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DNV980506- Letting Go of Emotional Issues

1998-05-06.  Letting Go of Emotional Issues
Denver #9

Topic: Letting Go of Emotional Issues
Group: Denver TeaM
Teacher: Ambrose
TR: Mare, Mary, JoiLin

Mare: What does Ambrose want to say to us tonight?

AMBROSE: (TR/Mary): That he’s with us.

JoiLin: Duh!

AMBROSE: /Mare: Good evening children. (What would you like to say to Mary?) Mary, I honor you for your attempts and say that each attempt brings you closer to an actual transmission, a communication. It is a step towards a goal. There is no failure, there is no wasted effort and from the moment of intention to open up in any way spiritually, does just that, it opens you and you gain from it, whether or not it meets your expectations.

[[[Conversation]] about contact was not transcribed.]

Mary: How is it that my Adjuster has been able to come through so strong on two occasions that I was totally unconscious of any attempt, or I was not in a still place. What constitutes that… penetration through all of my barriers?

AMBROSE: /Mare: It is your willingness, your will to connect with your Adjuster that is not necessarily on a conscious level. That may happen from within and you not be aware of it.

JoiLin: This is just an aside for Mare, confirmation for you that that is exactly what I just heard.

Mare: Oh, wow, thank you.

[Questions & Answers regarding TR practice and contact, and the process and benefits were not transcribed.]

AMBROSE: /Mary: I will not break this contact which I also have with JoiLin. I am going to establish contact with the three of you.

JoiLin: You can’t do it all at the same time.

AMBROSE: /Mary: No, but there will be known contact while one person is speaking.

JoiLin: So we’re at the ready?

AMBROSE: /Mary: Right. Just as you validated earlier. It’s more like the two of you are listening in.

Mary: All right, where’s the questions?

Mare: I’d like Ambrose to address all the issues I have with Sharon and if it is time to truly let go of the emotional issues. I am using those to bring out and clear out old emotional issues. Is this becoming counter-productive? Am I holding onto this too long or is it still useful?

AMBROSE: /Mary: You’ll let it go when it’s time.

Mare: Thank you.

AMBROSE: /Mary: You’re welcome. And it is serving as a catalyst. It’s more symbolic of many of your other issues, unresolved from the past.

JoiLin: Is there something that will be made manifest through this triune partnership that’s within this room, I mean the three of us women, beyond simple friendship, that you’re aware of?

AMBROSE: /Mary: The three of you are involved in a project that involves bonding and this is one of the many, many opportunities to strengthen those bonds. Siblings need the dynamic of the large family. It becomes more complicated. Humans tend to work one with one, in pairs, and you are learning to branch out like trees, to reach further.

Mary: I’m getting this geometric… I wish I knew geometry… I’m seeing this picture of adding a person… you have the bond between two and you add the third, and then you add two more, not one more, two more, to make this shape that I’m seeing. One person serves for two others. I can’t… to keep making triangles that all join together… a grid but not longitude and latitude… it’s a grid of triangles. It looks weird and I’m not visual

JoiLin: It looks clear to me. Thank you.

AMBROSE: /Mary: You’re welcome.

JoiLin: I had a sense that there was at least another purpose being served beyond the friendship and beyond Marleena’s group, that there is something between the three of us that will be made clear at some point.

Mare: I have always known that between the two of us…

JoiLin: So have I… but now we have a third element that seems to fit just as neatly within the energy of us, as we each fit the energy of the other.

Mary: I don’t want to say, but what I keep feeling, is that our lives are indeed being orchestrated and that the people we encounter will be filling the gaps. We each have something to give the other and something to be received. It’s such a unique, I don’t know the word, I’m thinking – dynamic.

JoiLin: Is there some kind of energy that comes into play when you deal with a triangle, that is missing when you’re simply dealing with two?

AMBROSE: /Mary: Yes.

JoiLin: I sensed that. I don’t understand it but I sensed it.

Mare: In the Urantia Book the human personality and will and interaction with the Thought Adjuster [tape unclear] that relationship is the soul and that triangle is a totally different thing.

JoiLin: Oh, right. And so, it feels as if because we are three that seem to fit and work so well together, that the energetic pattern or whatever, can emanate from us as a triangle, is much more powerful than the energy of just the two. I mean in a much more higher spiritual vibration.

AMBROSE: /Mary: I’ll try and verbalize. When you have two it’s like a closed circuit. The energy flows in the two directions and it’s closed. But, when you have to expand out, sending your energy, you’re now sending out to, as well as receiving from, two. It’s not the receiving that’s important. Sending it out and expanding the direction. It has power…

JoiLin: I’m seeing the triangle, only it’s not two dimensional. I’m seeing the energetic circuits that are coming down from… Paradise, the Father, whatever. So, it’s turning this triangle into a pyramid shape and that feels filled with power that might not be able to be there if it were just two. Is that… really do that?

AMBROSE: /Mary: I want to say yes but I don’t know, I’ve kind of lost the sense of Ambrose answering.

Mare: I’d like to add that I was seeing that as you expand from two to three, that the one alone is always opposite the line between the other two and that it is that relationship between the other two that balances the one individual. Does that make any sense? Our deficiencies and our negatives are balanced out by the relationship between the energy and that [fits all the way around tight].

JoiLin: Why?

AMBROSE: /Mary: I feel compelled to say it’s so much harder… in that… we are ready for this? It’s almost… dealing with our issues has been a preparation for these types of multi-dimensional relationships. I don’t know if any of this is making sense…

Mare: Yes it does, just let the words flow.

JoiLin: So when Mary and I come together and transmit with you, Ambrose, do you not then also make a triangle with us?

AMBROSE: /Mary: Certainly.

JoiLin: And so, your power or our power becomes amplified because of that triangle.

AMBROSE: /Mary: Certainly, as well as in a larger group.
[Turned tape but it did not record]

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