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DNV5- Intention Before TR’ing

1998-04-01-Intention Before TR’ing
Denver #5


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Intention Before TR’ing
o 1.2 Group: Denver TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: A’Cilla
o 2.2 TR: JoiLin, Mary
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Dialogue

Topic: Intention Before TR’ing
Group: Denver TeaM
Teacher: A’Cilla
TR: JoiLin, Mary

Mary: I asked JoiLin to first TR A’Cilla and then I’d try. This way I would know when the connection was suppose to be happening and would be alert to any changes. I also told JoiLin that it would help if she asked questions, since in the past I drew a blank when encouraged to start a flow of words that a teacher could ‘come into.’ I felt like questions would give a sort of focus.

I began by asking questions. Next JoiLin asked questions. Then I again asked questions to follow up on what had happened. In trying to describe what this experience of TRing is like, it is easier to first say what it is not like. I did not hear a voice either inside or outside my mind. I did not see words or symbols or have any ‘feelings.’ I did not really feel more relaxed or more tense. I felt the usual tingling in my hands that I have been experiencing and was conscious of that tingling twice during the session in my throat and chin areas.

At some point I had an awareness of being detached or an observer of the experience. I recall thinking I didn’t like a question and wouldn’t touch it, however, most of the answer had already been spoken. There is that sense of ‘otherness’ yet being somewhat detached made it uneventful, undramatic. Everyone seemed quite excited, whereas I feel compelled to practice until I can start discerning the subtle differences that take place.

A’CILLA:  Greetings Child, it is I, A’Cilla, here to answer your questions if I may.

Mary: I have what I call this white noise, a vibration noise. I can’t describe it but do you know what it is?

A’CILLA:  The physiochemical differences in individuals, as well as temperature changes and blood pressure changes often…

Mary: A’Cilla, I don’t mean to interrupt but, I do understand this difference. This is not my blood circulating, I know what that sounds like, or anything going on inside my physical body.

A’CILLA:  There are certain people with the necessary linkage and the genetic disposition that can function as a kind of human transformer. This may be an area that Marleena is working with. It is my gut feeling that this has to do with the Father’s plans for you.

Mary: I did a “coning” last night and I don’t know protocol but that’s never stopped me! I invited both you and Marleena to attend if appropriate.

A’CILLA:  And, I thank you for that invitation but I did not attend as I did not feel it helpful. Marleena probably attended but I cannot speak for her.
Mary: It was relaxing and I really don’t notice a whole lot but the white noise, as I call it, seems to be getting stronger and the tingling in my hands is now spreading to cover my lower arms and other areas sometimes. It’s sort of interesting.

  •  Student’s first transmission

A’CILLA:  It is my understanding you wish to try for contact today. I am very excited. I appreciate your willingness, Little One, and am very pleased and very excited.

Mary: Me too.

A’CILLA:  Thank you JoiLin. I will now leave you…

Joi: The problem is, Mary wanted me to ask questions but she didn’t tell me what to ask. I guess I’ll have to wing it. Is Eric really okay with me not working or does he think I’ll get over this and find another job? Deep down are money issues that important to him?

A’CILLA:  Eric’s money issues have almost nothing to do with you and you are providing him an opportunity to work through his issues and to grow.

Joi:  Is my not working, in any way, adding to stress on Eric’s heart?

A’CILLA:  No Child. This is a part of Eric’s growth. Allow him the space and time to move through his issues of money, of scarcity versus abundance. These are his issues. He knows they have nothing to do with you.

Joi: Does my not working make me seem less in his eyes somehow?

A’CILLA:  No. Again, do not confuse your issues with his.

Joi: Is there anything I can do that I’m not already doing to help Eric especially regarding his health and his heart?

A’CILLA:  Diet is the most viable avenue. Eric uses food to soothe his emotions much like a thumb sucker, nail biter, or smoker. When tense, he wants to break his concentration, his focus, his tension, by seeking food.

Joi: Do you have any suggestions for diet or related issues?

A’CILLA:  Were Eric to set aside his taste for carbonated beverages and fruit juices, and drink nothing but pure water, he would recognize a dramatic change within 48 hours. not only in how he felt, but he would realize a weight loss as well. We see his work environment as the most difficult place and time for him and our suggestion is that you pack snacks such as crunchy foods—carrot sticks, celery sticks. Can he have nuts?

Joi: Yes, any kind but peanuts. But, nuts are fattening.

