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BKF4- Phase Two of Teaching Mission

1998-12-09-Phase Two of Teaching Mission
Bakersfield #4


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Phase Two of Teaching Mission
o 1.2 Group: Bakersfield TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Andrea
o 2.2 TR: Jack
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Phase Two of Teaching Mission
Group: Bakersfield TeaM
Teacher: Andrea
TR: Jack

ANDREA: Hello everyone, This is Andrea. It is wonderful to be back with my little group in the seeking of words of encouragement along with the enforcement of your faith in the words that are given to us to give to you to help you foster those things that you strive for so dearly in your accomplishment of seeking and searching for all those things that are given to you so freely and lovingly from our savior and his Father.

ANDREA:  We and you as mortals have started out on a long journey in developing this Phase Two that you and all the rest are now entering to be a part of what our savior wishes for your(s) and his planet in the future. But I must warn all of you that the efforts will be greater than what they were before. You are graduated out of the first grade or kindergarten, if you wish, to advance to another form of understanding and the truths that will be brought to you in the days and months that will come for each of you. My advice to you is to be prepared for anything that may come to you spiritually and with the thoughts that we teachers bring to each and every one of the students involved.

You have been wonderful mortals for us teachers to talk to and carry with you the words that we have spoken without too much criticism of anything that we might have said in the past. But your understanding of what we said is well within your memories of the events that have taken place. But let me assure you that now that we are entering this second phase of your learning, that there will be many, many things thrown in your paths to divert your attention and understanding from the words of truth and knowledge that we, your teachers, can bring to each and every one. But it is going to take a lot of determination, love, and understanding to maintain the pace that you have set to learn and do those things that we asked of each of you.

I am bringing this to you to warn you of the efforts that each one will have to do to keep up your faith and understanding and knowledge of truths that are so important in this day and age. The intensity of the words that will be coming in the future will increase many times. So, it is within your knowledge and understanding of what is to be, in some cases, will seem to be minor in your thoughts. But regardless of how minor it may seem, they are very, very important for you to remember and dwell on those statements and words of truth that will be brought to you, not only by me but all of the other teachers of this group. So, stand fast in your beliefs and hold your heads up high, because this will be given to you to give you the encouragement to maintain what you have already achieved and are doing this very night, listening to us, your teachers, speaking those words of encouragement and also telling you of the love that we have for each of you.

The longings will be greatly increased because of your own abilities and devotions to accomplish those tasks that will be given to you one at a time. But, like I said before, it’s going to take a lot of love, a lot of devotion, and a lot of determination. So, as we go along this road, we will always be at your sides, listening and helping you maintain the search that you are searching for and the words of encouragement that we can give to each of you.

Like I have stated many, many times, it is the love of this group to the teachers that are involved which gives us the determination to be more active in your request for the words of truth and understanding. We are always at your disposal, but there will be times that we will be by ourselves searching for words of encouragement which will be something that each of you will seek more desperately in the future because of where we are in the development of this next phase that we are in.

ANDREA: Now, my students, I would like for all of us to bow our heads and whisper a prayer for success:
Our Father, we ask you to help these students to maintain their determination and devotions to the doings of the Father and of you, bringing about this planet of yours and theirs to be as you wish it to be. We will gladly and devotedly keep up the determination that has been given to us to lead these students in the path that you wish them to walk. With this I ask it in your name.

Well, my students, the night is progressing and there is much to be done. Rest is required of your mortal bodies to maintain tomorrow’s chores that each must do and be a part of. With the nourishment that the mortal body must have, along with the rest of each night, we wish you the health and happiness that goes along with all of those things that are given to you, not only physically, mentally, or materially, but to bring to you the thoughts and understanding of Him that we serve.
With this I will close for now, and we will be speaking again in the future, I know. This is Andrea. Farewell.

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