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BOG4- Transmission

Bogus Basin #4


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Transmission
o 1.2 Group: Bogus Basin
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Michael, Nebadonia, Machiventa, Abraham, Corelli, Lester, Solonia
o 2.2 TR: Unknown
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Transmission
Group: Bogus Basin
Teacher: Michael, Nebadonia, Machiventa, Abraham, Corelli, Lester, Solonia
TR: Unknown

Date: August 13. 2004

MICHAEL:  This is Michael. I greet you again on this lovely spot in Idaho. I send you greetings and there are many beings here with you. You would be astounded at how many are here watching you all having a good time and laughing. We enjoy human humor and we are very happy that you are happy. We wish to say again to love one another. This is the greatest force in all of the universes.


MICHAEL: You may think that love is secondary to hate when you see the gross happenings happening on your world, but the love that you eschewed is finding a place in the Supreme. He can only grow with your efforts and someday many eons from now, you will see the fruits of your labor embodied in the world of the Supreme. This is a world you cannot fathom, even I have difficulty understanding what great works will be accomplished by your works as they are embodied in the Supreme.

This is still a fragmented God, but this God is growing in power and eventually takes his place in the outer realms of this cosmos. The outer realms are being built at a very rapid rate and all of you at some time in the future will have the opportunity to work on planets that have not yet been born, but the rudiments are there and the celestial workers are busy putting these planets in orbit. The energies are being put forth from the power centers, and these energies go out in waves encompassing all of the planets and you are being especially honored by the energies that are being beamed at you so that you in turn will hasten your evolution.

So be of good cheer, the future may look bleak at this moment, but believe us when we say, we are working behind the scenes and we are trying to hasten the settlement of the war between the Palestinians and the Israelis and your terrible war in Iraq. These poor people who have been the victims of greed and exploitation will find when they arrive on the morontia worlds, though their lives were terrible here, they will enjoy such unbelievable bliss that you cannot fathom and certainly they who will enter the morontia worlds cannot know what they can expect.

So be of good cheer, do what you are doing now, love one another and treat strangers as you would treat your friends as these are people who sadly need your help. Whether you write or sing or just smile in a friendly manner, these are energies that you have received and you are passing on. We love you all and we are so grateful that you are steadfast in your stays with the teaching mission. When I proposed the teaching mission many centuries ago, we did not dream that it would take root so quickly and it is quick according to celestial standards. Generally these kind of measures take centuries to take root, but there has been increasing activity among you people and it is spreading and we are so pleased.

We love you, we greet you all, and we look forward to some time in the future when I will be able to greet you personally. So good night for now, continue to enjoy yourselves. This is Michael.

NEBADONIA: My children, . ….[ much wind]…nurture such little ones as you. You have been provided a mind matrix for your development and your growth. Some mortals on evolutionary worlds such as this one, worlds that have not had some of the setbacks as this one, Michael’s bestowal world have had, but each have had their trials, and some might ask the purpose in the Fathers’ plan of bringing forth creatures over many millions of years before they can transition from this stage where they are as animals behaving to the point where they can become aware of spirit, that they can become the children of that which is divine, that which may have the opportunity to ascend endlessly through the universe beginning with the one of their origin to a career that is a great adventure that has no end.

Patience is called for sometimes when the life that you live is so brief but you seem blessed by the knowledge, the understanding that life is eternal, that once you’ve been born again from that first stage of animal being into awareness of yourselves as spirit, identifying with that spirit the Father has given as a gift to you each, you’ve been given the potential, the possibilities of becoming even a part of that almighty Supreme that is mobilizing.

The universes will become perfected in light and life. The Consummator of Universe Destiny [see The Urantia Book, Paper 106] will bring forth the Almighty. You have that destiny along with those creatures who have climbed up through such struggles on worlds such as this.

You have brothers and sisters innumerable who you will have the opportunity to meet as you grow towards Paradise. So have hope, be encouraged, be encouraged children, you do well. Your Mother loves you. I will bid you a good evening so that others may also have the joy of interacting in your ??? and in your brothers and your new desires to be a part of that which is both visible and invisible, a cosmos of great beauty, great grandeur, in which you are beginning to become ever more aware. Thank you for the opportunity of addressing you this evening.

MACHIVENTA: . ..the flagging spirit. It is the breath from the arms, the mountains of this world that you hear. We whisper the secret suggestion that gives your courage wings.

Light work is dangerous because nothing can be hidden. Your fears and your pain are starkly illuminated. They are what is needed to see and be with those who have no light that they can see. The time for hiding your shame is over for those of you who have been walking this path this long. That which you would hide is your greatest gift. Search within yourself, what is it?
Now bring it out and wrap it up in gift wrap. This is the precious presentation that you would make. The bright and shining thing that you parade before others are lovely, but not so precious as those you would hide. Jesus bid you shine. This is your Machiventa… thank you, bless you.

