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DNV3- Personal Free Will

1998-01-14-Personal Free Will
Denver #3


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Personal Free Will
o 1.2 Group: Denver TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: A’Cilla
o 2.2 TR: JoiLin
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Dialogue
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Personal Free Will
Group: Denver TeaM
Teacher: A’Cilla
TR: JoiLin

A’CILLA: Greetings Little One. I am A’Cilla. I understand you have questions.

1. Psychic Readings

Mary: Thank you. Were you indeed with me in Albuquerque?

A’CILLA: Certainly.

Mary: Were you giving the psychic, the intuitive the information?

A’CILLA: I was attempting to do that; that is correct.

Mary: Did she give me the correct information?

A’CILLA: We are getting into an area in which I am not comfortable. Ask me a specific question and if I can answer, I will.

Mary: Ummm…

A’CILLA: Life for the most part always comes down to choices. That’s number one. You believe you need to know in black or white whether what you were told is correct?

Mary: I would like to know in black or white but I’m sensing you are not comfortable.

A’CILLA: That is correct.

Mary: See, my feeling was that my unseen friends in many, many, different ways, just as JoiLin transmits so that we can communicate, I felt like people who are willing to give a reading, for lack of a better word, are really functioning in the same capacity. It’s just another tool.

A’CILLA: Well, that is correct Little One, however, more often than not, these so-called psychics are doing nothing more than pulling information out of your own mind. There are some who have the ability to tap into the circuits of one like myself but they are rare. And, only some of the information that you were given was derived in this way. I regret to tell you that working with these kinds of questions is not the role the Father wishes me to play in your life. Your answers, things that must come from outside yourself, are meant to be discovered by you in the act of doing. Those answers that you hold within are accessible to you and they are also meant for you to discover on your own in the act of doing.

  • 2. Purpose of “hits” (strong feelings).

Mary: I call it getting hits… this morning, I woke up this morning with the hit or strongest feeling that I’m to do workshops in connection with my book at the expos. What’s the purpose of getting these hits, these ideas, but not being clear on whether it’s a path to pursue?

A’CILLA: If it’s a path meant for you to follow, this hit as you call it, will continue, will almost, like a motor running, will simply vibrate in your conscious mind until you act on it. It will return over and over again or until there’s a new opportunity for you to move in that direction. There’s an energy, in and through which thoughts that we receive, and come from those in keeping your energetic system, is held. That is not to say that a missed opportunity is entirely [tape unclear] for other opportunities are equally filled with possibilities for your future. There is no one path Little One. There are many paths you might pursue, all of them affording you challenges and growth opportunities.

  • 3. Making free-will choices

(Mary asks for advice on a personal matter.)

A’CILLA: I cannot advise you in this regard. This is a choice that must be made by you. For those of us who come to this world, to give service through our younger brothers and sisters, have certain rules and regulations, if you will, that we must follow. The greatest of these pertains to humankind’s free-will choices. Your free will must remain inviolate. So, were I to give you advice in a situation like you just mentioned, I would be going against a mandate by which I must live by. And, I would be doing you a grave injustice were I to do that.

  • 4. Free will choice and why guidance seems to be provided in some cases

Mary: I don’t understand. Why is it okay to intervene in some cases, like with my smoking? I didn’t have any desire to quit but I felt nudged, urged, pushed, kicked, whatever you want to call it. I had a sense of the Spirit really urging and supporting this and nobody worried about my free will then!

A’CILLA: You picked up on the guidance that was being directed to you. You did not have to act on it. Picking up on and acting on, is your opportunity to use your free will choices. But often the questions that you ask are ones which you hope to receive a black and white answer – do this or do that – and I cannot give those kinds of answers. And, quite frankly, I am not supposed to answer questions that don’t pertain to your spiritual growth. It doesn’t mean I never will, but it means for the most part I will stay clear of those kinds of questions. There were many reasons why it was advisable for you to stop smoking. The greatest of these is that it is detrimental to your physical well being, and beyond that, perhaps most importantly, it is a detriment to the kind of communication that it is my hope we will soon be experiencing, enjoying. But again, the nudge was ours, the acceptance, the act was yours.

  • 5. When it doesn’t feel like free will choice

Mary: Truly I don’t feel like I have a choice once I feel a nudge or urge, when the Spirit is prompting me, guiding me in a certain direction. There’s no question… it’s my desire to follow those urgings, those nudges, that guidance.

A’CILLA: It is your will that the Father’s will be done, correct?

Mary: Correct.

A’CILLA: And, you are to be commended for that. However, the bottom line, if you will, remains true in that you will always have a choice until such time as you fuse with your indwelling Father Fragment. The choice will always be yours until that time. It may feel to you as if you have no choice, but in actuality, you do.

Mary: I understand logically. I guess it’s that I have such a strong commitment, such a strong desire to do whatever it is that the Father desires me to do.

  • 6. Level of guidance and God’s presence in our moment-to-moment life

A’CILLA: And, do you not understand that’s why you are being given so much help?

Mary: Umm, yes.

A’CILLA: You are aware, on an energetic level, of the tremendous amount of help that might be yours to receive, and on some levels you are receiving it, you are accepting it.

Mary: I guess I’m not totally aware of all the help I receive. I have a sense of…

A’CILLA: You have a sense of otherness?

Mary: Yes, but I have a sense that every moment of my life is guided. I’ve had that… that God is present in my moment-to-moment life.

A’CILLA: Certainly.

Mary: But it’s only recently that I discovered how many so called spiritual people who do not have that sense of God’s presence in their life.

A’CILLA: Correct. They have neither the training, nor in many cases, the maturity.

Mary: The experience…

A’CILLA: Correct.

Mary: I mean this is something I experience more than knowing it. It’s not really a mental thing. I think that’s where my childish mind games come in. It’s how my head participates in what my heart already knows. Sort of like proof that the celestials are indeed working in all those little detailed moments of my life.

A’CILLA: Yes, I understand, but to be entirely fair to you I must reiterate once again that it does not hold true all of the time. You do at times project your dreams and desires, your will. But that does not make it so.

Mary: I know. I guess that will be my biggest challenge—to discern what truly is my stuff and what is the Father’s. I am really open to getting in touch with my heart… why my desires can interfere and my wishes and dreams, if you will, can come into play. Basically I want to trust in myself, my intuition, my heart centered feelings. Is this something to focus on?

A’CILLA: By that you mean to focus on your issue of trust?

Mary: Trust and being heart-centered, and listening to what I call intuition, gut feeling.

A’CILLA: Certainly.

  • 7. Trusting oneself and the battle between heart and mind

Mary: I’ve had this constant battle between my logical, analytical mind and my heart. The two of them battle constantly and that’s why it’s hard to make decisions. That’s why I look for black and white, what it is the Father would have me do, because I don’t know which to choose.

A’CILLA: If you remember always, Little One, that there are no real mistakes on this level of your development for you are truly but a child and you are willing to stand on your own two feet. Those things that make it seem, by your culture and your society, even by yourself, as a mistake – these things are not seen by the Father as mistakes, simply given [tape unclear] opportunities – opportunities for you to grow and develop and mature. There is not a scenario within your life’s possibilities, within which you would not face many challenges, many growth opportunities. If you can remember that, it may make your path easier.

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