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DNV980416- Having A Closed Mind

1998-04-16-Having A Closed Mind
Denver #7

Topic: Having a Closed Mind
Group: Denver TeaM
Teacher: Ambrose
TR: JoiLin


Conversation between TR and Teacher / their relationship

  • What Ambrose does when not transmitting

AMBROSE: Greetings Mary. It is I, Ambrose. I understand you have a number of questions for me. I’m liking this format. We will gain much, all of us together.

Mary: First, will you share the conversation you and Joi were just having?

AMBROSE: Certainly. I was telling her… Actually she asked me if I was there and I said certainly I was there. She asked if I’d always been here, and I said certainly. This job that I have taken on is no longer a job. She has become a dear little sister, a loved friend, a true comrade, and I would have her know me on all the levels of my being as I would know her on hers. It was at this point that she realized she and I were having a conversation by ourselves and that we ought to include you.

Mary: Well, thank you.

AMBROSE: : You’re welcome.

Mary: I’m delighted. I told JoiLin I was going to ask you how you’ve been and what do you do while she’s off talking to all the other Teachers!

AMBROSE: I’ve been quite well, thank you. I am always available to JoiLin. As I mentioned to her a moment ago but neglected to relate to you, I am never disconnected from her circuit. We are connected even when I am off on reversion and were she to need me I would be there instantly, connected to her and would make myself available to her as does your teacher become available to you at anytime. I have other pursuits. I still spend time working in the gardens, that is one of the loves of my life. I gain much pleasure from digging in the ‘earth’, not really earth – ground, and helping the Father to produce beauty for others to enjoy.

  • Building Teacher-Student relationship and communication blocks

Mary: How delightful. One of her questions was how best she could build or foster a friendship between the two of you and how can she help you to be free to express yourself as yourself.

AMBROSE: That would take some work, for the most part, because JoiLin still struggles with the issues of self worth, issues of esteem. They truly are spirit poisons and they do impede this communication process because they are both very strong emotions. They interfere with her growing faith when they are allowed to have their energy become engaged in the energy of this communication. JoiLin is not aware that this is going on and that is why it just seems to her an inexplicable block. That is the block. This format that you have initiated, is a good one. This will build bonds that heretofore have not been able to be built and will facilitate a much easier flow of conversation ‘give and take’ between all of us. This will help to tear down or knock down the defenses she has set up within herself. And, so I thank you.

Mary: My pleasure. It’s nice to feel useful.

AMBROSE: Do not be surprised if JoiLin does not suddenly become the one who wants to have these sessions all the time. You will be sharing in wanting to have sessions, I have a feeling. You will be wanting them for your own growth and JoiLin will also be wanting them for her own growth and this is good.

Mary: I can share!

AMBROSE: I thought that you might.

  •  Poor self esteem / Marleena Group

Mary: Oh, yeah. Something came to mind about poor self esteem. I have that and I’m wondering, the eight people in this love circuit – our circuit of Light and Love or Marleena’s group that has started – if that’s not something we all share in common?

AMBROSE: Indeed, for the most part. It is an unfortunate aftermath of the double default, the rebellion. This is in great part what the Correcting Time is all about. Marleena mentioned the other day that there were many levels being served simultaneously within this group process. Let me reiterate and underline that in fact there are many, many issues and levels being served here. Issues for each of you individually, issues that will impact upon the Mission, your planet in general, your environment.

I cannot instill in you enough, the seriousness of what it is you begin to work with. I do not suggest that you lose your sense of humor, for your sense of humor is one of the gifts that you have brought to the group, the gift you bring to any group. JoiLin was correct when she wondered if perhaps she took things too much for granted, and perhaps needed to apply a bit more seriousness. For her part this is true. It would serve her to realign her thinking or reassess her thinking, and recognize that what she has agreed to do is both a gift to herself and a gift to her planet.

  • How do we know Father’s Will for us?

Mary: Let me go through some of these questions that are written down. JoiLin asked how best can she follow the Father’s will for her and in what area should she put the most effort?

AMBROSE: When JoiLin makes the time to sit with the Father in stillness, and opens her heart to her connection with him, this is how she should begin her day. This is the hope of the Mission that this is how all the students will eventually begin their day, for in this open-hearted intent of making the connection is the avenue made more clear, more receptive to you. It’s his will for you, his guidance for you, more discernible to you. So that is my recommendation. That is how she will know the direction she needs to take, she will know.

