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DNV980410- Feeling Divided

1998-04-10-Feeling Divided
Denver #6

Topic: Feeling Divided
Group: Denver TeaM
Teacher: A’Cilla
TR: JoiLin

A’CILLA: Greetings Beloved it is I, A’Cilla. How may I help?

Mary: Well, Joi and I have questions that are all over the map but a number of the questions have to do with Marleena’s group and I’m wondering if she is available at some point.

A’CILLA: She is still on reversion.

Mary: Okay. Joi feels very divided. She feels material obligations and a call to do the Father’s work. She is having a hard time wondering if she is suppose to be dividing her time and what she should be focusing on.

A’CILLA: For those who live in the material world, time must be given to material pursuits. For those who are of the Father’s kingdom, time must be given to his pursuits. In as much as you and JoiLin both live with one foot in the material world and one foot in the Father’s world, well of course your time must be divided.

Mary: Is there something that you can suggest that would help JoiLin because she is finding that she is not doing the material things that she needs to do.

A’CILLA: JoiLin needs to learn to be more organized. The suggestion that we made recently was a good one, that of sitting down with pen and paper making a list, putting them in order of priority, and then making a schedule. This is not to say a schedule ever has to be carved in stone but it provides a framework, a tool if you will, to help you move from point A to point B. It’s somewhat like deciding you want to go to Alaska in your car and you refuse to take a road map. How much longer do you think it would take you to get to Alaska without a road map? How much quicker with a road map? You see the difference. (Of course) A schedule is simply a road map. One can always take side trips when necessary. This would be helpful were she to do.

Mary: I am looking forward to the Tennessee conference. Are there any other activities that I should pursue? Any other conferences?

A’CILLA: There is the upcoming Spiritfest.

Mary: Spiritfest, I should consider?

A’CILLA: Yes. Let me give you some background information that could help you. You understand that one of the layers of circuitry that is now in existence on your planet is a circuit that you as individuals built. The circuit flows from your heart center and connects with the heart center in another individual. The groups, the Teaching Mission groups, that are spread out across the land are part of a very complex network. We coined the term “Network of the Heart” and indeed that is precisely what one level of the Teaching Mission is.

We have attempted in many ways to help promote connections between groups and individual [members?]. We work to build the foundation of support and [tape unclear] team mates within each group and we attempt to encourage the members of all of the individual groups to reach out to other members in other groups. You’re building, literally, a network of love across the world. This cannot be done without your conscious effort to do it, to build it.

Mary: I wasn’t conscious of bonding with [name omitted] and [name omitted] but that was a wonderful experience, and in fact was probably the highlight of the Florida conference for me.

A’CILLA: Indeed.

Mary: And, also my bonding with [name omitted] on a deeper level.

A’CILLA: Yes. Anytime you open your heart to another individual you are evolving on some level. When they also open their heart to you, you evolve on a deeper level. Each time you have the opportunity to plug back into the circuit that you’ve built, do these circuits become strong, more deeply entrenched, if you will, more viable. And, there will indeed come a time on your world when these circuits will be of the utmost importance in maintaining your lives, your livelihoods. It will become the main realm of communication, if you will, in some instances.

Mary: Speaking of retreats and conferences, JoiLin and I were thinking of a retreat or gathering, trying to get together the eight members of, I don’t know what to call ourselves, I guess we are a little team.

A’CILLA: You are a work group.

Mary: A work group. Is this something that we should try to pursue now? We are interested in bonding and being together. Two of the members I don’t know hardly at all and one member I don’t know very well but I bonded with on one level.

A’CILLA: Since Marleena is not available at the moment to ask these questions of, I will refrain from answering your question directly, however, I will give you my opinion. And, my opinion is that were it the proper time for you to set up that sort of a mini conference, if you will, or retreat, I should think it would be Marleena that would give you that directive. Has she?

Mary: Well, Marleena works very subtly. Steve suggested that JoiLin and I and he meditate at the same time and then during meditation JoiLin received the names of the rest of the team or work group. But each one of us seems to be coming up with different things.

A’CILLA: That is as it should be.

Mary: Right. So I don’t know if this is just an idea that…

A’CILLA: I would let it rest for now.

Mary: Okay. I said this is all over the map. I guess you don’t know if others are going to join this group?

A’CILLA: No, I don’t.

Mary: When does her [Marleena’s] reversion end?

A’CILLA: She will be finished at the end of the weekend, your weekend. It is my opinion, and this may be based on intuition as much as anything else, that the number of your group will rise to 12 and remain there.

Mary: Can you tell me anything about the tingling in my hands and other areas?

