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BOG5- Opening Transmission

2004-08-12-Opening Transmission
Bogus Basin #5


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Opening Transmission
o 1.2 Group: Bogus Basin
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Michael, Orlando, Corelli, Mitsolania, Rudolpho
o 2.2 TR: Daniel Raphael, Stella
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Note
o 3.2 Opening
o 3.3 Lesson
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Opening Transmission
Group: Bogus Basin
Teacher: Michael, [[Orlando, Corelli, Mitsolania, Rudolpho]]
TR: Daniel Raphael, Stella


Many thanks to Barry Bartlett of New Zealand for securing the missing opening transmissions at the Bogus Basin Conference on Aug. 12. 2004. He recorded it on video and forwarded the following:]


MICHAEL:  [Daniel Raphael] Into the void that you would call chaos, I approached so many hundreds of billions of years ago, it was filled with the energy of The Creator and as my mission, my chore, my goal of fulfillment, to organize this space and create what it would become. I wish to bring you from that era to the present to help you gain a deep personal appreciation for where you are, who you are, and what you are, and what you will become.


MICHAEL: What is the purpose of Creator Son? What is the fulfilling culmination of creatorship as a Son of The Creator? These, for you, are not rhetorical questions. In striving to answer them it is my hope for you, that you would come to understand my relationship to you, each of you individually. What is a local universe? You could call it many things. For one , it is, in your terms, incredibly huge. You could call it a factory for souls, a place of beginnings for mortals, a place of imperfection leading to perfection.

What is my crowning fulfillment? Is it not to throughout my design to create and to bring into being an evolutionary universe from imperfection to the balanced stabilized state of the days of Light and Life, all without violating the sovereignty of any one individual. How does one organize the chaos of universe energy into planets, suns, nebulae. There are formulas designed, training for doing that, and you will learn these one day in your future career. Those are long term, evolutionary, mechanical, energetic developments. How does one as Creator bring order out of chaos on planets of mortals who know no perfection, who know no idealized design, who do not know or recognize that within them they carry the spark of divinity.

You would call it an art to do that, but for me, me personally as your Creator Son, it is to develop a personal relationship with each one of you. You recall my Melchizedek Son who came here not too long ago, who preceded Jesus. He appeared in the desert to a village, and was accepted and revered and loved and he shared much. Those around him were in awe of him. He was a magnificent being. He was accepted. People heard what he said. I have been here before. I came, few heard. I was in the flesh. I had gravity. I sat in chairs and appliances as those in which you sit in. I felt my body weigh upon the chairs, the cushions, on the soles of my sandals.

I came here to develop the touching, personal, intimate relationship with each one of you, and how many who heard me accepted my words? Few, but those few were minded. I left the Spirit of the Christ upon this planet, that mind of Christ which you can know if you call upon it. Yet it is so ethereal, so immaterial, so unpalpable, so “not in your face” as you would say, yet many have heard me through this Spirit, have felt my presence through this Spirit. Some have thought it was their own minds and have rejected it. Some have concerns that it is not themselves but a higher wisdom and sought to incorporate into their lives.

Today I speak to you through this one, yet a culmination of my spirit and this mechanical device. You have read the Fifth Revelation. You have read those words, the life of Jesus, and you have taken it to heart and it rings true to you. You have yearned to have a personal relationship with me and I am available to you. It is not necessary that you believe this one, but it is necessary that you accept my spirit. You will know that I am with you through the truth that it bears. The Spirit of Truth is here, with you, it is personal. Call upon it. Test the words, test what you hear. Whether it is through this one, through the revelation, or through other sources. If it rings true, incorporate it perhaps. Hold it close.

My wish through the eons of the workings of Nebadon, is to know you, and trust me dear children, I know you. Do you know me? Do you know how to know me? Are you courageous enough to call upon me to reveal myself in your heart? My fulfillment is in part through each of you, yet your choice is your choice and your responsibility. Nebadon will be complete in the infinity of time. Your world will live in peace for millions of years. It will eventually swing into the orbit of perpetual existence. Your sun will be balanced and energized, it will be stabilized, it will become permanent.

Let me be with you always. Know that I love you. Know that I have provided every possible means to assist you in your own personal journey. I am now, through my Spirit, present and available to each of you in a way which has not been existent before. Your energies of your planet are being uplifted. I invite you to accept this new vibration, this vibration which will bring unity and oneness to your planet eventually. I do not say I wish you well and see you tomorrow. I embrace you as you have embraced each other so many times during this conference. Know that I embrace you now. I love you. Good evening.

Unknown: [Stella Religa] We are happy to be with you tonight in your beautiful retreat in Idaho. We were anxiously waiting for you to agree to transmit because we haven’t talked to you in a long time.

Q:  Well who are you?

Unknown:  We are Orlando, Corelli, Mitsolania, and Rudolpho.

Q:  These are all new people.

Unknown:  Yes, except for Corelli, the others have been assigned to other areas of your planet. We are very happy to see such a large group of people, and such happy people. We are so happy that you show such love for one another. Make no mistake, this love is contagious and will spread from you to everyone you meet. This may seem like a slow irksome process but it is not.

You will see in a few years as measured by our time, this love seed is taking root and will spread its’ love among nations. We see you are sorely troubled by the sad condition of your planet with its perpetual wars. We too grieve for this unnecessary loss of life and for so much turmoil, so unnecessary, but as you can see, this is a lack of love being practiced among these people of divergent, ethnic, cultural and religious beliefs. The only thing that will save this planet is a continual practice of love. Now do not be alarmed, there will be no end to this planet. Christ Michael will not allow it, however, in the meantime, unfortunately there will be more bloodshed, more unnecessary hatred, but this too shall pass and you are on the road to an era of Light and Life.

It may not occur in your lifetime, but the seed has been planted and we are more than happy that you still come together, that the Teaching Mission is still growing, it’s growing in this nation and it is growing elsewhere. It is even more than we had expected and we thank you all for your efforts and we will be here whenever you call upon us to help you, to direct you if you so wish to be directed. Christ Michael, as you know, is very happy as to what is happening and he is there always by your side. If you do not know what to say or do, change your mind to that of Christ Michael, how would he handle the situation, and your answer will appear beautifully.


So be not dismayed at the horrible things that you see. Each one of you will work in your own way to remove the scourge of hatred from the world. Someday when you look down on your planet from the other side, you will be amazed to see how much your efforts enabled this world to go forward into this era of Light and Life. We love you very much, we thank you for the opportunity of speaking to you and until we meet again, goodbye.

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