ABRAHAM: Greetings children, it is I , Abraham, fellow traveler along the path with you, enjoying tonight proudly the opportunity to be made manifest in your hearts, the love through which Michael has spoken of and through which my Father does surge through me and to you, I bid you greetings tonight. You’ve heard before many times, adoration and respect from us all in your efforts to make material this love which we have spoken of over and over again and in purpose in our little simple living room sessions. So, we have done much. Much more will be made manifest because of your efforts. This too sounds like much of an adoration and I do mean it as such and love you all very much.

I know you well and thank you for your trust in me and in our teachers and teaching staff. I may remind you to stay open and aware as much is required still, to be done and as you labor forward, these things will seem easier and you will be more aware of how your efforts manifest into the physical realities of the heart and tonight people in Greece will enjoy the Americans and all present who understand that governments are perhaps choosing illy [poorly] at this time, especially your own government. You need not be ashamed for you’re spirits shine, and there were no boos in this stadium of Americans.

They understand that governments may choose illy [poorly], however the spirit of an individual shines well beyond any governments action. Tonight I also would defer to others who would like to speak to you at this time and enjoy being in the presence of our Master and Machiventa and the large host tuning in and being with you now. Receive the healing graces of our Mother Spirit and the great many blessings of our Father who lays them out for you in buffet style. May you assimilate well and be ready to receive more as more is being fed to you. In increased measures, reach out and receive, my children. Shalom


Question: Byron presented a spiraling process of how civilization progresses from band sized tribal units to nation to now a network level to a leap across a gap…in recognizing all of those…could you comment on that leap?

ABRAHAM: Am I sister, to understand that you have a question about the possibilities about our involvement with you? Nothing is impossible and this is a good question. Your visualizations, imaginations, and creative mind are all within your grasp to make material anything you desire. Your life is morontial though your body is material. This is a great advantage for you. Now in this life you can manifest materially. Imagine if you will, a graph.

If we were to graph you, a spiritual creative discovery, create a vector of faster acceleration or faster risingness through your own desires and you can assimilate and process these new circuits as they might work for you, how you might desire to visualize a healing perhaps or atomic structures or create a mechanical device. There are many and you know which one you are interested in succeeding in…[I think I understand.]

CORELLI: I would like to add a little bit to your evenings enjoyment. There are a group of celestials with me that are enjoying your discussions, and I would like to add this, though Stella is reluctant to say anything. She has come a long way from many years ago when she absolutely refused to speak for one whole year so when I was finally able to make contact with her she was then able to produce a book on the book of revelation, and this book will go far to alleviating fear in those who happen to read it, but tonight I heard a discussion with a man in your group who wondered why Meister Eckhart never speaks, and you have wondered this too Stella.

Well, human contact is not permitted at this time, however there are some cases that this barrier is being lifted, but Meister Eckhart is always with me and he gives us information on exactly what happened in the book of revelations that we as celestials had no access to, but he has been very helpful and he actually was the one that gave you much information. Of course we were able to tap into archives also, but this is why Meister Eckhart never says anything, but he is with us…believe me, and he does give us information that is valid and we appreciate all that he has done. We greet you all, we hope you are enjoying yourselves, I think you are, so we bid you good night…..[so now you know].

LESTER: . …just take some time out to play and be merry and just laugh. Be like children. Lighten up.

Question: . …very windy… a soft spoken, short question lost…

SOLONIA:  . ..and as you all know, we can. It is indeed each and every one of you that will take it down there with you. It is your opportunity in this place and this time to experience a level of light and life in a community. You all, each and every one of you have felt this. You have embraced this love filled experience of light and life. Indeed we angels and many of the other celestial personalities are daily about the task of carrying this love of our Sovereign Creator Son out to all of the peoples of this world and truly this experience resides within the personal transcript created by each individuals thought adjuster and yet it is you who know, who understand, and who embrace this wonderful feeling of the light of our Father and Mother that may be needed to be the catalyst for the others who have but our seeds planted in their lives.

Your love and your genuine service to your fellow brethren shows them something that they dearly wish to recognize. When they feel it with another, there is indeed that recognition of brotherhood, of community of our Fathers love flowing through, one to the other, one to the all, all to the one. You all are very fortunate in the training that you have received and are still very much in the process of receiving for you have the opportunity now to let your light so shine that it may illuminate the darkness of prejudice, ignorance, greed. You may recognize that divine spark of our Father in every person in whom you look for it, and as a willing servant of our Fathers love, you may also recognize that, your desire to be free, to be of service. The souls of your brethren hunger for your brotherly and sisterly love.


SOLONIA:  You have many gifts through which you may share, and through your sharing you are indeed a gift to many. Love as you have experienced love. Give it freely to all whom you find seeking love. You all are my cherished little brothers and sisters and at this point I also enjoy calling you colleagues for you have an awareness of what you do. This is your sister Solonia and I am ever proud to be associated with the lot of you. You are those working in the trenches and your joy in your work pleases and energizes us all. Good night till the next time dear ones.

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