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CRC160- Mother Reminds Us

2003-08-03-Mother Reminds Us
Costa Rica #160


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Mother Reminds Us
o 1.2 Group: Costa Rica TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Nebadonia, Ahbaron
o 2.2 TR: Richard Wetmore, Oliver Deux
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Mother Reminds Us
Group: Costa Rica TeaM
Teacher: Nebadonia, Ahbaron
TR: Richard Wetmore, Oliver Deux


[Transmitters/ Receivers: Richard Wetmore, Oliver Duex [We started by sharing our understanding of who Christ Michael and his Spirit of Truth is and why he visited our world as Jesus. After group prayer-confirming and recognizing our love for each other, for Christ Michael and the teacher corps, putting our friends, and those that give us lessons, into the Heart Room; Nebadonia, the Mother Spirit of our universe, visited much to our surprise. This is also notable in view that the T/R had expressed that separating Spirit in male and female energies could only amount to be an expression of gender consciousness.]

NEBADONIA [T/R: Richard]: Greetings, my beloved children. I am the Mother Spirit. I join with you in this moment of meditation and prayer. My heart is filled with joy in the spirit you take up on our planet, a planet of our Father.


NEBADONIA: You, my beloved ones, are not exempt from any struggle, but through my love-the celestial love of those beings that entrust their faith to my caring-you can accept perfect guidance. I am the womb of life guiding you into the safety of eternity. Do you not think that I know you inside and out? I touch you through your mothers and their motherhood. Is not every child a precious gift? Rest assured that you are children. Delight, therefore, in every moment that you can afford to be a child of your Father. Delight in our Father’s creation. Delight also in the goodness of others.

Have faith; trust in yourselves. You are on your earthly journey; your children will beget other children. Your love, your warmth makes a great difference to their journey. There are no guarantees, other than your faith in our parental will. We are here to help you, as you stumble, as you grow, as you find your way towards the Light. My love embraces you, and you are part of my healing spirit.

I ask you, my children, to return to the innocence of spirit. Know that the purity of spirit is in goodwill towards others, and give from yourself willingly with love to those around you in your hamlet. My love and parental support embrace all of you, whether you experience my protective spirit, or whether you do not; whether you feel my eminence or whether you do not; whether you know of my ministering spirits or whether you do not know.

Children, feel my radiance without the former barriers of sinister deceptions and the ensuing isolation. I am always there; you may call upon me and become part of my healing Spirit. I am there to share with you in all your moments together with my ministering spirit beings, especially in your moments of despair. Fear not the trust, the innocence and love. Judge not your others, but trust instead. All your learning will thrive and become radiant if kept by love. All afflictions will pass. Therefore, share my message. I have appeared many times on your beautiful planet. I have left many messages. The theme of my messages is one of trust in our Infinite Father’s creation, which is there to guide you. Find times for yourself to reflect; find time to share openly.

I now, my beloved children, will take my leave and I will join you in this manner at another time. My love I leave with you, which is my Father’s love, as is the love of his Son, the love of the celestial guides and teachers. The love of humanity will grow if you choose love as your priority. Blessed are you, my children. [many thank-you’s] Ahbaron

AHBARON: [T/R: Oliver]: This is Ahbaron.

Group: Greetings, Ahbaron.

AHBARON: [T/R: Oliver]: Often you surprise us, when you come up with your unique beauty of expression when you speak of our Spirit Family. And sometimes we surprise you, yes? the Mother Spirit visiting I know she has a prominence that when you open yourself and invite her, she will be there. It does not take more than a fleeting, wholehearted thought. She is here right now for intimate participation. Her mantle of love is a spirit reality laid out in front of you. I encourage you to step on to it whenever you desire to experience the loving watchcare that only she can transfer.

God’s love, by the time it reaches you on your planet, goes through many spiritual modulations of, what you would term, amplitude and frequency. The love of your Creator Son, and the softness of his Divine Partner, are, of course, weaved into one.

Sex-origin beings with upheld sex divisions, such as yourselves, can best be nourished through your faith when you invite your Spirit Parents guidance into eternal truth. Yet, do not concern or trouble yourselves with the discernment of which love arrives from which Divine Source. Such a needless endeavor is surely futile for now, and you have eternally to evolve sufficiently for such an undertaking of the exact source of the spiritual love you receive and allow to enter you. Just open your minds and open your hearts and let the energy of love flow into your beings. Do this now, open your hearts, open your minds and invite, invite, invite, [pause].


AHBARON: [T/R: Oliver]:  Beloved Spirit Mother, manifest yourself by bestowing your encompassing Spirit into these open hearts. Allow this sister and these brothers the encouraging and inspiring experience of your love. Allow, allow, allow [pause]. Yes, my friends, she is with us. I am here to remind you that anytime, anywhere, you choose to go into a stillness during your busy lives, you may call upon her, as you have learnt already how to call on him to expand your faith, to grow towards truth, beauty and goodness, to become a unique expression of Father-consciousness. Allow me this suggestion. During your coming days, at every turn of upset in your balance of faith and love and joy, step into your stillness, and ask your Creative Mother to take you into her womb of Love. Tonight I have no additional message for you.

Together with you I would like to offer this prayer: Heavenly Parents, we come to you as unprejudiced children desiring to learn and receive the eternal truth that we can totally depend on during our present existence and our eternal journey. We have faith that we always receive in wise and precise measure that which we are asking for. We give thanks for the many blessings of your Divine Breath everlastingly melting our doubts and resistance. So IT IS, and so it will be forever more. Until next time, my beloved friends.

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