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BOG3- Your Actions Are Prophetic

1998-08-26-Your Actions Are Prophetic
Bogus Basin #3


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Your Actions Are Prophetic
o 1.2 Group: Bogus Basin
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Anaston, Machiventa
o 2.2 TR: Unknown
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Your Actions Are Prophetic
Group: Bogus Basin
Teacher: Anaston
TR: Unknown


ANASTON: Hear now, all listeners to the advice of our Vice-Regent, Machiventa! I am Anaston, a Brilliant Evening Star with a message to add in reply. I am hoping that many in this enlightenment are ready to go where none have gone before within your inner universe of meanings and values. This is to only increase the meanings found in both fellowship and in learning from the teachers. We will live in a time here on this world that has limitations in metaphorical description. Therefore, we must always encourage you to give the same efforts in the exchange that takes place internally between the forces of light and darkness.

The importance of this work that you have been engaged with is enormous and timely. I can only relate to you that the times of change are moving rapidly. The outcome of all decisions made before this generation are becoming evident to the eyes of prophecy. Anyone who is fearless will step forward and give the word to the world whenever possible. However, this word must not only be fearless, but truthful as well. This time of prophetic comfort for the “faithers” amongst you is one of great trouble and anxiety. Therefore, it will be your fearless faith that will serve as the true revelation of the presence of God in your hearts.

This is the demonstration and the performance of the souls of dedication to doing our Father’s will on earth. As teachers, the way of peace is more than a dissertation, but rather stones for building a mighty fortress against the winds and waves of temporal events. This mission is for both healing and strengthening the children of God for the problems that are even now at the door.
The time is ripe for students of this mission to become even more merged with their teachers in such a way as to become indistinguishable as both. the teachers are not just for you and those who will come to hear them at conferences and Internet communications.

They are for all who seek truth and you do have a great responsibility placed upon your committed participation. It is your joy to become an enlightened human being, one that can speak to your own kind with the combined voices of the high status of teacher influence. It is a privilege to be noticed for your unusual wisdom. The glory is only the side dish while the power of loving truth-revelation is the primary honor. Would you share in what you see as our greatness? I will tell you that none is so great as one who evolves to the next level of consciousness while still in the flesh.

What I am prescribing for you is the adventure of your hearts, the expansion of your souls, and the empowerment of your mind. This you have already begun upon the path of transformation. The dynamic of spirit is calling you from within to follow new instructions. We will assist in always for this miracle of enlightenment. To see yourselves as performers of the will of God as it unfolds in congruence with your sincere desire. That choice will always be there before you until your final perfection. So you see, none can wait until that day of perfection comes before stepping out with the universe to restore the order of normalcy on this world. Your teacher/guide knows well of this and waits for your private attention.

The mission guides are waiting to move forward with the students for greater experience than has been know before. More than any apparition, the revelation is designed for experiential progression. For, as you will learn, your training has been structured to culminate in action rather than mere words. That action will come most naturally as you continue to value the meanings found in the words spoken by our great officials and also by the lowest ranking guide. In your experience, God will always act as one.


Peace upon all.

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