brothers and sisters for you all have a common destiny. Are there any other questions?

Anna: I have been meeting a lot of people at work who are coming into my job who have cancer, or, who are battling cancer. Other than prayer, that’s all I know to offer…to say I’ll pray for them. Is there anything else that we could do to help others who are battling those kinds of illnesses?

JAREL: : TR, George: It is very good of you that you are so caring towards others that have this disease. And, from what I’ve gathered, when you do this a lot there is always the possibility to do more. But, in fact, the solution to the problem that exists…each person who battles with such disease must carry that burden with them and fight that disease, many times, on their own.

But there is always a solution and your scientists are working hard to find such cures. And it is true that if one believes and embraces God and His merciful justice that all things are possible with Him. And He can, in fact, eradicate such diseases. But it is always God’s will that prevails and, for whatever reasons, that the person continues to have the disease or not, we are in no place to judge why God would do this; why He would allow this.

Many of your diseases are rooted in the fact that humans have never eradicated much of the defective DNA of their stock. And this will continue to be the case in the foreseeable future. As long as you continue to disregard the breeding habits of the human population, diseases such as cancer and leukemia will exist. But these are all opportunities for all of you to learn and to grow. And, eventually, the person who has been afflicted will learn from that experience and will benefit from it. The greatest affliction that man can have is never to have been afflicted at all.

So, in your prayers, pray that the person grows and learns from this. Don’t just pray for a cure. Pray for knowledge and wisdom. Pray for a worthwhile experience through this for all things work to the glory of God.

Anna: Thank you very much.

JAREL: : TR, George: You are welcome. Any last questions?


JAREL: Very well. I would like to remind you that you do have this power within you to unite with one another and that this world is growing and changing at a rapid rate. And if you have hope or desire for this world to progress, it will be justified. For we see much that is happening and we know what is in your hearts. And, ultimately, God loves all of you and He lets you know this. And when He lets you know this you all feel it inside yourself – that you are brothers and sisters and that you should not fight with one another or hate one another. And through this you will find peace and harmony. And with that I leave you, goodnight.

All: Goodnight JarEl.

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