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ARC289- Catastrophism, Reincarnation

2010-02-22-Catastrophism, Reincarnation
Arcadia #289


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Exciting New Year Ahead
o 1.2 Group: Arcadia TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: JarEl
o 2.2 TR: George B.
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Change, Catastrophism
 3.2.2 Tragedy
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Reincarnation
 3.3.2 Transmitting
o 3.4 Closing
• 4 Note

Topic: Exciting New Year Ahead
Group: Arcadia TeaM
Teacher: JarEl
TR: George B.


Prayer: Donna: Dear Father thank you for this time. Thank you for these people here gathered. Thank you for your teacher JarEl. Please help us to hear and to learn what he has to teach us. In Jesus Christ Michael’s name Amen.

JAREL: TR, George: Good evening. It is I, your teacher JarEl.

Group:  Welcome.

JAREL:  And I would like to welcome all of you back once more as we begin a new year for this group in what should be a very exciting time for all of you, for much has already changed and much more is about to change.

Change, Catastrophism

JAREL: You are all very much aware of the drastic changes that are occurring all over your world. And much of this has to do with the spiritual pressure that is on it and many of you pray for change or pray for peace. And this does have an effect on what the world is going through for your very prayers are being answered, but not in ways that you may imagine. More in the ways of getting all the problems out onto the surface; a way of reducing down all the harm, all the chaos, and focusing on what needs to be fixed and controlled. For, after all, you are a society of law and order and as this society, you must find ways of control over your populations. And through cooperation from this control you will all gain relative peace on this planet.

However the changes begin with you, on a personal level. As you start out this year, examine your own values and your own point of view. And examine also what you can do and how you can manage it. And with these examinations of yourself, you will be in a better position to not only think about how to change things, but to actually influence change on this planet.


JAREL:  But we are very optimistic as to the future of this planet. Much of what was going to happen has already happened. There are still some hurdles through which this world has to pass that will test much of your faith. But as believers in God you must learn to stand true in the face of uncertainty. You must decide whether or not you believe when the world around you crumbles. You must continue to have that belief in God the Father when your children perish. After all, life goes on, life continues and life is ever after. For there is an eternity of survival for all of you in which God will embrace you.

And He does not forsake any one of you. But you must decide in what to believe in those dark times. Be certain in your hearts, be true to the spirit of God. Be sure as to the reality of His existence. Only then can you be true messengers. When the world shakes your faith and you remain steadfast, then you are a true believer in God. When the material world crumbles and all that is left is your body and your soul and yet you still believe, then you are a true believer in God.

We must challenge ourselves to find that faith within ourselves even in our darkest hours, for it may not always be good and safe. Sometimes we must create this for ourselves, an environment of goodness that expands out in a radius to include others, for it may not always be there. Societies crumble, generations change, people forget their own culture. In your hearts you must continue the culture of God; the love and the caring. This must survive within you. Only then can society survive.

You are the keepers of the flame, the guardians of the light, the torchbearers of this new Age of Light and Life. You have been given a great task to bring forth this wonderful light into this world that is about to change. And with this new light it will illuminate the darkest depths of your societies so that you may see this world rise out of its ashes into a new Age of Light and Life. And this you do with God’s blessing for He willed it that you shall be these guardians. To accept this task is to embrace God and all He stands for. This world is very complex in which you must maneuver this new message. Only you can decide how and when to act. Only you can find the path on which you will travel. For it is willed that you will travel in the light. Are there any questions here tonight?


Yolanda: JarEl, will you please tell us – in your words you are kind of anticipating that this world will be meeting the end – does it have to do with the profession of prophecies that we have heard that very soon there will be a disaster that will end most of the living in this world?

JAREL:: TR, George: I would not like to frighten any of you. But I do wish to tell you that realities do change and that your way of life may not always last, may not always continue. And, as a people, you must learn to adapt to change. You must not be frightened about what may happen or what could happen or what will happen. These things are not in your control. What you can control is your reaction to the situation at hand. How will you act? How will you react? Will you be frightened or will you remain steadfast and steady, an anchor on which others can rest their woes?

The world may change in an instant, but will you change? Will you reverse your decision about putting your faith in God? Will you throw away all that you believe in on a whim because you are frightened? Will you sacrifice everything that you have read and learned and heard about God because your world has changed and is destroyed? You are in control of how you react and how you will act and that should be your only concern.

For there are certainly prophecies out there and there will continue to be prophecies. But none of that matters for your existence is always now. Your existence is always in this moment and at whatever moment you find yourself in you act with equal measure and the standard by which you measure this is your faith in God.

Jerry: JarEl, to my way of thinking, at the heart of this matter of the future and what it holds, is what we’ve been taught about God. Unfortunately, many on this earth are of the opinion that God controls the physical evolution and the things that happen on a normal evolving planet and, therefore, the consequence of those evolutionary changes. And there will be consequences on those of us living here, but it isn’t that God is directing these changes to the unfortunate consequence of the humans living here.

Rather, that we hold our relationship with God to be one that is unalterable irrespective of the physical changes and the evolutionary developments and the catastrophes that may occur on this planet. The natural catastrophes and things that may occur on this planet are not of God’s direction and certainly not anything that is of the will of God to the detriment of his created beings. Even though these disasters and these things that come about either as a consequence of the things man has done or nature evolving – physical attributes of the planet itself – which can result in human death and human catastrophe.

