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LLN539- Local Universe Attended Jesus Life

2018-12-27-Local Universe Attended Jesus Life
Lightline #539


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Local Universe Attended Jesus’ Life
o 1.2 Group: Lightline TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Nebadonia
o 2.2 TR: JL
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Local Universe Attended Jesus’ Life
Group: Lightline TeaM
Teacher: Nebadonia


Dear Mother Spirit and Michael, Merry Christmas. We want to return the greeting to the two of you involved in giving us this gift to begin with. I’m sure, Mother Spirit, you had as much to do with Michael’s being here with us as even he himself. You’ve let us know so many times in so many ways how the two of you have been so intimately connected for several hundred billion years now, yet still you each have your own unique personality and creative spirit. What a marvel! It’s so wonderful for us to have such a mind-blowing fact to think about.

I am not sure, Mother Spirit, if this is the first time asking you to give us our Christmas message. We do enjoy it when you give us your viewpoint and the way you see things from your own unique perspective. We appreciate how your spirit literally is part of us, giving us a little boost in so many very needful ways, like how we perceive things, and understand them, and even how we get together on wonderful holidays like this one celebrating the life of Jesus. It’s how your Mind/Spirit Adjutant of Counsel gives us a little boost in how we can counsel each other–give to each other and share with each other. Thank you again, dear sweet Mother Spirit. I’ll let you go ahead and speak now. Amen.


NEBADONIA:  Good evening, my children, this is your Mother Spirit. Yes indeed, it is a distinct pleasure to talk to you on such an occasion just a few days after your celebrating Michael’s coming to you and having his human life with you. One thing I believe you are aware of, but I’d like to repeat again, is that your planet was very special in being bereft of something being shared by the more advanced planets all throughout our Local Universe, and even beyond. This something is called Universe Reflectivity—instantaneous spirit communication–throughout all the realms of time and space out here in the physical creation. Yet your planet, along with thirty-six others that joined the Lucifer rebellion, was very deliberately isolated for a while from this universe broadcast–like a universal newspaper that could be received whenever wanted.

(Local Universe attended Jesus’ life)

NEBADONIA:  But this isolation was something that was superseded during Michael’s life on Urantia as Jesus. Not only the celestial family, but even the citizens on the more advanced worlds and the architectural spheres were able to experience Michael’s life in what you can only think of as an extra-dimensional kind of way through Universe Reflectivity. Though Jesus himself was not fully aware of this until his baptism by his cousin John, and literally becoming Michael again while still as a human being, he had had intimations of this so many times in his life, that there was something very special, some special consciousness surrounding him.

Michael himself gave you a wonderful lesson, last year about this time, of the value and the meaning–the mind and spirit significance–of a human life; and not only his life here as a human being, but also of yours. For you too are surrounded by and literally incorporate within yourself vast spirit awareness and presences. And so we teach this often so you can be aware of this, and even feel it.

Michael taught that, being hundreds of billions of years old and literally sharing with me all of the human lives on all of our worlds; having that much experience of human life as it’s been lived not only on the most primitive planets but on the most advanced where folks live for hundreds of years then almost universally escaped death by translating over to the mansion worlds–that whole gamete of human evolution being so familiar to us: still, Michael was literally required, as well as blessed, to have a human life himself.

(Christmas celebrates everyone’s human birth)

His life is what we celebrate with our whole celestial family here, and also we celebrate your human lives. For you too, my dears; every single one of you is touched with infinity and so, in one way, you too know his greatest reach of universe reality by having a living physical-ness to you. We tease you with the idea that, even all of your libraries with their millions and millions of volumes on biology–the whole biology of your planet and the human race–still cannot begin to encompass what you simply call “life.”

Not only are you transcendent in this sense, even, as we say, the envy of the angels to have this living physical-ness to you, but you have your personalities straight from our Father upon which no limits can be placed. So, my dears, you too span the gamete of universe reality just by being a personal being unique in all creation, not quite “required” to have a human life as was Michael, except that, since you begin here, you had no choice in the matter.
You suddenly were born into the whole expanse of life on the planet–human life across all the cultures and physical conditions of your world, everything—still!–from almost the most primitive human beings to those who are now living out there in space as I speak.

