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BKF1- Remolding Your Life

1998-08-19-Remolding Your Life
Bakersfield #1


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Remolding Your Life
o 1.2 Group: Bakersfield TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Carlsen
o 2.2 TR: Jack
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Remolding Your Life
Group: Bakersfield TeaM
Teacher: Carlsen
TR: Jack

CARLSEN: (Jack TR): Hello, our students, this is Carlsen. Tonight in the conversation there was a subject brought up in regards of remodeling (remolding) your lives. In reality, this is what has happened to each one of you in your efforts to be the ones that believe the words that are brought to you in the text and of us, your teachers speaking to each one, bringing the truth that you know is the truth so you can comprehend the meanings of the words that are written and also spoken.

CARLSEN:  When you, as an individual mortal, gave your freewillingness to be a part of this manner of teaching, that was the very day and moment that the remodeling of your life began. There is much that takes place in the sense of remodeling. First, there is the foundation that you must consider, so it will be strong enough and permanent enough to base your building blocks on top of one another. This foundation has to be strong enough to withstand the years that will come and go in your receiving the words of truth and also in your everyday life to withstand the punishment that the foundation will take when it comes to abusing that which is so permanently there for you to build on and work with.

Yes, and there have been many obstacles and dissatisfactions and other things that have been presented to you and the groups, but when you willingly gave us the permission to be as we are, your life changed, as you might say, overnight. In some cases, it’s taken longer, and some it has taken but a short time. Regardless of the fact, when you started rebuilding your life, you began from the beginning and advanced to where you are now with the understanding of what we say and those things that are written so you can read and learn. It is through this learning process that you put one block of your willingness on top of another, so you can build your thoughts and energy and motivation in the spiritual light of our Father and His Son. So, this was really the beginning of your new life.

You have cast aside the old idea of believing, and now you are molding your life in the respects of our Savior and in the new teaching that He has brought forth to enlighten you in the way of righteousness and in the way of love and understanding of all those individuals that are within this Mission and those that are not.

But your love — I speak spiritually — has grown by leaps and bounds to encompass all those individual mortals that you may, and will, come in contact with in the future. Even though they may not be a part of this Mission, that doesn’t stop them from seeking the truths that you are learning in the rebuilding of your life.

When you started out on this adventure of remodeling, there were some things that came about, and each one of those incidents has given you another idea of what you want to build on and search for. It is your idea of wanting to build a good, sturdy house that our Savior can enter and be a part of you and those that you may come in contact with. Your doors in this remodeling will always be open, not only to those that believe, but to those that come to you and seek the light that you will cast, because you, and you alone, gave up your willingness of your own free will to take part in this remodeling that is taking place. So, your hearts and souls can dwell within this place with the comfort of knowing that our Savior and His Father are there also, listening to each one in the conversation that each one may have with their Inner Man or with us, your teachers, so

They can get a better idea of how to bring your remodeling project to the finishing point, so all will be well and done.
But at each step of the remodeling you will encounter different ideas and different obstacles. These obstacles and different ideas are there for you to contemplate and work out the best answer to enrich your way of thinking and give you more energy and motivation to finish the project that each one of you has set out to do. Each one of you, with your attempts to gain more spirituality, is no more than putting one more board in this building that you are attempting to put together. This building that you are constructing will be the tabernacle of your soul and heart to give your Master and His Father a place to dwell and be a part of this remodeling that you are undergoing.

Your thoughts have changed dramatically in the past few years, because you have dwelt on thoughts of different subjects, not only what we have brought to you, but other thoughts that you may have had in your own personal way of believing. These have taught you many lessons, and you have come out on top with a high score, because you have accomplished those things that you set out to do when you began your project in building that place, so that everyone that we cherish so much can dwell within each of you.

You cannot imagine the goodness that you have given us and especially to those that rest on high, to come to you and know that they can enter your house and be received with open arms and great love for both. This is welcoming them as though they have been out there searching for you as you have searched for them. Now They have a place to dwell within each one of you. With smiles on their faces they have accepted your invitations because of the willingness and free will that you have given them to dwell in your house that you have built for Them.

The idea of you giving your freewillingness is a major step in all of you, because it has not been but the last few years of your time that you really realized what it was and what it meant to say, “Here I am. I am your servant. Your wish is my command.” Yes, it has meant a whole lot to all that are concerned because of your abilities and your wants and your desires to be as you are in the service of our Lord and Master.

You each have come a long way in your attempts to understand and be what we, your teachers, often dream about in our students that we come to each time that we are together and speak of different things. It gives joy to our hearts to know that our students understand and want to be as we are in our world where everything that has been promised is there for you to take hold of in your seeking of higher planes of education and increasing your righteousness through the schools that each one attends as you walk the road of life that you are now trodding.

But each experience that you have with these steps that you take in life will influence your abilities when you reach our world because of the knowledge that each one received when you were a mortal as you are now. So, take the experience you have and improve on what has come about in the past, so that will enhance your knowledge that follows you when you reach our world and become a part of that world. The truth and happiness in the knowledge that you gain now will ever be with you through the long ascension careers that each one of you will be taking part in in the future.

I would like to say to all of you that, as far as I am concerned, I have a great respect and devotion for this group that I am now associated with. I thank each one of you for letting me say the few words that I have spoken. I hope I have, in some way, encouraged you to keep going in the way you feel and believe. Do not let other thoughts try to detour you from the way you think and pray and believe this very day. With this, my students, I will call it a day and wish each one of you a peaceful, restful night, so you will have the energy and know-how for tomorrow’s chores that will be. With this I will say farewell to all.

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