Mary: Thank you.

AMBROSE: You’re quite welcome.

  • Do Teachers become friends because their students are friends and what do you do together?

Mary: JoiLin and I are such close, loving friends and I had this sort of visualization that since you are her personal Teacher and A’Cilla is my personal Teacher, and since we are together – JoiLin and I are together so much – do the Teachers become friends by association?

AMBROSE: Most certainly!

Mary: So you guys get to hang out and party when we’re partying, so to speak?

AMBROSE: So to speak. Although in fact, we do ‘hang out’ together anyway.

Mary: Okay… and if you’re not partying, what do you do?

AMBROSE: Well, we share with one another. All of the Teachers share with one another their triumphs with their students, their frustrations, the insights they were able to feed into their students, the connections they’ve been able to affect between themselves and their students – their students and others – the growth that they’ve been able to witness within the lives of their students and those around them. Oh, we have much to share, much to talk about.

Mary: Not too unlike what’s going on right here.

AMBROSE: Precisely. And, not too much different than what happens in your Teaching Mission meetings as witnessed the other night. Those times are truly a delight and a lesson for those of us who are privileged to participate.

Many levels served

  • UFOs, ETs, open circuits

Mary: This is a totally, what we call, off-the-wall, question.

AMBROSE: But I’m sure that will not stop you, if what I have heard regarding you, Young Mary, is true.

Mary: (Laughing) It’s all true I’m sure! Umm… And by the way, that reputation that has sort of built up around me, has really helped my self esteem. It makes me appreciate my personality more.

AMBROSE: Good. So one level is indeed being served in your court is it not?

Mary: Oh, yes, and I’m expressing that and my appreciation for that.

AMBROSE: : Recognize that there are also other levels being served within the fabric of your life.

Mary: I’m sure but, I don’t have the viewpoint, to step back and look and see all the levels being served.

AMBROSE: Of course not.

Mary: So, if I can just get a little flavor, an idea, that I’m being served on one level, I feel I’ve accomplished something.

AMBROSE: Absolutely.

Mary: I went through a phase of UFO interest and something was mentioned about that. I said, oh, I went through that phase. Some book that I’m reading brought up extra-terrestrials and so I kind of lost interest [in the book]. I can’t help but think [name omitted] keeps posting from some command and I don’t delete them because he’s part of our group and I feel somewhat guilty. However, the group that we had, the dynamic that we had, touches my heart more than the UFO phenomena. I guess my question is how does the UFO stuff fit in with the Teaching Mission? Why is there such a strong segment that…

AMBROSE: It is for the most part, one piece of the larger puzzle, if you will. It is a door through which the seeking mind, the open mind, will walk. And, as you walk through this door and gather together the information available to you, those pieces that resonate will stick and become a part of your core belief and those pieces that do not resonate will fall away. At some point you will have absorbed all that you were intended to absorb within that particular classroom and you will move on, pass through the door, and move into another room. It is part of the path, Little One, that led you to where you are today – a very important piece of your history. [Tape unclear], an extraterrestrial, if not simply another being on another world similar or not similar to your own?

Mary: Well, I don’t have a problem with ETs

AMBROSE: I would hope not.

Mary: No. And my interest lies in the fact that the circuits are being reopened, that we will at some point in our near future, have communication with other planets, with other races.

AMBROSE: Most certainly.

Mary: And there is a real division on this planet between those that find it’s a terrifying, fearful idea and those that except it as being part of the greater community or being part of a universe.

AMBROSE: Yes. But, because of the work being done on your world at this present time, because of the increased spiritual pressure, the increased numbers that flock to this world to participate, to offer their help, more and more lines are opening to the idea of others being present within their universe. [Tape unclear] being up-stepped number of movies, videos, stories, whatever, that have to deal with angels, and UFOs, and extraterrestrials, and contact, or possible contact, these are being fed into the fabric of your world as a tool to help open minds, and help with this ups-tepped level of consciousness, if you will. They’re part of the big picture and are helping mankind.

  • Having a closed mind

Mary: On a personal level, my dad thinks the end of the world is coming. How do you help someone to get beyond that kind of fear?

