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BBK050726- Expand Your Consciousness

2005-07-26.  Expand Your Consciousness

Black Brook #050726

Topic: Expand Your Consciousness
Group: Black Brook TeaM
Teacher: Hannah
TR: Marcelo Crósio

HANNAH: May peace be present and harmony manifest itself in all bodies, from the densest to the subtlest, cleaning and harmonizing your consciousness, to bring the balance and the vibratory frequency necessary and adequate for our transmissions.

This opening was necessary today because of your behavior in preceding days. It must always be born in mind with its variations, so that the mental body can reach the vibratory state adequate for the work to be done. Understand well! This is not an appraisal; it is just a necessary adjustment.

Everything is encompassed in the divine plan for this era and epoch. The chapters of this great journey are unfolding and the previous work starts to have results today, moving towards its future apex. We are monitoring the unfolding of these events, so favorable and surprising to all of you. For the process to go on, we request some discipline, some commitment and engagement from you and the T/R’s.

Think about all the effort you have made until today in your lives. You are now just beginning to harvest results. Numbers on the planet intensify both under the light and in the shade. It is thus easier to see and perceive; the penumbra disappears gradually, until when light and shadow are well defined.

Human experience is rich, but brief. You are living and experiencing both sides of the same face: you are living the instinctive forces and at the same time holding your spiritual nature. All of these forces inhabit you and are represented on this planet by the physical elements that arose. Pay attention to the sea, the rivers, the lakes and waterfalls, the rain, the streams, the floods. These are all representations of your emotional forces and they all come from the same source: water!

It may be clean or muddy, dirty or polluted, but it still represents your emotional world. This is only an example. You are deeply connected to the planet. It is a living organism and you are all connected and attached to each other and to the planet where you live.

The importance of this planet is very great. The one who came to live among men is endowed with a light before which all others become equal. This being loves you deeply; he has constantly issued forth his emissions of light and energy towards this planet, respecting the free will he granted you. This being has constantly sent his consciousness here, dressed with different names. He accompanied you on all of your moments; the love that originated this universe surrounds you constantly; this irradiating being nourishes you all the time.

I ask you to awaken your consciousness for these beings who created you and who love you so ardently that they would burn you, if they spread all of this loving energy on you at once. For this reason that deeply loving energy has been sent little by little, always respecting each one’s decisions, always taking into account the free will of your souls and always respecting your evolution.

It has been such a long time, but for eternity this is a very short time. It was necessary to wait for this brief period of time so that humanity, in its experiences of coming and going in the flesh, would reach a mental level permitting our actions in a broader way. You are like sleeping beings; each one at their turn has been progressively awakening. Look at God and at all the beings of highest light and love who have volunteered to come with open arms to love you.

These teachings aim at your awakening to the cosmic truth, to the galactic reality, to the infinity of beings inhabiting this universe and the universes. Just as your planet is full of multiple and diversified forms of existence, so is the universe. Life forms are possible in infinite situations. And they are all alive, all of them are lives. Do not deceive yourselves with doctrines that enslave consciousness. You are free.

Of course you live under cultural laws that act on your unconscious and for this reason are very powerful. But your minds must be free in love, free in faith, free to think and ponder, free to grow. Talk with the divine mind living within you; start opening the doors of your minds to its presence. You will be immersed in a deep love. Know that cosmic love is infinitely greater and more powerful than this love you experience on Earth.

You must expand your consciousness. This is urgent! You must leave this alienated state and understand the extension of life on Earth compared to cosmic life. Start with your family, friends, co-workers, with your affective and sexual relations. Understand what happens and why things happen in a way and not another. It is fundamental that you know yourselves. This is the way to freedom and to well-being. The pain of knowing is equivalent to growth pains; only growing and evolving can one reach the plenitude and the well-being of healthy maturity.

You have come here to exert and exercise your faith. An important and simple task, but not easy at all! We are aware of that. Contact your internal God. He manifests Himself in many ways. Practice faith, the only and multiple way to God in all of His forms. I here bid you farewell, leaving the light of my being with all of you. Peace and courage!
Translated from Portuguese by Frederico Galvão in Brasília, 5 December 2005. Riberao Preto, São Paulo, Brazil Session of 26 July 2005 Message XXIX – Expand Your Consciousness

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