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DNV4- Being Overly Sensitive

1998-03-29-Being Overly Sensitive
Denver #4


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Being Overly Sensitive
o 1.2 Group: Denver TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: A’Cilla
o 2.2 TR: JoiLin
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Dialogue

Topic: Being Overly Sensitive
Group: Denver TeaM
Teacher: A’Cilla
TR: JoiLin

A’CILLA: In regard to yesterday’s session, know always that the truths you need, you do indeed hold within, to be utilized when needed. Do we lose our standing or place in the Mission when inactive.

Mary: Yes, we’ve lost a number of sessions. [Note: our recording equipment failed] I asked a question for my friend Alan. He wanted to know or was wondering if he’d lost his place essentially in the Mission. He is not active.

A’CILLA: Once a commitment has been made to the Father, to Christ Michael, it is never rescinded, much the same as when one of we who teach those of you, once we have made our commitment, it is an ongoing lifetime commitment. We do not give and take, nor does the Father. He blesses all of his children not just those who have committed to his evolving purposes here on Urantia, but to those who have yet to learn his love flows equally to them. Your friend Alan’s place as he sees it, is exactly where he is and he will either put forth effort or not, yet in regard to Alan’s service, he gives much service through his actions and his words that he even now does not recognize. So tell your friend all is well and the Father waits for when the time is right for his son to return to a more active role.

Mary: Yesterday you mentioned another teacher working with me named Marleena.

A’CILLA: That is correct.

Mary: Is she a group teacher?

A’CILLA: It was her desire to teach a group although not necessarily a group as you may understand it. She was hoping to find a number of mortals who would allow her to share with them her expertise which is in line with the healing arts.

Mary: Is she the same teacher who approached the Tallahassee group?

A’CILLA: That is correct.

Mary: I’m very excited!

A’CILLA: As are we.

Mary: And JoiLin was very excited.

A’CILLA: Excited to have made that connection, indeed.

Mary: At this time is she working with others in our group?

A’CILLA: She is open to work with others within your group and regarding the “Group” it extends over more physical miles than you are as yet aware.

Mary: So in other words her group can be geographically located all over.

A’CILLA: Certainly.

Mary: So I’m part of a wide location…

A’CILLA: If that is your desire, yes.

Mary: Oh, very much so. Is there any suggestion, advise, guidance or direction I should be taking?

A’CILLA: At this moment Marleena’s advice would be for you to follow the inner guidance you receive in regard to those written articles, books, or audio tapes, whatever you feel drawn to. Allow your guidance to unfold as it were. Accept that you are being indeed guided to these books etc. and be willing to take the time to peruse them. Within all, as you well understand, will be certain concepts that will appear alien or foreign to you.

Some you will struggle with wondering if indeed this is something you should retain. Other parts you will know immediately that they do not resonate and so you allow them to fall by the wayside. But know always, Dear One, you are indeed being led in these directions. All of these pieces become part of your instruction, of your foundation, as it were. But, we think you are already aware of this as it works in your life as we have seen your willingness to pursue this path.

Mary: Oh, I am willing. It’s just such a wide area and I don’t know really where to focus.

A’CILLA: Focus on whatever is in front of you, Dear One.

Mary: Well, MAP was in front of me. The Medical Assistance Program, the White Brotherhood book, and I feel a little drawn to it even though I don’t feel anything occurring except I’m very relaxed.

A’CILLA: There is benefit in that as it stands by itself. However there are other areas that might benefit you more. That is not to say you need set this aside but I would not focus all of my attention on it.

Mary: Okay. See now that resonates very much with me. Sometimes I feel like doing it but I don’t have a whole lot of faith in it, but it is relaxing.

A’CILLA: Understood.

Mary: I feel like I’ve been encouraged to continue Reiki.

A’CILLA: Most certainly.

Mary: And, I really like that and so I need to get Reiki II. I guess there is a concern among Reiki masters that you stay with a certain lineage. I don’t really concern myself with that, however, does it make a difference?

A’CILLA: It makes a small difference but not highly significant. Get your instruction wherever you may. The important part is that you get it.

Mary: JoiLin and I tend to be overly sensitive. Why is that?

