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BBK050726 – Like Children In Your Hearts

2005-07-26.  Be Like Children In Your Hearts

Black Brook #050726

Topic: Be Like Children In Your Hearts
Group: Black Brook TeaM
Teacher: I AM, Raziel, Hannah, Unid
TR: Silvana de Almeida, Marcelo Crosio

Lesson 1
I AM: I Am Light, Truth and Life. Do not fear, children of my heart. Do not feel blocked or pressed. Feel and enjoy the trip. Take with you only what is necessary and let yourselves be filled with the new, the matchless, with the Light, the Truth and the Life that creates, inhabits and maintains this Local Universe. Free your minds from inflexibility and from suffering. Wipe your tears.

Express your joy. Be like children in your hearts, pure in your actions. Take life as a great divine gift. Live and share the Correcting Time and get ready to enter with me, to be received and welcomed in the abode of Love. Believe that a time of Peace, Light, Freedom and Unconditional Love approaches and it is Real. The illusion imposed to you in these moments is of a time of suffering and separation. Prepare to Become One with Me again.
Note 1
Translated from Portuguese by Frederico Galvão in Brasília, 3 December 2005

Lesson 2
BlackBrookGroupBrazil,07.26.05,MessageXXIII,BatheInTheLight Riberao Preto, São Paulo, Brazil Session of 26 July 2005 Message XXIII – Bathe in the Light Teacher: Raziel T/R: Silvana de Almeida

RAZIEL: This evening I bring you the good news of the edification of a firm and powerful Portal of Light that will be felt on all corners of Urantia. This also represents the aggregation of new brethren to this journey, who join us to implement the Magisterial Mission before more and more beings inhabiting physical bodies. Be flexible and alert to change, in order to withstand the difficulties of your dual lives. Experience uncertainties, but base your actions on the certainty that faith supports and that you are beings of light living in a time of darkness.

Do not spend your energy on trifles or on the escapism of your egos. Fear only the shadow unknown in each of you. Bathe in the light that shines with growing strength from that Portal and illuminate your immortal souls in a way that will feed them and let them spread the light that will clear all feelings of weakness, fear and helplessness. Allow your Real Self to express itself and to take control of your lives, so as to make you exemplary and faithful messengers of Michael’s arrival.
With you, Raziel
Note 2
Translated from Portuguese by Frederico Galvão in Brasília, 3 December 2005.

Lesson 3
BlackBrookGroupBrazil,07.26.05,MessageXXIV,ExerciseYourMinds,HeartsAndBeliefs Riberao Preto, São Paulo, Brazil Session of 26 July 2005 Message XXIV – Exercise Your Minds, Hearts and Beliefs Teacher: Hannah T/R: Silvana de Almeida

HANNAH: Do not mistake acceptance and stagnation. For those who stagnate, life just passes by and leaves no footprints or fruits. Those who accept will interact, learn, teach, act and react, live in completeness. All of their experiences are important, because these bring with themselves the teachings you came to live; they will take each of you to your necessary evolution. But, dear ones, do not be fooled by the smallness of the time that rules you now. Do not forget you are Eternal Lives of Light living a human era. Do not forget your origin in the light, so as not to miss the way back home.

This reunion brings the greatness of our being constituents of a whole. All united in a mission, all part of the same. Believe that for us you are valorous and extremely courageous beings. We salute you today and ever. We need you to prepare better and better, so that our interaction may be always easy and loving. Exercise your minds in the silence, your hearts with immortal love and your beliefs with shining faith. Accept this work as a gift of your souls. Prepare for (contact with) your Adjusters; do not fear. Believe and take with you our respect and admiration.
Note 3
Translated from Portuguese by Frederico Galvão in Brasília, 3 December 2005

Lesson 4
BlackBrookGroup,Brazil,07.26.05,MessageXXVII,NewTextsOnTheUrantiaBook Riberao Preto, São Paulo, Brazil Session of 26 July 2005 Message XXVII – New Texts on the Urantia Book Teacher: A Member of the Magisterial Mission T/R: Marcelo Crósio

unnamed: As it has been said before, we are assembling. The initial cell is growing and multiplying. Thus will it be, as much as possible and according to the rhythm of each one. We are happy with results. The Book you have in hand brings a brief description of the work of the Supreme Source and of His Creator Sons. It brings a description of your world and its history. When brought to this relative and imperfect, though divine level, truth becomes relative. There always exists the context of an era into which that truth fits.

You will have new texts on the Urantia Book, corrections and supplements about the truth. Understand as corrections the adaptations only made possible by the understanding and comprehension you have reached now, which will also be reached by many others. Understand as supplements the new texts now coming, in the aim of clarifying and answering your questions. Bear in mind that nothing is absolute, and as a matter of fact the Book is part of a great day, established between the cosmos and humanity. Answers are already coming, and many more will come. For this it will suffice that you conceive and ask questions. Establish this dialogue with us. Open you channels and your souls, then the answers will come. Isolation is being broken and humanity will profit immensely.

The Magisterial Mission is a new name for something that has been in process for millennia. It is an arm of the great embrace that the Master irradiated for this planet. There are many chapters, many forms. The Mission is simply more focused and concentrated, and it only became feasible with this name because there are on Earth minds able to receive it. With love and joy I leave my word with you.
I am a member of the Mission and work for the Magisterial Son.
Note 4
Translated from Portuguese by Frederico Galvão in Brasília, 4 December 2005.

Lesson 5
BlackBrookGroup,Brazil,07.26.05,MessageXXVIII,Do,Accomplish,Produce Riberao Preto, São Paulo, Brazil Session of 26 July 2005 Message XXVIII – Do, Accomplish, Produce Teacher: Raziel T/R: Marcelo Crósio

RAZIEL: We use to spend much time thinking about what we should, might or will do. We spend a lot of time thinking about how to do things. We spend an enormous amount of time conceiving the best way of doing them, and we end up not doing. This moment requires that we spend our time doing. Do not get lost in questioning or in the expectation of the best moment, or of the moment when you will be ready. Do, accomplish, produce. Only thus will things ready become done. Only thus will you know you are ready. There is no more time. We ask you to start doing. The moment is now.

Immerse yourselves in faith and trust. We accompany you. But the beginning, the bedrock, the initial spark is with you. It is in such a moment that the forces of God and your force unite in a marvelous instant of love, trust and faith. The light becomes intense and we then have permission to accompany you. We understand you, my children; many of us have gone through this. But I ask you to have faith and confidence in the beautiful tree you planted and cultivated, because its fruits will be most beautiful. This is the moment for doing and for acting. Peace and energy to all. Raziel
Note 5
Translated from Portuguese by Frederico Galvão in Brasília, 4 December 2005.

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