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DNV2- Summoning a Teacher

1998-01-01-Summoning a Teacher
Denver #2


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Summoning a Teacher
o 1.2 Group: Denver TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Will, A’Cilla
o 2.2 TR: JoiLin
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Dialogue
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Summoning a Teacher
Group: Denver TeaM
Teacher: Will, A’Cilla
TR: JoiLin

WILL: Greetings Little One, it is I, Will, she who loves you. How may I help you?

  • 1. Types of questions humans should ask Teachers and celestials for help with

Mary: Gosh, it’s so exciting right now for me. (Yes.) I’m just so thrilled. I feel so reconnected to my Father and I have an awareness of receiving so much help and so many opportunities. It’s wonderful!

WILL:  Yes.

Mary: JoiLin and I were talking last night, and I started a book, and the last two books I know I had celestial help…

JoiLin: Shh! This is JoiLin. I heard, “We have started a book.”

Mary: Thank you.

WILL: Yes.

Mary: Thank you. I knew I had help on the first two books. I felt like I was receiving help on this one. I said to JoiLin I wanted to ask what I should call it and if I should be taking a different approach and she was so shocked that I would ask for that kind of help. So I want to know the kinds of things that we as humans on this planet should be asking for. What kind of assistance is appropriate?

WILL: Generally speaking you will receive help from your teachers regarding those things that may help to move you spiritually on your path. If you are struggling with a human quandary and it can be seen from our side that giving you a little boost or direction in one area will help to promote your spiritual growth, then the answer would be more likely. Were you to ask a question such as: Could you give me some help with some lottery numbers? That answer would not be forthcoming from any

Teacher in this mission. There are always exceptions. You will find Teachers who are more willing to answer personal kinds of questions, that to consider them full of spiritual possibilities might be a bit of a stretch. But, we are all individuals here as you are there; we differ. Primarily though, the answers to your questions will be those questions that have spirit possibilities within them.

  • 2. The Teacher’s connection

Mary: Wonderful. JoiLin and I were talking and we are both very curious as to… for example you have a very good understanding of how I think and feel. Does that come from JoiLin’s knowledge of me? In other words through the TR?

WILL: Correct.

Mary: It does? You cannot read my patterns or thoughts?

WILL: When I am connected to you I can then scan your memory patterns. But I am connected to one at a time.

Mary: Okay, So if JoiLin is transmitting for you in a personal setting like now, you’re connected to me through her?

WILL: Correct.

Mary: Wonderful. Are there boundaries? Is there any way I can help to facilitate?

WILL: There may be times when I would break off my connection with JoiLin and connect myself with you, if that is something you are open to. Often times, in TR sessions within group settings, we do this – move from one TR to another. But only one at a time.

  • 3. ‘Summoning’ a Teacher

Mary: Okay. I don’t want to call it… I don’t want to say, “How do I summon you?” But what brings your connection, what brings your presence?

WILL: Your request.

Mary: Just a mental request?

WILL: Yes.

Mary: WOW! I’ve been thinking about you a lot!

WILL: And have you not felt me?

Mary: No. I’ve tried. I mean I know I’m receiving help but I cannot recognize if it’s from within, with my Adjuster, or if it’s you or my personal teacher or my angels or…

WILL: In most cases it is not important who helps you unless it’s important to you for some reason. Names are very important to this student (TR) and so we have always, in most instances, fulfilled her request to know the names of who helped her at different times.

  • 4. Presence of a personal Teacher

Mary: You told me last time that my personal teacher was present.

WILL: Correct.

Mary: But is she present now?

WILL: Certainly.

Mary: Oh. Is she always present?

WILL: Correct.

Mary: So she’s always with me?

WILL: That is correct.

Mary: Wow. Oh how nice. But I knew very little, and I don’t know why, but last time I wished I had asked if she wanted to speak to me. I didn’t know that I could ask that so I’m asking now.

WILL: So I will relinquish the floor to A’Cilla.

  • 5. First transmission of personal Teacher

A’CILLA:  Greetings child, it is I, A’Cilla. I am overwhelmed with my own excitement at having made contact with you in whatever way. It thrills me to see you working with open mind and heart to make this connection more viable. Continue Little One to reach for me and let me hold your hand in the work you’ll do in the days to come. Have you any questions you wish to ask of me?

  • 6. Help in learning the stillness

Mary: I’m just learning to meditate and Will really facilitated that when she advised me to live in God’s time, in the present, and so I’m trying to do that. I’m trying to still my mind. I’m really trying to hear something. Is there anything else I can do?

A’CILLA: You are beginning to follow the guidance provided for you. You have taken on a rather large task for yourself on many levels. You’re working on the emotional, you’re working on the physical, you have bitten the bullet, so to speak, in accepting the challenge of no longer smoking. We applaud you for this for you help not just yourself but others around you. Nicotine, caffeine, alcohol, these are all poisons, literally, to the body’s system.

Mary:  I know.

A’CILLA:  And they do impede, to some degree, your ability to connect. And so this is most beneficial for one who is beginning this walk.

Mary: Good. And I thank you again for really, really motivating me to quit [smoking] – I had no intention of doing that.

A’CILLA: And I thank you for accepting the challenge.

  • 7. Teacher encouragement and appreciation

Mary: Is there anything else you would like to tell me at this time?

A’CILLA: I would simply like to encourage you to continue as you are working with your meditation, with your Father time, building that connection. And continue with the hot pen method. Eventually use your tape recorder; it will be most beneficial to you. And again, my appreciation and my love go with you always Little One.

Mary: Thank you and thanks for being with me all the time, gosh.

A’CILLA: You’re quite welcome. Thank you for inviting me.

Mary: Oh, well, when did I do that?

A’CILLA: Many years ago.

Mary: Oh, really? How thrilling. I didn’t know. It feels strange but it feels really good.

A’CILLA: Yes it does.

Mary: I felt for you last time because I thought you must be so excited and so frustrated to have come so close and I didn’t think to ask if I could talk with you.

A’CILLA:  No Little One I was not frustrated. I was quite content to wait. And you were correct – I was very excited and am.

Mary: Well I’m pretty excited too. And I thank you.

A’CILLA: You’re quite welcome.

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