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BKF3- Teachers Give Comfort

1998-11-04-Teachers Give Comfort
Bakersfield #3


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Teachers Give Comfort
o 1.2 Group: Bakersfield TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Andrea
o 2.2 TR: Jack
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Teachers Give Comfort
Group: Bakersfield TeaM
Teacher: Andrea
TR: Jack

ANDREA: Hello everyone, this is Andrea. Yes, it is true that I will only partake in this endeavor of teaching this group when the body as a whole is present. (One of the group has been very ill the last few weeks.) This is what I have been assigned to do, to be the group teacher. In the past, you have relied on your personal teachers to bring the messages that were to be said to this unit even when all were not present. In doing so the lessons were carried out to the best of their abilities to bring forth the words of encouragement and enlightenment to those that were present.

ANDREA: It is wonderful to be in the position, as this group is, to be able to rely on the personal teachers for the messages that are to be said to each one individually, even when there is an absence of a member of this group. I must offer my thanks to each one of this group for your faithful endurance, of being able to speak to your personal teachers and receive the encouragement that they bring to each one. My thanks also to each one that has felt they were being enlightened by the teachers that took part. You each have wonderful and loving devotion to us teachers that are a part of this group. I am very proud to be in association with the personal teachers of this group who bring to you the truth and knowledge for all.

Each one of you, as I have stated before, is well on your road to accomplishing that destiny that has been given to each one to conquer and take part in. You all have the mental capacities to understand what it is that you must do to live the life that you wish to live in the doing of those things that are given to you. Your life as you live it is no easy road for you to travel, and this is one of the reasons that we, as your teachers, are here to help and guide you down this road, which is a lonely road because each one must walk this road by themselves. So, the only comfort that can be given to you on this lonely road is the words of comfort and acknowledgment in bringing to you the courage to carry on with this long road that you travel.

The words that you understand in the truth that is brought to you, not only from this mission that we are in but in the text that you read, is there for you to learn and understand what is being said to each one. It is true that you, as a mortal, can in no way attempt to do as our master did when he was a mortal the same as you on this planet that you live. But that does not stop you from doing your utmost to accomplish the right way and the truthful way that you live, because you are living this mortal life in your efforts to be what he wishes for you to do and become. But it is of your love, devotion, and willingness to do your utmost to bring about your belief and understanding of those teachings that are given to you day in and day out in this walk of life that you are now trodding.

These words of comfort and devotion are the same for us as for you, to be able to bring about those unmistakable incidents that are brought to you in your daily lives in the form of truth and understanding and acknowledging those words that are given to each one.

Our savior has asked for you to be a sheep in his flock so that he could care for you in your worldly life that you live. He is the person that looks over and sees that you are well kept in your knowledge that will increase when you look around to those individuals that are already shining their light for those seekers of the truth that you know.

You all are an understanding and noble group in your efforts to learn the truths that are given to you in the texts that you read and also study from those texts. There are other ways of getting the truth outside of this mission that are well taken for you as an individual to learn and be a part of this world that he wishes you to be.

When you join our world and you begin your long ascension careers, you will be astonished at the ability of your acknowledgment and in those things that you will absorb as you progress from one school to the next. Each time you progress you grow closer and closer to that person you wish to be in the service of our Father and our Master. Your determination to reach this point is without saying. Even though there are times that you may become discouraged in your attempts, you have faith enough and are strong enough to not let those things that you have strived for fall by the wayside. Your determination and devotion will bring to you the courage to maintain what you have learned in the past and those that are guiding you through this future that does exist for each one. Our longings are as great as ever to be able to serve those that rest on high, to be a part of the wishes and commands that are given to you to perform.

So, with your abilities to learn and grasp the meanings of words is a big help for all that are concerned in bringing you the truths that we wish to bring to each one. Your Father has made many promises to you as a mortal to reach the goal that he wishes for you to reach in helping His son develop this world in peace and harmony with all the other planets of your universe. We are ever ready to assist each one of you in your endeavors to reaching these goals that will bring this planet to the way that they wish in Light and Life where you will join the others in this universe that are already there and enjoying the peace and tranquillity that goes with being in this time and age.

The longings also are well bedded in each one of you, but it is each one of you that will have to work and forsake a lot of things to reach where you want to reach in this heavenly goal that you seek.
I, as your group teacher, will be ever ready to help each one in this group to accomplish what you really have set out to accomplish. There are no ifs, ands, or buts, but it us the truth that you must do it by yourself. So, we your teachers are here to help you down this road that is a crooked and steep road. But even so, your light shines and it is getting brighter each day of your life when you accomplish the things that are set out for you.

There has been a great learning for each one you in this development of patience and understanding of those individuals that are around each one, not only in this group setting. I am speaking of other individual mortals that are and will be coming to you to explain your life as you live it in this goal that you have set for yourselves and be able to explain those feelings that you have deep in your hearts to be able to serve the wishes that our savior and his Father give to everyone.

With this, my pupils, I will call it a day until we are together again in this group setting which I know will be soon in the future. I must say farewell for now. This is Andrea.

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