AMBROSE: Simply by planting seeds Little One. And, they may be refused. His mind may be closed because he believes what he believes. And, that is all right. He will get this knowledge. His mind will become open when the time is right for him, whether it be here or beyond. Trust that it will indeed happen, that he is safe and he is fine exactly where he is in his path. You are simply a bit further ahead.

Mary: I have a closed mind. I insist that the world’s not ending and that I’m perfectly safe in God’s hands and nobody can convince me otherwise.

AMBROSE: Precisely. And, it’s because you believe what you believe, that your mind is closed. And, for the most part that holds true for most religionist that are very adamant in where they stand.

  • Ambrose is asked how A’Cilla would describe his personality

Mary: I’m trying to formulate a question that will give us more of a sense of your personality. Umm, all right, how do you think my Teacher would describe you as a Teacher?


Mary: I love these questions!

AMBROSE: How do I think A’Cilla would describe me? What is the purpose of this question? Why could you not ask A’Cilla when you have A’Cilla on line?

Mary: It didn’t occur to me until just now. And, being a mortal, let me explain. Being a mortal, and this may not apply to you anymore, but being a mortal, if I was asked to describe myself, I would be reluctant to say certain things. I wouldn’t want to so-called, ‘toot my own horn’, whereas if you asked me how would JoiLin describe me, then I would step into her shoes and be able to ‘toot my horn’ because JoiLin would do that. So, if that doesn’t apply, if you are very comfortable talking about all your strengths and good points and…

AMBROSE: I do not have a strong sense of ego at this point in my development, that’s for the most part let go of. I think A’Cilla sees me as, oh perhaps, more, more intellectual perhaps, more coming from the left brain perhaps, as you coin the term on your world. She may see me as more of an authoritarian by nature than perhaps she. I know that she puts her trust in my ability to perceive correctly and so she uses me to bounce things off of and, as one of her primary advisors, she recognizes my seniority in regard to her position but has no difficulty with that, nor do any of us. She has a very tender heart and so has empathized with me many times over when I have voiced my frustration at not being able to help JoiLin break through this final barrier. That would allow for a greater, deeper, closer connection to be established. In fact, A’Cilla and I are very close comrades. We are more than associates. We are dear friends to one another.

Mary: How appropriate. And, is there anything you would like to add?

AMBROSE: In regard to?

Mary: How you see yourself.

AMBROSE: How I see myself?

Mary: As JoiLin’s teacher? Your personality. JoiLin wants to know who you are.

AMBROSE: I see myself as advisor, as with the energy of a beloved uncle. That is my hope. I doubt very much that JoiLin will be able to let go of the reserve she feels in regard to our relationship to the extent that we would be able to become parenthetically best friends.

Mary: Does this pain you?

AMBROSE: No. No. I know the capacity of her love. That of a beloved uncle would be more than satisfying to me and would allow for a very close and harmonious relationship to become established and fostered. And, that is my deepest desire.

Mary: Is her resistance lowered today?

AMBROSE: Yes, I think it might be.

Mary: I think she was ready.

AMBROSE: I think you’re correct on that one.

  •  Student describes feelings for Teachers

Mary: I feel very strong fondness for A’Cilla, and for Will. Will was the first teacher that came to my aid. A’Sandra, for the first time on Tuesday night… when she teased me I just… she became endeared.

AMBROSE: As did you, Little One. For you, at least on some level, seem to help to facilitate A’Sandra’s ability to feel her connection with her group. That was missing and is now well established and she feels deeply indebted to you for this.

Mary: Well, if it is perceived as a gift, if it is indeed a gift that I am able to give, it comes so easily to me that I am just delighted to be able to facilitate these friendships because that’s what they are. It’s given me a truly deeper understanding of the Urantia Book when it speaks of being able to recognize one another by our personalities.

AMBROSE: You are one of the individuals within this Mission that we use the term ‘connector’ for and with good reason, for you easily facilitate connections between people. And, that is one of your roles.

  •  Anger and temper tantrums

Mary: I enjoy that role. So, I’m thoroughly delighted that I can help in this way. I have seen it with, primarily with JoiLin. She appreciates the relationship. She was so appalled and swore she would never do another TR session for me because I was so mad at A’Cilla, and yet, this was probably the turning point in my relationship with A’Cilla.

AMBROSE: Indeed it was.

