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DNV980813- Emotional & Mindal Energies

1998-08-13.  Emotional & Mindal Energies
Denver #10

Topic: Emotional & Mindal Energies
Group: Denver TeaM
Teacher: AhmaNiden
TR: JoiLin

AHMANIDEN: Greetings child, if you are ready let us begin. Let us speak today of energy if you will, emotional energy, mindal energy, as the energy that goes out from those thought patterns that we project.

Each individual on this planet can be likened unto small generators, as well as transformers. If you understand that the very thoughts that you think are energy, and that the energy of those thoughts moves outward, you may begin to realize how you, each of you, as an individual, may be effecting the overall emotional balance or stability if you will, of your planet. Or taking it down to smaller units, of your family, moving out, to your community, your state, or your nation, etc.

Once you learn to be conscious of your thoughts, whether they be negative, or positive, you will want to have a more positive impact upon your environment. When we are conscious citizens, we take responsibility for such things as cleaning up our space, cleaning our environment, in those areas that we can. Being conscious of one’s thoughts will allow for those thoughts to be more consciously directed in a positive, uplifting, spiritual vein, bringing light to those around you as well as adding to the more positive, more spiritual energy within and around your planet.

When you recognize that your thoughts are spiraling down into negative avenues, change your direction, change your thought. It may even help some to use the phrase “cancel, cancel, cancel”, when you’ve become aware that your thoughts were of a negative frame of mind. Once you begin to do this, within a short time, you will discover that you have developed a new habit, a habit of light thoughts, a habit of positive thoughts. Use this same formula if you will, for those thoughts that you verbalize, for when they are verbalized, they are even stronger, they have more of an impact upon those around you and upon your environment. These thoughts, these words, that you project are likened unto having come from a small generator, for you generate these thoughts, you generate this energy.

When I spoke of yourselves as small transformers, I was referring to your ability to impact your environment and those around you, by changing the direction of the thoughts that you find coming at you. When you are in a close proximity with others whose words are negative, you have the ability, the power if you will, to change those thoughts, to change those words by interacting with those around you and sending out uplifting, more enlightened, more spiritual words, helping others to be bathed by your reflected light, and perhaps change their direction.

An example of how you might do this would be when someone begins speaking negatively about another person, or about a group of people, or begin speaking negatively about anyone or anything, as in gossip, if you are able to state words that might help them change their mind about the direction their words are taking, or if you could give some insight into how their negativity impacts the overall negative energy in and around your planet, they might change their mind and speak less frequently of these negative things. At the very least, you can simply refuse to participate in the conversation.
Each time that you take the time to help another change the direction of their thoughts, when they are of a negative vein, you not only help to bring light to them, but you do in fact have an impact on the overall spiritual, positive element spreading across your world.

It will be yet some time before humankind recognizes the power they utilize from within their own minds. An analogy to help you understand the sort of impact many of your sibilings are exerting unbeknownst to themselves, would be to picture the water hose coming from a fire hydrant. The fireman turns on the hose and loses control of the nozzle and because the water coming out is so strong and forceful, the hose just whips all over the place sending water willy-nilly in all directions, with no focus, doing perhaps more damage than good.. When you learn to focus your thoughts in a responsible way, then you are like the fireman who holds the nozzle directing the water on the flame and puts out the fire.

When you go into your day after spending time within the stillness, if you can put once piece, one piece at a time of these lessons into the fabric of your everyday lives, you will be helping to uplift not only yourselves, but all of those with whom you come in contact on a daily basis, as well as will you effect the emotional fabric of your world.

I leave you now with the reminder that you are all held within the embrace of your Creator Parents, and all have support, loving, nurturing support with which you are surrounded at all times. Shalom.

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