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DNV980505- Energy of the Triangle

1998-05-05.  Energy of the Triangle
Denver #8

Topic: Energy of the Triangle
Group: Denver TeaM
Teacher: Ambrose
TR: JoiLin, Mare

Teacher Contact
Mary: Last night Steve called, who’s a friend of all of ours, and again he asked me if there were any messages. Do we have any Teachers that we currently work with that are open to that style? That are willing to give messages or thoughts or whatever?

AMBROSE:  I’m sorry, please rephrase your question.

Mary: Repeat it or rephrase it?


Mary: Are there any Teachers that we work with… Steve has no group so he will frequently ask Teacher Ham, or someone will ask if there is a message for Steve, and so, in speaking to me last night he asked why don’t I ask if there’s a message for him. I’ve asked in the past but it doesn’t seem to be the teaching style of any of the Teachers we’re currently working with.

AMBROSE:  If he is desirous of having someone put an arm across his shoulders and give him a pat occasionally, I certainly have no sense of hesitance in that regard. The question and answer format is much more comfortable for me, however I do like to take into consideration the needs of my students.

Young Steve would benefit much by concentrating more on hearing the guidance, the messages, from his own Teachers for indeed he has the ability. It is easy to become too dependent upon outside input when it is the desire of our Father, and certainly a high priority within this Teaching Mission, to connect each of you with your individual Adjuster and your individual Teacher or Teachers. That is all.

Mary: Ham did not care to reveal the names of Steve’s Teachers nor Steve’s spiritual name. He was told that it’s important that he get this because the names will be extremely significant.

AMBROSE:  And I would hesitate to step on the toes, so to speak, of anything set forth by any other Teacher within this Mission.

Mary: And I appreciate and understand that, and wouldn’t go here except that I am wondering if you would confirm the name that he believes to be his spiritual name, that being Lazarus.

AMBROSE:   I am sorry I cannot go there.

Mary: Hmm… and if I rephrase the question, could you go there?

AMBROSE:  I can only suggest that you try.

Mary: Hmmm… I’m not sure, I’ll have to think about it.

Mare: While you’re thinking about it I have a question. At home I have a friend named Holly, who has expressed a beginning interest in the Teaching Mission and has also expressed an interest in meeting once a week with me at lunch, and I am wondering if this is a keen possibility of the beginning of a group?

AMBROSE:  Most certainly.

Mare: Are you familiar with her at all?

AMBROSE:  No I am not.

Mare: I was going to ask for words of wisdom from you.

AMBROSE:  To begin with I would recommend that you welcome Mantuba into your midst, for this is one of his specialties, that of helping in setting up the energies within a newly formed group, a newly forming group. I would suggest to both of you, since you too, Mare, Sharlana, are not all that experienced as a TR as yet, I would recommend that you take the sense of anxiety, the need to perform out of the soup, if you will, and meet together, share together, and decide if you are going to try this TR thing.

Open yourselves up comfortably, recognizing that failure to connect is not failure. It simply means that you need to try again, and perhaps again, but with each new attempt, do you build the circuitry that reaches out and allows Teacher contact. Understand with any attempt you build a foundation upon which to move forward from. That is all… We are very excited for you as well as for ourselves and for the Mission, for with each new formed group the energy, the Father’s love, moves out even further, and even stronger. And, from that base, in time, will move many.

AMBROSE:  Have you thought of a way of rephrasing the question that in my mind, simply cannot be rephrased.

Mary: Oh, that’s a good challenge!

AMBROSE:  I thought it might be.

Celestial Contact
Mary: I’ll go back to it later or some other time. I’m most curious about something… when something feels like… I call it a ‘hit’. It’s when something just comes out of the blue and bam, in my mind. I call those nudges sometimes or ‘hits’. Nudges I’m pretty clear on – they feel very spiritual. However, I had this overwhelming hit today and I’m wondering if you can confirm… if you will go there?

AMBROSE:  You want me to confirm something that you’re not sharing with me?

Mary: Well, I mean, I’m wondering if I should even go down this path.

AMBROSE:  Go ahead, try it.

Mary: Okay. It’s so weird, that’s why it doesn’t feel quite like a nudge. A little background: I know that one of the roles that I have is as a connector.

AMBROSE:  Indeed.

Mary: I connect people and events and that just seems to be one of my functions. I transcribed a session for Steve and it was emphasized that he’s a real important link in the Teaching Mission. Other transmissions that he’s had are sort of mysterious and alluding to some important role or function and he totally disregards it but it was a seed that I filed away in the back of my mind.