A’CILLA: For a variety of reasons within each of you. The greatest of which is the fact that your hearts are so open. You do not shut them down. They stay open and so you are prone to be especially vulnerable to the energies of others. Often times, as in the case of JoiLin, misunderstandings that are engendered more through a lack of another person’s ability to readily perceive levels of difficulty. These slights, as they may be perceived, in most cases are not intentional but are simply a part of the human inability to comprehend that which does not resonate on a personal level.

One can recognize and make compensation for difficulties in another when it is something they can relate to. Yet she understood quite easily that one must not spend ones life on the mountain tops. The valleys are necessary, for it is within the valleys that the growth experiences occur. In all relationships, be they here or beyond this physical world, valleys are necessary. They are tools to push us beyond the present moment into future growth.

Mary: Yesterday I brought up an analogy. My friend Steve said that he’s suppose to go to the sand dunes and most of his life he’s been going back inside the house and now he’s headed for the sand dunes and I’m this palm tree which indicated I was a distraction. I pointed out that perhaps I was a well that he needs on his trip or a fellow traveler going to the sand dunes. It’s my opinion that the Father doesn’t tempt us or taunt us or put distractions in our path. I don’t recall your comments.

A’CILLA: Your assessment was correct on one level and yet as difficult as it may be for you to understand, so too was Steve’s assessment correct on yet another level. You must understand that as a finite creature on this particular planet, there may be existent within a given instant or circumstance, many levels being served simultaneously in not only one individual’s life but perhaps, and often, in both persons lives. Because of human free will, often times when one individual is being served the other one is not and the opposite holds true as well. You, not being given the gift of recognizing all the levels of activity existent within a relationship, will feel on one hand supported and on another rebuffed. That is an unfortunate reality on this world at this time. Am I making myself clear?

Mary: Yes. Yes, Steve and I have a different perception and I guess we’ll agree to disagree.

A’CILLA: As is often the best way to accept a situation such as this. It is on one hand, were you able to see into the distant future, you would recognize it as a win-win situation, and yet, because you are where you are, it may not feel the same. Again faith, Child, faith in the evolution of the Father’s plan over the long haul. What appears to be negative on the short term is recognized as a positive over the long term. This you will learn as your universe destiny unfolds.

Mary: Yesterday we discussed… I guess you had over-advised perhaps or…

A’CILLA: I had stepped where angels fear to tread. With reason. I was mortal and so I still have within my being memories and patterns that oft times tempt me to move in directions that I know better to move in. But, it was my heart and my deep desire, Little One, to help you and the Father understands, as do my superiors, yet I have been chastised and will accept in the future that I must not tread in areas that my mandates dictate I do not.

Mary: Well I’m trying to get a better understanding of those boundaries so that I don’t go there either.

A’CILLA: It matters not Child. You may ask any question. The responsibility lies with me, Child, not with you. You are not expected to understand. You are supported in your right to ask whatever question you will. It is my responsibility, Little One, as your instructor, as your mentor, to guide you in the proper channels and to back off when you have asked a question to which I might not answer. It is my responsibility, not yours. Understand this.

Mary: Okay. I only hope that they appreciate that I appreciate that the outcome or the upside of you stepping over your boundaries, or whatever you call it, was that I got furious and in the long run that makes a better connection, it builds trust.

A’CILLA: Yes. Little Mary, so much from your life, as well as in mine, you know while I may have lived a good many years longer than you have chronologically speaking, I am not so much more beyond you, relatively speaking of course. I have recognized that my particular level of progression, that even those mistakes as perceived within my life, if you will, will be seen in my future to have had positive benefits, and so I do not hold onto this sense of wrong doing or mistake making. I have learned to easily forgive myself and recognize the mistake and move on. It is not a big thing, not in my eyes nor in my superiors eyes, so trouble yourself not with recriminations.

Mary: I wonder how long it’s going to take me to be forgiving of myself.

A’CILLA: Many years I expect.

Mary: I think so. That’s not one of my positive traits.

A’CILLA: Yet one you are working on. And you’ll work on deeper levels in days to come. That of course is our hope.

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