Mary: And, it just served such a bigger purpose. To be allowed to rant and rave and throw a temper tantrum and just… that’s the best description – a temper tantrum.

AMBROSE: Indeed.

Mary: But, I’ve had training! I use to get furious at my grandmother and ten minutes later I was right back as if nothing had ever happened. I know that’s one of my qualities in a way, I do get angry, but I’m over it rather quickly.

AMBROSE: Yes. And, this is indeed an instance where a weakness becomes a strength.

Mary: Why… All right, Steve said to me that anger is fear based and pain, having hurt feelings, is fear based. Is that true? I argued with him.

AMBROSE: Repeat please.

Mary: Steve said that hurt feelings are anger, I said hurt feelings are sometimes covered by anger. So, if I’m angry at someone it’s because I’ve had my feelings hurt. He said anger and hurt are the expression of fear and I said what would I be fearing if I had my feelings hurt and he said fear of loss.

AMBROSE: All of these feelings, Little One, are interwoven. Pieces of one are dependent on pieces of another and so it goes back and forth and becomes interwoven even more as smaller pieces are dependent on other smaller pieces. You are both right.

Mary: But there’s no… pat answer?


Mary: He was giving a pat answer.

AMBROSE: Well he was giving the answer as he understands it. As were you.

  • Teacher asked to describe T/R – student

Mary: Let’s see how the resistance is going today. Would you like to describe JoiLin as a student?

AMBROSE: Most certainly.

Mary: Will she permit it?

AMBROSE: I think so. She is a blessing, a light to me. Watching her develop, I was aware of JoiLin as a personality, and as one who’s potential would set her on a path that would bring her into conjunction with this Mission within years. I was aware of her having been under the overcare of Lin-El since but a tiny child.

It was not until she became an adolescent that I began to think that I would like to take her on as a personal student. And, it wasn’t until she did in fact discover the Teaching Mission that my formal application was accepted. I had been allowed to interact with her off and on throughout the years from the time she was fourteen and had her first contact. She has been a true delight. For every step backwards that she may have taken, she took at least two forward. This is not to say there were not times that she took four steps backwards, for there indeed were, but she always made up for that fact by taking five more forward.

When we began our association, when I first made contact with her, I was so hopeful that our relationship would move along in a timely fashion and develop relatively easily. I had not taken into consideration the barriers set up within her psyche, the result of the pain she walked through as a child. She has let go and worked through much of that pain and so has cleared out many of the issues relating to that time. And yet, in our beginning, this blockage caused us to energetically not be able to make true connection between us. There was a very weak circuit established in our beginning that became easily blocked. But, I have always maintained the hope that we would one day truly begin to work together for the Father and for our Sovereign Michael. I feel now as if truly we have begun, and I must thank you for you have been instrumental in facilitating this and I am deeply grateful.

Mary: You’re quite welcome and Marleena’s exercises have also facilitated all of our connections with our personal Teachers because we are learning to open our hearts and using the intention of keeping our hearts open, it opens to everyone – seen and unseen.

AMBROSE: As I said, many levels are being served.

Mary: Well, is there anything else you care to say at this time? I think I finally have run out of questions.

AMBROSE: I would like to say that I appreciate, as one of JoiLin’s advisors and uncles if you will, that I appreciate the time, the love, the energy that you extend toward this one. It is appreciated very much by her but also by me and others who are involved in her lessons in her life.

Mary: And I feel like saying – Oh, no, no, no, noooo, it’s JoiLin who gives me so very much! So, I’m working on receiving and accepting.

AMBROSE: As is she.

Mary: I know. And, we’re both making progress.

AMBROSE: Indeed. Indeed you are.

Mary: And I just thank the Father and all concerned for the blessings of this friendship and my friendship with Steve and my friendship with Lori. Three such very, very, deeply connected friendships. They have just enriched my life beyond belief. Well, I thank you and I thank you on JoiLin’s behalf.

AMBROSE: You’re quite welcome, both of you.

Mary: And have fun gardening.

AMBROSE: Yes. I will. Thank you. And so I close this connection leaving you each with my love and appreciation. Shalom.

Mary: God-speed.

AMBROSE: Thank you. This seems to be your signature and is appreciated.

Mary: It just seems so appropriate.

AMBROSE: Thank you.

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