I started reading “Wisdom From The Greater Community” and it feels like Steve, so I went and bought him a copy. And, as I was going to mail it today… the hit was that he needs to be connected with the author, here in Boulder. He is the TR, if you will, for the teacher who’s work is put together in this book. And, I’m wondering if I’m way, way out in left field. It just hit me that Steve is going to be here a couple of days, I just sent him this book, he needs to connect with this author, who I don’t know but could find out…

AMBROSE:  Let me lay down some… information first. It is oft times difficult to differentiate between what you call hits and nudges and instinct. However, when in doubt, do it. I do not know Steve to the level that you do, I only know him through you.

Mary: But he tells me I don’t know him! (Laughing) He assures me I do not know him.

AMBROSE:  Yes, and perhaps on some levels he’s correct.

Mary: I’m sure he is.

AMBROSE:  However, when you get something that you call a hit, that is something that comes out of the blue from nowhere – boom – those are generally input from either your Thought Adjuster or one another of your angels. And, sometimes, we who help teach you, are also able to push them through, but generally not. It will generally either come from within or from one of your angels.

Now I do not know the complexities, the machinations between this book you are reading and the author and young Steve. However, I would encourage you to go ahead and share your insights with Steve, and then leave it to him. You might perhaps ask if he would like you to contact this person, perhaps set up a meeting. If he feels equally moved to seek an understanding, he may not, and if he does not, allow it to drop. You will have done your job.

Mary: Oh, I have no vested interest in this at all.

AMBROSE:  I understand.

Mary: That’s why…

AMBROSE:  I assumed your vested interest is in following the guidance you are being given.

Mary: If it is indeed guidance and not just my own stuff because I can never tell.

AMBROSE:  And, did it come boom? Or did you have to do some thinking and then suddenly there it was?

Mary: No, it came boom.

AMBROSE:  Then I would move on it.

Mary: Okay… Can you explain why you do not want to confirm the name that Steve got, his spiritual name?

AMBROSE:  Part of it, on some level certainly, has to do with JoiLin’s anxiety in regard to this particular question. But there is another real part that has to do with my own proclivities. I do not like to interact with a student regarding something that another Teacher has set down or has already begun a conversation with. I would leave this to Ham and allow Ham to confirm or not confirm. It is simply my own personal preference that is truly my reason for not answering. I felt it appropriate to let you know though, JoiLin does have some anxiety over it.

Mary: That’s why I didn’t

AMBROSE:  But not anything that she would not be willing to push through at this point had I desired to speak to this issue.

Mary: Good. But I did not word it in… I purposely said the name that he had and asked for confirmation rather than to ask

AMBROSE:  And we appreciated that.

Mary: Because I’m trying to help

AMBROSE:  [tape unclear]

Mary: JoiLin’s barriers come down not

AMBROSE:  And you are, much more than you know.

Mary: Well, good.

AMBROSE:  JoiLin would like to share something with you.

Mary: Please.

AMBROSE:  When you asked for young Steve’s spiritual name, the name that she thought immediately in her head was Michael, not Lazarus. And so this has

Mary: For his spiritual name or his Teacher?

AMBROSE:  She wasn’t clear. She simply heard the name Michael.

Mary: Because…

AMBROSE:  Yes you are on the right track.

Mary: I got

AMBROSE:  That is all I will say.

Mary: Because the name I thought of for his Teacher was Michael. But I thought, well, that’s my own stuff again, that’s

AMBROSE:  No, you were correct… as was JoiLin.

Mary: Not THE Michael?

AMBROSE:  Oh, indeed.

Mary: Oh, indeed????

AMBROSE:  Oh, indeed!

Mary: No wonder!! This explains very much, very much.

AMBROSE:  And now I have done what I said I would not do.

Mary:  I tricked you!

AMBROSE:  Yes you did.  Do you feel good about that?

Mary: About tricking you? Absolutely not. I don’t believe that I could really trick you!

AMBROSE:  Oh, but you did.

Mary: Honestly I don’t believe it. I find that hard to accept.

AMBROSE:  And why is that?

Mary: Because you have great wisdom. Because

AMBROSE:  So I can trick you back eh?

Mary:  Well, I fell for it!

AMBROSE:  Indeed, touché. This is fun.

Mary: It is! It is.

Mare: Ambrose is trying to do what you have been trying to do for years.

AMBROSE:  Indeed.