(The extremes of human experience)

NEBADONIA:  This includes some of you who were not blessed with a, not exactly easy, but a meaningful life–those poor folks who suffer enormously in their minds and their spirits all the way to suicide, or just living extremely stunted lives within what you might say is the possibility within their cultural and national life. This is the possibility of having a very fulfilling, various, wonderful life of all kinds of experiences, yet still living extremely stunned lives both physically, mentally, and spiritually. There are those who await the natural process of death, then rebirth on the mansion worlds, to start to really expand and grow their experience.

So in one way human life is required once it begins. But then to be blessed with a human life that you yourselves can consciously be thankful for? In this you are so similar to the life that Michael had as Jesus where, right from the beginning as a very young man, he had this sense of presence. Your Urantia Book tells you that wonderful part when he once told his human father, Joseph, that he was out walking and talking to his ”other father.” And as Michael has told you through these transmissions, just because Joseph was such a wonderfully loving, supporting and teaching father himself, Jesus had a sense of this presence being a father too.

(Feel the presence of Michael and God)

And so, my dears, you can have a felt presence of Michael. He is your spiritual father–you might say your immediate spiritual father–because beyond us, beyond Michael and me, you have the presence of your “grandfather”–our Father. You have God’s presence all around and through you.

This is the deeper meaning of Christmas. It’s not just the birth of this one boy child in Bethlehem, 2018 years ago–roughly. Every human child born on your world has an infinite speck of them that slowly comes into consciousness–their personality, and even that psychological mechanism of an ego that personality creates as a way of getting some kind of a notion of his or her own existence.

We have given our lessons that your ego is somewhat like your bathroom mirror, such a handy, even necessary thing for reflection, to get some notion of yourselves. Yet when compared to your all of your mental abilities, and all your social/spiritual creativity, and all of the depth of your soul experience; your ego is still such a tiny part of you. My dears, think of this when you think of Christmas. Celebrate your own lives and each other as well. Now if there are any questions or comments this evening, let’s do those. This will be part of our celebration.


Student: Mother, I have a curiosity question. Is there any period of time during your own universe accession where you get to experience a corollary to the experience that Michael had? For example, perhaps when Light and Life happens, you are able to incarnate in a mortal form yourself to experience what that is like?

(Does Mother Spirit ever have a human life?)

NEBADONIA: : Oh!–thank you, my son, for that question. In one way I can just say “no”– and yet I ask you to stretch your imagination to imagine the degree to which Michael and I share our experiences. Because–in this sense–I do not need to. Not only is it not a requirement for me, it is not even necessary. Every moment of Michael’s life as Jesus I totally experienced myself–in a way as only a Creator Son and Creator Daughter of God can do. And so I too had his life in a way beyond even the Universe Reflectivity that so many billions and billions of other personal beings of all orders were able to experience. Michael and I have our own unique relationship like no other—anywhere! I’ve had my human life, if you will. Can you get some feeling for that?

Student: Yes, I can. I can imagine the extreme highs and the extreme lows that you experienced during his incarnation here. I can almost sense you feeling that.

NEBADONIA: : Well, yes, my son. But again, not in any way to contradict you, because I do get the meaning of what you say, but truly there were no lows for me, just as there weren’t for Michael. He expressed this once by saying everything that happened to him was by his choice.

(To self-limit ones use of power)

And again it is hard for you can only imagine what it is to be a Creator Son of God, on earth, with that kind of power, and yet too that kind of self-limitation, if you will, choosing to accept moment-by-moment what was happening within that will of his. Now this is something human beings can kind-of touch on a bit, but because you are not literally a Creator Son of God, you can only stretch your imagination to make sense of when Michael said he had a choice in everything happening to him. He did mention this a few times to those around him, referring to his own physical body, that “I can lay this down and take it up again.”