A’CILLA: Not specifically although I am inclined to think it has to do with your tentative move to be connected with those of us beyond the physical realm. It also has to do with your own physical biochemical structure undergoing cellular and molecular changes. And, in all likelihood it has something to do with your ability to hone in on the energy streams within your close

____. [This is how the session was transcribed. Underscored item is unknown. Meaning is unknown.]

Mary: My close what?

A’CILLA: Your close ____, close proximity to you. I would not be overly concerned nor would I put too much focus on these anomalies. I would simply recognize there is something going on and allow it to manifest in whatever way it will.

Mary: Um

A’CILLA: You do tend to pick things to death you know.

Mary: Nooo not me!

A’CILLA: Yes, you. And, that’s one of the reasons I love you so, Little One.

Mary: I was joking back with you! Although JoiLin has said that has been most helpful to her. One of the things that I will be asking Marleena… Oh, I can’t imagine what it is that I’m bringing to this work group. That’s amusing or tickling you?


Mary: And, I said to Joi that I was also going to ask what each of us is bringing and she said I should not be asking for other people. So, I said, correction, the question will be can you tell each of us, except JoiLin, what we are bringing. I know that at least two other people are equally as surprised as I am. We can’t imagine what we have to offer.

A’CILLA: Would you like me to tell you what I think you offer?

Mary: Sure.

A’CILLA: As your teacher I know you quite well, you know.

Mary: Yes, and that does cloud your answer, you’re so fond of me.

A’CILLA: No. It does not. Rather it does the opposite. It gives me the ability to have a clearer picture.

Mary: Okay, sorry, I was joking.

A’CILLA: You have a very questioning mind and as JoiLin has pointed out to you, this acts as part of the check and balance within any group. A devil’s advocate, for want of a better term, and you play the part well. You have a wide open heart, Little One. You meet people right where they are and give them unconditional love. This is a gift that every member of your team will benefit from. You have the innate ability to look yourself in the eye and recognize when you need to make a change and then you very precisely go about making the changes you need to make. The ability to see oneself objectively is something that not many on your world are able to do.

This unfortunately is skewed somewhat in your case due to the self esteem problem that we attempt to help you work on. But, all in all, the gift you bring is a positive one, a necessary one. Your sense of humor is a delight to all who know you. You will bring balance to this group. You also will begin working with energies that heretofore have been unknown to you and you have the ability to do this. You are only now beginning to sense this. You have to do nothing but follow Marleena’s work orders. The development will come with the experience and practice.

Mary: I don’t know what I’m suppose to be practicing.

A’CILLA: Are you not meditating each day? Are you not opening the heart?

Mary: That’s another question. You say I have an open heart and we’re suppose to open the heart chakra and I don’t know how to do that.

A’CILLA: Let me try to give you an emotional picture, if that term applies. Can you remember a time when you were so moved by love toward someone or something that you literally felt it in your heart? You felt your heart open, you felt it enlarge, you felt this wash of pure energy, love, that felt actually as if it were moving beyond your person? Have you ever had that?

Mary: That elevator feeling!

A’CILLA: Yes, indeed, that is what I speak of.

Mary: Yes but very rarely.

A’CILLA: Of course. Opening the heart chakra will eventually evolve into that feeling of knowing it’s open. In the beginning, you simply focus by intent on a given person, intending for your heart to be open and the love from within to flow out toward them on the circuits you are building. Each time you do this along with the layers of individual input you’ll be receiving from all of those in your group, will facilitate the bonding that will engender more love from you toward these people, so that each time you sit to open, there will be one more layer of input from them that will allow this spilling over of love that you’ll have for them that will continue to build with time. Does that help?

Mary: Yes. How can I get better at visualizing during meditation? Visualizing the light coming in, going out through my heart, encompassing each of the group members one at a time? I want to tell you that I have a very difficult time visualizing anyone’s face. This has to do, I’m sure, with my childhood.

A’CILLA: JoiLin has the same difficulty. As a matter of fact I would venture to say that there are more people on your planet than not, who have difficulty visualizing, and there are those who don’t. It comes with practice. There are some exercises that would help you with that. One would be to meditate with a candle. Stare at the flame, close your eyes and attempt to see the flame without benefit of your physical eyes. Try with other things, a flower, an apple, anything which you might wish to try. Something simple, not real complex.

Mary: But I keep the silhouette, I just cannot get the details like a persons features.

A’CILLA: I understand these things. Over time your ability to do that will increase. It would be helpful, I’m sure, were you to gather up photographs of each of your team members and use them until you can close your eyes and see them.