A’CILLA:  Give him a bowl of nuts in the shell and a nutcracker. Having to open/crack the shells is in itself somewhat of a rewarding experience—having to use one’s hands—a little work to gain the prize if you will.

Joi: I know that I have perhaps many gifts that I hold within, and for the better part of my life I kept them hidden, even from myself. Only since 1995, have I begun to explore them. I know I have somewhat of an ability to write, especially when I use the internet and connect to my siblings.

A’CILLA:  Yes.

Joi: I know I have a raw talent to paint perhaps.

A’CILLA:  Yes.

Joi: Since 1995 I have been equally drawn to the healing arts and I know that touch is healing and that so many on our world suffer from isolation with no one ever touching them! I want so much for the Father to use me as a channel of blessings for others and I know that I could make a difference in so many ways through the medium of touch.

A’CILLA:  Yes.

Joi: But it costs money!

A’CILLA:  Hasn’t the Father always provided?

Joi: Yes. I already have what it would take to write, and or help others through the written word, so how do I know what is my Father’s will for me?

A’CILLA:  JoiLin, you are blessed with many gifts and they were not meant to lie dormant, but it is not an either/or situation

Joi: I don’t know where the money would come from! I keep remembering, “God helps them who help themselves.”

A’CILLA:  Don’t you think the Father, if he desires you to act as his tool, would help steer you in the direction that would resolve this issue of money?

Joi: Yes, I do believe that. A number of years ago, I contacted a medium who told me that I was destined to become a spiritual counselor and I laughed in her face, well almost. But, since ’95 I have felt this calling out to me for fulfillment. Is this truly part of the Father’s plan for me?

A’CILLA:  You have been serving in this capacity since that time. Many have you already helped through your counseling both on a conscious and on an unconscious level.

[Omitted personal question and response.]

Joi: I’ve run out of questions for the moment.

A’CILLA:  It is just as well as Little Mary is tiring. I thank you for the opportunity and support you have given this student.

Joi: Oh, I’m glad I could do it.

A’CILLA:  As are we. Mary would like for me to reconnect with you, if you are willing, as she has more questions.

JoiLin: Certainly.

A’CILLA:  Thank you. I will disconnect from this student.

A’CILLA:  Greetings Little One.

Mary: That’s not what I thought [it would be like]. I can’t really discern when it’s you answering and when it’s me.

A’CILLA:  And this may take a lifetime and is the struggle of all who have contact.

Mary: A’Cilla, I need your assurance. I mean you might not be able to give it but I’m asking anyway. I need your assurance that if my ego, my stuff, ever gets in the way and I give bad advice or damaging advice, that you will correct this.

A’CILLA:  You need not worry about that and, Little One, your heart would never allow you to give bad advice.

Mary: Not intentionally but, JoiLin asked about Eric’s diet and heart, and I’m no medical expert. I need the assurance that if I ever say something that could damage or harm someone that you will correct that.

A’CILLA:  You have my assurance, Little One.

Mary: Thank you. Now I can let go of my fears and let this evolve. I won’t worry about you connecting with me.

A’CILLA:  Little One, I am only a breath away. It is you who must contact me for I am always near you. You must open your mind.

Mary: Okay. Well, I’ve always known I’ve been surrounded by the spirit world. I got that from my grandmother. I don’t think anyone really appreciates the tremendous step I made yesterday when the awareness that I could hold a belief that apparently contradicts the Urantia Book, but it’s amazing since I was a fundamental Urantian.

A’CILLA:  Yes. When you say no one really appreciates this growth step I must correct you Little One. Your Father and your teachers very much appreciate and are quite pleased at this progress. And, yes, you were a fundamentalist and with your open mindedness you will now be able to help others who are fundamentalists to perhaps see a bit broader and to expand their boundaries.

Mary: Yesterday when we were talking about my grandmother and then later I was listening to a tape where this woman since birth, has seen guardian angels, teachers, guides, and the departed loved ones of others

A’CILLA:  I know where you are going with this and the only thing I will tell you is that your grandmother and you created a heart connection that forms a real circuit as well as a genetic circuit and the circuits are being expanded. Theses circuits are not broken. Does this help?

Mary: The circuits are not affected by time? (Correct) Or space?

A’CILLA:  Correct.

Mary: Thank you. I think I understand and this also gives me a logical rationalization for what the Urantia Book says and what my core feelings tell me.

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