JAREL:: TR, George: As humanity evolves, it understands more and more the nature of these catastrophes and how they are unrelated to anything that is God. People are becoming wiser as to what is of God and what is not. And, as teachers yourselves, you must educate others about this concept. For not all is directed by God, much of it is human freewill, some of it is natural disasters, your planet still shifting, and the weather changing. But all of this you know by what you have studied and others are learning as they go along.

You’ve been through religious evolution; they are evolving their own ways of thinking about God. Science is a great helper in this matter for they are illuminating much of what religion has lacked for such a long time. And as you continue to evolve as a species, more and more people will find these things common and will no longer direct these catastrophes toward the higher deity.

But then again, you cannot rid this very idea out of the consciousness of humanity. Many people blame God for these catastrophes and you cannot divorce them from such ideas too quickly, for you may also rip out their belief in God as well. If you show them that God does not direct these things, they may stop believing in Him altogether. This is a very delicate and measured project which you must navigate wisely. In time humans will stop blaming all catastrophes on God. But as it happens, people still do. From God’s point of view, He is happy that they are at least thinking about Him, either in a good way or a bad way. At least they are giving Him some attention.


Jerry: JarEl, I’d like to, on a different subject completely, ask you to comment on how we can best reconcile what seems to be discrepancies between human experience and what we are taught with respect to the future of our lives. And I am specifically referring to the concept of reincarnation. It has come to my attention again how many people wrestle with the subject. There are many teachings and beliefs with respect to repeated lives on this same planet. There are many who experience seemingly vivid recall of prior life or past life experiences as this seems to validate the belief and concept of repeated life on this same planet. And yet the teachings of The Urantia Book and other revealed teachings are not consistent with that. How do you suggest that we reconcile these seeming discrepancies?

JAREL:: TR, George: How you will reconcile this is just how you will reconcile everything else on the planet. There are many discrepancies in all the religions of the world. They all have their own ideas and their own methods. And it is an eventuality that all religions will become one. And this idea of reincarnation is very old – it has been around for thousands of years and it will still be a long time before it becomes settled.

What I can tell you is what I have always told you about your future – that you will die here and you will be resurrected on the mansion worlds from which point you will go in a direct line towards Paradise through various pit stops along the way, never to return to this planet, never to return to the flesh. In your lifetime there will be no reincarnation.
Jerry: Well, I believe that and I’ve been taught that and I accept that. The thing that is perplexing is the number of people who seem to have these rather vivid recollections of prior life experiences. What kind of explanation can be given to them that can dispel the seeming validity in their minds of the reality of returning to life here?

JAREL:: TR, George: Many experienced Thought Adjusters carry with them echoes of their previous hosts. Echoes which can be felt in the minds of those new hosts, but these are just faint. And the lives that these prior hosts lived were on some other planet in some other world, the atmosphere, the environment would virtually be unrecognizable to the human mind. And much of what the mind does is to reorganize these thoughts to fit into the history of this planet and find some correlation as to what has happened here. But in all likelihood, these experiences come from some other universe and some other time.

The experienced Adjusters are experienced because their prior hosts failed to fuse, failed to continue, hence, were annihilated. Some of the memories and thoughts and good values were kept and have endured. Many of you here in this room have experienced Adjusters. One day you will have access to much of the memory that has existed before you. But these memories are not you, they are not from you, they are from someone else. You did not exist before this, nor will you die and come back again. That is not the way the universe works.

We like to promote every one of you forward, not send you backwards, not make you start over, not make you forget everything. We want you to continue on and learn and grow and mature and become one with God. This reincarnation scheme is nothing more than the recycling of souls. It is our business to move you forward, to move you on to the next and greatest day of your life, not to send you back to some drudgery and make you start all over again. Are there any other questions?


Yolanda: I’d like to know if I would be able to get in touch with you and learn to receive your words and your advice? I’d like to know if I am on the way to be of service to the rest of the people who may need me, or to help, to teach your mission and your work to the people?

JAREL:: TR, George: You are certainly capable of this. If you so willed, it will be done.

Yolanda: How can I do it?

JAREL:: TR, George: You must quiet your mind and you must allow yourself this freedom to communicate. You must open your mind to the universe and allow the teachers that are from God to come into your life and to bring these words not only to you but to people around you.

Yolanda: That will give me a lot of confidence of being helpful to the rest of the people around me and I would be very thankful to you for helping me to achieve this. How would I talk to you and receive your instructions?

JAREL:: TR, George: I will give you a task to try to communicate with me.

Yolanda: Thank you JarEl.

Jerry: JarEl, I had told Yolanda of the experience of many in the Teaching Mission that had individual teachers assigned to them in the past. Particularly those who went through the original teachings for a couple of years and during that period had teachers assigned to them. And when I explained that to her, she expressed the desire to see if it would be possible to have a teacher made available to her who she could pursue and establish contact with. This is what is influencing her question to you now. And, of course, if you personally would be willing and able to assist her or have another teacher assigned, that would be much appreciated.

Yolanda: I’ve had experiences in the past where people or, how you say, like a guardian angel, was talking to me and saved, practically, my life. And I’ve heard voices, but I was unable to control when and how to do it again.


JAREL:: TR, George: It is not about control, it is more about surrender. (Okay) In time you will learn the nuances of this sort of communication, but you do have the ability. All that is required is the willingness to do it. And with that I leave you all. Goodnight.

All: Goodnight JarEl and thank you.

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