[Personal question omitted. Partial response omitted.]

A’CILLA: Yes, but you’ve made a commitment, if I’m understanding you correctly, to be where you are and serve the Father. The Father would have you serve, not only in his realm but in the realm where your feet are attached as well. He would have you give your best to your family, your material family, as well as to him and you can find balance in this, you will find balance in this when you give yourself permission to do this. Let go of the guilt. Guilt does not belong here. Find peace.

Mary: I will. And, I also have to let go of my sense of happiness, my sense of what I wanted.

A’CILLA: But, they will be replaced, Little One, with other levels of happiness and joy that you, as yet, are not aware of.

[Personal details have been omitted. “Problem” is substituted for reading purposes.]

Mary: Okay. I have a question for Steve. A lot of the teachers are very reluctant to help him and I don’t know why. He has been trying to [resolve a problem] for two years. Another teacher talked about attachments and detaching and that sort of thing. I started wondering. Well, let me put it this way. I’ve had this sense for a year that [my problem] was where I was suppose to be. It felt like this was the only door open.


Mary: That’s not to say I couldn’t go yanking on closed doors and trying to force my way through a different door. But, my guidance, my everything, was pointing towards remaining in this [problem].


Mary: For reasons that I’m sure I’m totally unaware of.

A’CILLA: Perhaps somewhat.

Mary: And, I can’t help but wonder if Steve has been trying to [resolve a problem] for two years, why the door hasn’t opened for him to get out of [his problem].

A’CILLA: Life has a way of reducing ego to the lowest common denominator…

Joi: I don’t know how that fits…

A’CILLA: Let me change direction. Within the framework of each person’s free will, there lies a pattern guided by the divine Spark within. For mortals like young Steve, their needs must be shaping. An analogy would be to put the rough lump of coal into the furnace at a very high temperature that would burn off the impurities, turn the ore into liquid, thereby allow the sculptor, the potter, to form into a new shape, a more refined clay if you will. That is part of the process that young Steve moves through now. He is being reworked, reshaped, and this takes time. The adversity that each of you walks through will be seen in time to have given you many gifts. The pain is not the gift, the result of having walked through the pain, the end result, is the gift.

Mary: He doesn’t seem to shy away from pain.

A’CILLA: No. No he doesn’t. He is a very stalwart soldier.

Mary: He’s getting very frustrated. I transcribed a session for him that he had with Ham and he’s had many sessions. He is repeatedly teased – celestial teasing. They are alluding to, he has something important that he’s bringing to the Teaching Mission, he has a missing piece, they’ve been waiting for him. He doesn’t know what to make of these types of comments and he gets very little in the way of answers. So, he doesn’t know if there is any validity to it after a while, when you are just given that type of response.

A’CILLA: Steve has the ability to find his own answers within himself. Were he not able to make the connection with his Teachers, then his answers might be more forthcoming through another transmitter. However, he does have the ability and he would best serve himself as well as his greater family were he to trust in that and seek his own answers.

Mary: He’s been told that. It’s my understanding that he meditates regularly, that he is in contact with teachers that he doesn’t know names of but he recognizes their presence, their energy. So I’m under the impression that he’s very much involved with his Teachers and for whatever reason he’s just not getting answers to certain things, no matter how much he’s going within.

A’CILLA: He may have an emotional block that he needs to work through that’s impeding the process.

Mary: So, perhaps he should ask if there is an emotional block or blockage.

A’CILLA: He’s aware that he has emotional issues that he has not yet resolved. He will come to that in his own time. Working with Marleena’s group may help to facilitate some of that [tape unclear].

Mary: Yes. It’s very, I don’t know the word, satisfying, pleasing, I’m not sure, to be so connected to JoiLin and to Steve and I don’t know what I’d do if they weren’t part of my life. I just thank you again because I know that was well orchestrated.

A’CILLA: Your Father appreciates your appreciation. But were they not given, rest assure, others would have been.

Mary: Something tells me that the eight or twelve team members will all feel that way, I’ll feel that way about everyone of them.

A’CILLA: Indeed that is the intent.

Mary: But it’s overwhelming.

A’CILLA: Perhaps. You are experiencing, or beginning to experience, new patterns. You in fact helped to put these new patterns in place. The old patterns must be done away with because they no longer serve mankind. The new patterns, the higher vibrations, are what are needed to help mankind move into this new time and place. It is the system. The Teaching Mission is in place to upstep this move into higher consciousness. Some exist both in the morontial and material worlds. Some are existing in a new time. The planet consciousness is moving up.

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