Once he became aware of being Michael, there were, you might say, no “lows.” Even on the cross his major and purely human fears were mainly for his followers. And so as Michael, and me—experiencing, myself, through Michael–it is hard to express the enormity of the positive aspects of his human life. This was a Creator Son having his human life on one of the most plagued planets out of millions, being able to go there and give the universal message that he did, even to the human beings of that time. It was, in part, the kind of self-limitation he put on his own power, not to become what was expected of him, but to live the supreme irony that, in one way, he really was the Jewish notion of a savior. He did have that power, yet refused to use it knowing he would then be rejected by so many of his own people. This unique human life he lived was so absolutely glorious to all of us.

Student: Thank you for your counsel.

NEBADONIA: : Yes, my son. It is humanly hard to express highs without a low, but this is in the realm of Michael and me and what we are capable of sharing. We really appreciate when two human beings–once they are decided–that is within their power–they will share so much of themselves with each other. This again speaks of an ultimate power, an attribute of God, our mutual Father. The greatest thing of all is this sharing of your life with another, and having them give so much to you. It isn’t until you reach the mansion worlds—not even in your deepest, most profound advanced meditation when you can only touch upon all that is in your soul–do you realize how much you have shared and enjoyed with each other.

(Our soul’s true possession)

This is your true possession, my son. As you advance in spiritual growth, this is something you will be able to more and more experience yourselves. It is what Michael and I share as a Creator Son and Daughter, and this is where, as you advance up through our Local Universe, more and more you will be able to share experiences with the different spiritual beings, starting with your angels, and on up. So be in my love.

Student: Thank You.

Student #2: I just want to say, we thank you, Mother Spirit, and definitely thank you, Jerry. I just came from our study group today where we studied the seven bestowals of Michael, and I am just very, very grateful.

NEBADONIA: : Thank you, my dear. I think you have the essence of it. There is something about gratitude; there is something about worship, just being thankful for all that is, all that each one of us individually is–right from God. Then there’s this whole creation around us, starting with each one of you and your human friends, and the company you have and can keep with each other. Think of all the societies, and all of the cultures, all of the whole human paths of your planet becoming more and more available to you now with your marvelously expanding electronics.

(So much is available now)

So much of your history now is available to you over your television and your internet. All the different cultures of the world can know more and more about each other—fantastically!–your world being still so primitive in parts and having such an enormously vast gulf from some of the almost stone-age tribes, to those of you living out there in space, and once-upon-a-time standing on the moon. Consider the enormous expanse from some poor folks who are in such poor health with such terrible nutrition they are literally starving to death, to the most amazing medical miracles you can perform.

This is your world, and it is so unique in having this enormous gulf, being so different from almost all other worlds, you can only imagine what it’s been like for them having a spiritual Planetary Prince—a high spiritual being for the last half-million years right on their world; yet this is almost totally universal across our Local Universe.

That is why it calls upon you to open your hearts to those who are less fortunate than yourselves, and try to encompass all that is possible now for all of the different cultures and peoples of your world. I encourage you to feel really blessed this way. You can now know so much about each other, and share that with each other. So thank you, my dear.

Student #2: Thank you. Thank you for the Lightline, and everybody that is involved in it and keeps it going.

NEBADONIA: : Oh my goodness, yes!—for even this one example of your marvelous electronics, that we can carry on a conversation like this. Although, true enough, there has been all through the history of your race those who have talked rather directly to Michael, and me, and to our Father; and then listened, and heard.

(Part of being mortal, and appreciation)


NEBADONIA: Well, my dear ones, let me wish you all another Happy and Merry Christmas. It’s a celebration of birth—your birth upon your world and the human lives you go on to have with the others you come to know and share things. Even if, in your time, you are one of the fortunate ones to outlive another; even if you have dear friends you have to bid adieu for a while, and look forward to meeting once again: that too is part of being mortal. So let it help you appreciate each day. Now Michael bids you be in his peace, and I bid you a fond farewell until the next time. This is such a treat for us. Good night.

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