Mary: You know, I am running out of questions

AMBROSE:  (Laughter) Now, that is someplace I cannot go!  I cannot conceive of that.

Mary: Oh, but I am, as I’m finding an inner peace, I know it’s only temporary, the pendulum swings, but

AMBROSE:  So are you ready now to allow me to transfer to you?

Mary: We can try it but

AMBROSE:  Oh, we can do it if you’re willing.

Mary: I’m willing. I just… I don’t know… if I can do it. I will try.

AMBROSE:  Having that sense of inner peace is a good place to start.

Mary: Well let me stop laughing and being… cute.

AMBROSE:  You are such a delight when you are.

Mary: I know but I don’t feel like I can connect.

AMBROSE:  Shall we allow Sharlana to try first?

Mary: Yes.

AMBROSE:  . ..And now I let go of this circuit.

Mare/Ambrose: And latch unto this.

JoiLin: I have a question. Let me see if I can formulate it. The beginning integration between the hemispheres of my brain that were started and begun today, is this something that you have been trying to help me accomplish or understand and when you said the things you said in the past were you speaking specifically about me or were you speaking about mankind in general?

AMBROSE:  Dear Child, you are asking much of this beginner.

JoiLin: Shall I rephrase it?

AMBROSE:  She will try… This has been a subject [tape unclear]

JoiLin: Okay. Let me ask a different question. Do you believe that this integration of the brain hemispheres will help me in my ability to allow you to realize more of your personality through me?

AMBROSE:  Yes Child, this is one of the many facets, one of the many ways in which we have been working to re-circuit you to change the things within you, that will allow you to access not only us, particularity myself, but in addition much of what is within you, such as your writing and your painting.

JoiLin: YES!!!! Thank you for that. I probably feel more excited today than I have felt for a long time. It feels like a whole new beginning, almost like a whole new life is just waiting at the brink of my consciousness to explode into all these wonderful possibilities and I really just want to tell you how excited I am to know that we really and truly will now begin to move forward as co-creative partners. I know that has been your desire all along and that deficiency was within me and yet I didn’t know what it was and so for your work, and my angels work, and anybody else’s work that helped bring me where I am right now, I just want to say thank you.

AMBROSE:  You are so welcome. Dear JoiLin…

Mare: Oh, This is Mare, all I can feel is this tremendous warmth and love and appreciation for you.

JoiLin: And I for him for the first, not really for the first time, but suddenly knowing that we can have what I’ve wanted for so long and what he’s wanted for so long and you know, I didn’t know what to do to fix it. It turns out it wasn’t my inner stuff, it was all these crossed wires.

Mary: Call him Uncle Ambrose.

JoiLin:  No!

Mary: He thought that if he could accomplish being a favorite uncle, that that would be such

JoiLin: I want more than that!

Mary: I know. I know so that’s why I said call him Uncle Ambrose.

JoiLin: My fear of him is gone. I mean I know he is much greater and wiser than I am. I feel his strength. I mean I feel your strength and your wisdom. I think always before it kind of unnerved me maybe a little bit. Maybe there was some of that, I’m not worthy, in there somewhere. I’m not sure, but maybe it all had to do with my crossed wires, I don’t know. Or maybe crossed wires made me feel insignificant or whatever, but knowing that it’s something that can be fixed is like, my God you’ve created a monster! I mean I just can’t wait to get started now.

AMBROSE:  The crossed wires are most definitely a part of this dysfunction that you have but they are not the only part, they are the part that can be helped through this work and will free much, much, a great deal of what has been difficult for you. There is still the inner work to be done.

JoiLin: Oh, I know that.

[OMITTED] talk to Mare asking how Ambrose’s energy felt and requesting Ambrose work with Mare and Mantuba. Is there anything you would like to say to me Ambrose beyond my questions?

AMBROSE:  Dear Child, what Mare, Sharlana, could not express earlier is my deep and abiding, all encompassing love for you. And the tears she is shedding are mine, for my love for you, and how much you have given to me with your willingness to work through all of the things we have worked through together, your fears, your past. It is such a privilege to work with you JoiLin.

JoiLin: Wow… I feel the exact opposite. I feel like I should be saying all that to you. You have put up with a brat. Remember back when I blamed everything on you? And, basically threw you away, wouldn’t even talk to you?

AMBROSE:  It was a stage. I could see inside your heart. It was clearly not deeply felt.

Mare: Out of time… will try after dinner.

JoiLin: Well, we’ll see you later Bud

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